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*** Ascot Festival Competition: Well done to 1st. RUG, 2nd. Soi Bongkot & 3rd. Jediknight ***
** July Poker League Result : 1st Like2Fish, =2nd muttley, =2nd kevsul **
** June Naps Competition Result: 1st Kingdom for, 2nd Offramp, 3rd glavintobuy, 4th bymatrix. KO Cup Winner: Kingsom for, Most Winners: Johnrobertson **


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  1. SLH

    Quick System

    Re: Quick System It's -10.23 pts, I'm afraid.
  2. SLH

    Quick System

    Re: Quick System One offtopic for all horse lovers and their wives:
  3. Re: UK General Election When I look at the other odds, especialy seats line on BF which is 85/87,5 now, I see no value. 3,25 two days ago was considerable but anything under 3 is no bet for me.
  4. SLH

    Quick System

    Re: Quick System Not bad...
  5. SLH

    Quick System

    Re: Quick System Another day, another dollar! :cheers
  6. SLH

    Quick System

    Re: Quick System :cow Sometimes NRs can be helpful. Thank you :clap
  7. Re: Scotty's 3rd Attacking Drip!! (Currently +£265.34!!) :loon How did you know it?
  8. Re: UNDER 2.5 goals using previous results You can get 3.72 with Expekt on these three games. GL everyone!
  9. Re: Slapdash Systems 2007 Only 3 places paid, watch out...
  10. Re: Slapdash Systems 2007 Nice :clap
  11. Re: Slapdash Systems 2007 I don't see anything reasonable for today except this one at Curragh 3.00: Youmzain @7 (BF is 7.0/1.9 win/place)
  12. Re: Slapdash Systems 2007 Two from Ireland: Wexford 7.40 Balance Of Power @21 (Paddy Power), BF is 20/3.3 (win/place). Misskinta @SP
  13. Re: Slapdash Systems 2007 Have missed the best EP for Woodins Way (Newb 5.25) but 14/1 (UK betting) seems still alright. BF has 13/2.9 (win/place).
  14. Re: Slapdash Systems 2007 Could be worse... we'll get all four next time:ok
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