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  1. Hello Steve Do you have any news about other countries since August ? Thanks Regards Christophe
  2. Hi there Hope this end of the year would be a great moment for all of you. I requested some help because as I lived in a country (France) where Betfair is not allowed, and I would like to know if it could be possible for someone to download one file for me : the odds historical soccer data. The file is free. It will be simple : 1- you need to have a verified account on Betfair 2- If so, go to this website : https://historicdata.betfair.com/#/home 3- Select on the left the data I request : Plan : basic (the free one) Sport : soccer From : May 2015 Up to : November 2022 4- Add to purchase 5- As you will see the request will be free 6- Download it 7- Send it to me through whatever web service for big files Of course I can pay a little for the time spent Thanks Have a great end of the day Regards Christophe
  3. Hello StevieDay1983 With pleasure I will wait ? Thanks for your answer
  4. Hi there I'm a newbie here but I've seen your Elo Rating sections, and I can't find any topics about how the Elo rating is calculating. I know the formula, but for soccer you need to setup it, for example the home etc .. As I've seen that some countries hasn't been updated since June, I would ask if you can share the settings ? Thanks for your answer Have a great day Christophe
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