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  1. Well done to the winners and to the Admin ( Mr Hills) for organising the competition and settling the respective tips in double quick time...
  2. 1-30 Cheltenham, Quel Destin. 2-10 Cheltenham, Crooks Peak. 2-50 Cheltenham, Birchdale. 3-30 Cheltenham, Clan Des Obeaux. 4-10 Cheltenham, Hazel Hill. 4-50 Cheltenham, Whatswrongwithyou. 5-30 Cheltenham, Pym.
  3. 1-30 Ch..Defi Du Seuil. 2-10 Ch..Samburu Shujaa. 2-50 Ch..Footpad. 3-30 Ch..Paisley Park. 4-10 Ch..Siruh Du Lac. 4-50 Ch..Posh Trish. 5-30 Ch..Livelovelaugh.
  4. 1-30 Ch..Battleoverdoyen. 2-10 Ch..Delta Work. 2-50 Ch..Erick Le Rouge. 3-30 Ch..Min. 4-10 Ch..Auvergnat. 4-50 Ch..Fine Brunello. 5-30 Ch..Envio Allen.
  5. Ch 1-30, Fakir D’Oudairies. Ch 2-10, Glen Forsa. Ch 2-50, Singlefarmpayment. Ch 3-30, Apples Jade. Ch 4-10, Stormy Ireland. Ch 4-50, Lough Derg Spirit. Ch 5-30, Impulsive Star.
  6. Congratulations to all the winners, and many thanks to to the organisers especially Mr Hills for his quickly done calculations on each of the four days..
  7. Ch 1-30..Farclas Ch 2-10..Ben Dundee Ch 2-50..Dortmund Park Ch 3-30..Outlander Ch 4-10..Burning Ambition Ch 4-50..Sire Du Berlais Ch 5-30..Theinval
  8. Ch 1-30..Shattered Love Ch 2-10..Delta Work Ch 2-50..Un De Sceaux Ch 3-30..Supasundae Ch 4-10..Movewiththetimes Ch 4-50..Maria’s Benefit Ch 5-30..Sugar Baron.
  9. 1-30..Next Destination 2-30..Al Boum Photo 2-50..William Henry 3-30..Min 4-10..The Last Samurai 4-50..Mitchouka 5-30..Blackbow.
  10. 1-30 Ch..First Flow 2-10 Ch..Footpad 2-50 Ch..Gold Present 3-30 Ch..Buyeur D’Air 4-10 Ch..Apples Jade 4-50 Ch..Jury Duty 5-30 Ch..Rather Be..
  11. Very Well Done to you John, you were so unlucky with your Boxing Day selection that just got caught almost on the line, then the R4 yesterday, third time lucky you got there....
  12. Hi Corky, yes I been in touch with Billy Hills, no I know, but I did nothing wrong at the end of the day and nothing that's not been done before by others, and changing rules for some in the competition and not others, well. I'll leave it at that, I enjoy the competition. Cheers Corky, appreciate you getting in touch.
  13. No offence intended simply asking a question btugero.
  14. Can I ask why rules are changed just like that, are rule makers doing this to favour one or more of the competitors ?, seems rather strange.
  15. 1-50 Leopardstown, Vroum Vroum Mags 1 pt win 8/11 with WmHill please.