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  1. Re: April 27 - May 3 Something like he did in Bucharest
  2. Re: April 20 - April 26 Agree with Czech, he was good but not that good...on important points busta just sprayed UE and gave him the match. Maybe worthy if Kei has slow start.
  3. Re: November 4 - November 11 Definitely Ferrer will not surender so easily, Stan the man is not so mentaly strong. I will wait in play betting but definitely Ferrer will not surender and Stan will have to do his best to take this. With this line Stan is to big risk.
  4. Re: November 4 - November 10 Nadal not at its best and Waw with that backhand! Too bad for the bet. But it is good for other bet, obviousely ferrer was out of fuel against Nadal.
  5. Re: October 21 - October 27 The problem is that Tomic is headcase! He is known by his ups and downs. Busta got him until middle of 2nd set when he got problem with some injury. Otherwise he would wipe the floor with Tomic. I played on Tomic for fun so i watched point by point. Your post is nice but when a player is headcase like Tomic that is a BIG factor to take in mind!
  6. Re: October 21 - October 27 Must agree on Nishikori, i followed that match point by point and something happen to Kei, Chiudinelli even brake him in second set. Definitely worth a try. GL!