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  1. Re: Turkey > Spor Toto Süper Lig & First Division > 2013/14 adana demir 3-0 kahramanmaras +1.05 w
  2. Re: Turkey > Spor Toto Süper Lig & First Division > 2013/14 2014 #13 11-0-0.5 +10.14 %188.2 today turkish first league adana demir vs kahramanmaras 1(-1) @2.05 adana demir is a huge disappointment this year after they spent a lot of money to bring some super league experienced players and build a contender team. currently, they are sitting on 15th spot (out of 19) and they need to start winning games before it's too late for a playoff spot. however, their fixture was not easy, they haven't played weaker teams like fethiye, maras, tavsanli or denizli yet. they are only 8 pts behind the top 6 and it's no secret that they will rise in the standings eventually. so they replaced their manager yucel ildiz and brought their previous manager mustafa ugur back. under ugur's management they played well last week, they would have beaten manisa on road if only they haven't conceded a injury time equalizer. today they will be without striker dorge rostand (13 starts 3 goals) but i think they can cope with his absence, especially if ercag evirgen's injury has recovered (reports say he is healthy). besides him, mehmet eren boyraz and juninho are also two of league's elite attackers. besides, their problem is not their offense as they have scored 20 already (league best: 22), but their defence (23 conceded, 2nd worst). still, these numbers are not frightening me tonight as maras are not that good on road. they are 0-2-4 4:12 on road and they are my relegation candidate from day 1. i like their nigerian striker ime azuka but the rest of the team doesn't seem like a solid group. midfielders erhan celenk (7 starts) and moustapha dabo (6 starts) are still out which is hurting their depth as they are not that deep.
  3. Re: Turkey > Spor Toto Süper Lig & First Division > 2013/14 fenerbahce 2-0 galatasaray +0.89 w
  4. Re: Turkey > Spor Toto Süper Lig & First Division > 2013/14 2014 #12 10-0-0.5 +9.25 %188.1 today turkish super league fenerbahce vs galatasaray 1(-0.25) @1.89 the life will stop in turkey for 90 minutes as the derby time comes. without goalkeeper muslera and playmaker sneijder, galatasaray lost at copenhagen during the week and the bad news is these two will miss the derby as well. galatasaray's gk will be eray who is a young inexperienced goalkeeper and this will be his debut game in kadikoy. he looked promising vs copenhagen but muslera is an elite goalkeeper and his loss is important. sneijder was also great this year, he will also be missed a lot. defensive midfielder ceyhun gulselam is likely to start instead of sneijder and mancini can assign selcuk inan to a more offensive role. fenerbahce recently re-elected their president last week and won another game by scoring an injury time game winner at bursa. they have a great 4 man offensive rotation at 4-3-3's attacking 3 with dirk kuyt, moussa sow, pierre webo and emmanuel emenike, who together has scored more goals than galatasaray so far. their defence is their weak spot but this bet is more about fenerbahce's traditional dominance at their home vs their arch rivals. it had been nearly 14 years since galatasaray won at kadikoy and since then fenerbahce is 12-4-0 29:9 at kadikoy vs gs. this forms a pressure for visitors every game, especially on turkish players. i expected fenerbahce odds to be lower but i think they are good enough to back them. in some periods of the games they play a very dynamic and offensive football which punishes mistakes effectively. besides they have won a few games with last minute or injury time goals. they are physically fine and fresher as they don't play european competition. i don't usually prefer special bets but bets like both to score (both teams have defensive weaknesses) and yellow cards (it is mentioned gg77's post) are also logical. it will be a very tense game as usual and there will be a few notorious guys on the field.
  5. Re: Turkey > Spor Toto Süper Lig & First Division > 2013/14 sanliurfa 0-0 samsun -0.5 hl
  6. Re: Turkey > Spor Toto Süper Lig & First Division > 2013/14 odds rose up to 2.15+, interesting.
  7. Re: Turkey > Spor Toto Süper Lig > 2013/14 2014 #11 10-0-0 +9.75 %197.5 today turkish first division sanliurfa vs samsun 1(-0.25) @1.85 last round has been played midweek and this will definitely affect some teams this weekend. samsun is one of them. they had a nice draw at home vs strong ankara in the last round but they are traveling to urfa with important missings. defenders saban ozel (10 starts) & cemil adican (11 starts), midfielders adnan gungor (7 starts) & musa aydin (8 starts) and attacker anthony umar (11 starts) are all out due to either suspension or injury. besides defender ahmet burak solakel (1 start) hasn't recovered yet. samsun's adilovic - ekigho - arif sahin trio can cause problems for hosts but they have a lot of missings today and i think samsun is not that deep. sanliurfa is awful at home recently they have lost their last 3 games including a cup game vs a lower division team. but they have also won the last 2 road games vs good teams like gbb and especially balikesir. besides they have a better group of players, i expect them to sneak into top 6, while samsun is not there in my projections. i think this is the perfect shot for hosts to end their home game drought.
  8. Re: Turkey > Spor Toto Süper Lig > 2013/14 manisa 5-1 fethiye +1.05 w 10-0-0 +9.75 %197.5
  9. Re: Turkey > Spor Toto Süper Lig > 2013/14 2014 9-0-0 #10 turkish first division manisa vs fethiye 1(-1) @2.05 visitors had another loss at home over the last weekend and the sirens are starting to ring early for the newcomers. besides, they are far from 0 conditioning-wise, sine they have played a 120 minute cup game midweek, fielding some of their starters including striker artun akcakin who has to perform well if they are planning to manage at least a draw today. they are 0-1-4 on road, their defence is still hurting them. on the other hand, manisa is weaker this year comparing to the last season but they are dangerous. they beat two of the contenders of the league at home so far, ibb and mersin, and they did it coming from the behind. besides those, they had a 0-0 draw vs another top 6 nominee sanliurfa and lost a crazy 2-3 game to underachiever karsiyaka. the reason i back them today is their toughness and mindset of not falling apart even though they concede a goal. last week they were outplayed by tavsanli but they managed to grab a 3-3 draw. at adana they won again after their opponent scored the first goal. i think they can nail a comfortable win.
  10. Re: Turkey > Spor Toto Süper Lig > 2013/14 fethiye 0-3 karsiyaka +1.23 w
  11. Re: Turkey > Spor Toto Süper Lig > 2013/14 hello guys, 2014 8-0-0 #9 today turkish first division fethiye vs karsiyaka 2(0) @2.23 both teams are currently in a bad situation but still, i rate visitors as the better team. they are underachieving so far and i think there is value for them. fethiye has some decent guys and a positive approach but they are terrible defensively. besides, they have some trouble with their fans. if they fall back, it would be very difficult for them to fight back and visitors are going to have their fan support as usual. fethiye is 1-0-3 at home and karsiyaka is 1-1-2 on road. remember that both those road losses were vs mersin and ibb who are the two biggest contenders of the league. both teams have quality keepers for this level, bicik and ndjock, i think their performance is going to be crucial as both defences are not very good. this bet is purely because of the generous odds offered for the visitors. i expect a narrow win from them.
  12. Re: World Cup Europe Qualification > Tuesday October 15th i read something like netherlands needs to win to be among the first-seed teams in world cup draw.
  13. Re: Juventus v Galatasaray SK - Wednesday October 2nd turkish reports are saying that mancini will bench last season's star (6 goals at last year's cl) burak yilmaz and start aydin yilmaz instead today. if it's accurate, a very odd choice as aydin was a sometimes-used reserve for fatih terim but he hasn't seen action for even a single minute this season so far. that means a 4-2-3-1 as aydin will likely to be right wing. i want to convince myself for galatasaray covering handicap as i think they became slightly underrated at the moment with these lines. honestly i backed against them at the weekend but they were better than i expected despite they failed to deliver again in the first game after fatih terim's departure. but if these reports are true, it's too risky for me, there are better games tonight.
  14. Re: Turkey 2014 sanliurfa 3-0 denizli +0.84 w elazig 2-4 sivas +1.1 w typo. it should be +0.86