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  1. Ouch bang on half time aswell, unlucky! You were on good roll aswell b4 that good luck getting it back up
  2. Re: Glenn's lays Got this as my first pick, hope i havent cursed anything! :hope
  3. Hahahaha what happend to this last bet, absolute bottle job!
  4. Good luck, i need this too for my run to continue, Sao Paulo looking good for a goal :hope
  5. Re: double yo money No such thing im afraid, just read England u21 have not conceded for almost 10 games now, 20 mins to go good luck! Bet ur sh1tting it! :hope
  6. Re: double yo money Of course, thats how i go by too, its just all over the place betting then going back on it because another goal was scored for eg, im only saying what others are surely going to say too. Its just messy so far im sure ull be asked to tidy it up a bit.
  7. Re: double yo money I thought i was bad but this is all over the place already lol.
  8. Re: Eoklon's Over 0.5 65 for a first attempt very impressive! Dare i say it the way your going 100 is possible, keep it up and good luck!
  9. Re: Skittle's One Goal Unlucky, looked like goals before the match but wasnt to be! What other run?
  10. Re: Eoklon's Over 0.5 Congratulations on the 50 mark! Almost got there myself but fell just short! Keep up the good work!
  11. Re: Glenn's lays Think your going to need some new pants after that first half :lol thought it was risky and it almost cost you!
  12. Re: Eoklon's Over 0.5 Going well in here, doing very well if this is your first attempt? Ive had a lot of goes at this but hardly do well, keep it up! I got bet 41 aswell :hope
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