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  1. Re: International Friendlies > 2013 It was strange match and the result should be different. First 30 minutes was for Poland, they have a few good occasions to score but were ineffective. Poland made a few terrible mistakes in defense. I can't imagine how player from Serie A or Primiera Division can kick the ball from penalty area for 5 meters... Rivals collected that ball and had a good opportunities to score (first goal, then good save by Szczesny etc.). Yesterday there was one more time when Polish players play worse in NT than in clubs. Lewandowski has few good occasions and scored no goal. In Dortmund he grabs that chances and scores a lot of goals. Blaszczykowski plays well when he can cooperate with Piszczek, yesterday there was Boenish on right defence and both played poorly. Futhermore Obraniak (Bordeaux), Glik (Torino), Boenish (Bayer), Perquis (Betis) yesterday played much worse than everyday in clubs. There is a real problem and unless the coach solve it, Poland will lose games like yesterday.
  2. Re: International Friendlies > 2013 Match against Ireland is kind of dry run before a very important match against Ukraine in WC2014's eliminations. This match should give an answer how strong is Polish national team. Euro2012 was a big defeat,supporters expected promotion from group and big fight against Germany in QF but Poland didn't win any match and Euro was finished after group stage. After Euro2012 Poland played quite good (2:2 Montenegro away, 2:0 Moldova home, 1:0 RSA home, 1:1 England home) but match against Uruguay (1:3 home) was kind of disenchantment. Wins against Macedonia (4:1) and Romania (4:1) aren't important because both teams played without bet players. Today Polish coach Fornalik has two important questions: goalkeeper and right defender. There are 3 goalkeepers in team - Szczesny (Arsenal), Boruc (Southampton) and Tyton (PSV). Tyton sits on bench so only Boruc and Szczesny are considered as line up player. Szczesny was polish first goalkeeper recently but his form isn't as good as was few months ago. He still plays every match in Arsenal but supporters expect him better playing. Boruc was some troubles with finding new club after leaving Fiorentina. Now he is in Southampton and plays really good. His best part of career was in Celtic Glasgow where he was a star and plays very good (matches against Milan in Champions League). GB is good place for him and I thnk moving to Italy wasn't good idea. I believe Boruc will reach his best form in England and again will be number one in national team. I think today Szczesny will be in line up but probably Boruc will play second half. Boruc is kind of player that doesn't like sitting on bench. He has strong personality and wants to be number one everywhere he plays. Normally in Poland right side is for Dortmund's players - Piszczek and Blaszczykowski. Together they play really good and cooperate well with striker Lewandowski. Today Polish trio from Dortmund can't show their skills because Piszczek is injured. I think it's real problem because there isn't a good replacement for him. Sometimes on right side of defence played Wasilewski (Anderlecht) and played quite good but he is central defender and sits on bench in Brussels. His form is poor and I afraid of his poor performance. Coach Fornalik called up Lukasz Broz (Widzew Lodz). He plays well in Polish league but I don't think he is good enough to play on international level. Other positions on pitch aren't doubtful so much. Line up: ____________Boruc/Szczesny_________ Wasilewski/Broz__Glik__Perquis__Boenisch ______Krychowiak_______Borysiuk_____ Blaszczykowski__Obraniak__Mierzejewski _____________Lewandowski__________ Supporters look forward to performance of few players who recently plays well in clubs (Boenisch, Krychowiak, Borysiuk, Mierzejewski). I don't know how will play Obraniak. He plays good in club and he is a good player but doesn't show this in national team. He says that players and supporters have a go at him for French speaking (he doesn't speaks Polish) and he feels unsupported. Yesterday Zbigniew Boniek (Polish FA boss, former star of Juventus) says that he talked to Obraniak and everythink is ok. We will see... I agree with MaierhofersNeck's pick. Poland +0AH @ 2.21
  3. Re: Men's Handball World Championship Spain 2013 Russia - Slovenia Jure Dolenec over 4,5 @ 1,65 :@ 3 goals Uroš Zorman under 3,5 @ 1,40 :@ 5 goals Denmark - Hungary Denmark (-2,5) @ 1,50 :@ 28:26 Anders Eggert Jensen over 5,5 @ 1,55 :@ 5 goals France - Croatia Croatia @ 2,25 :clap 30:23
  4. Re: Men's Handball World Championship Spain 2013 Russia - Slovenia Jure Dolenec over 4,5 @ 1,65 Uroš Zorman under 3,5 @ 1,40 Denmark - Hungary Denmark (-2,5) @ 1,50 Anders Eggert Jensen over 5,5 @ 1,55 France - Croatia Croatia @ 2,25
  5. Re: Men's Handball World Championship Spain 2013 Hungary - Poland 27:19 (10:9) Hungary win :clap under 50,5 :clap Polish defense disappeared in second half...
  6. Re: Men's Handball World Championship Spain 2013 Poland - Hungary is very hard match to betting. Teams are at similar level and match will be very tight. Hungarians aren't as strong as they were few years ago. There aren't Fazekas, Laluska and Tamas Ivancsik. Especially Fazekas was important for Hungarian national team. Without him the team plays worse, circle isn't as efficient as was earlier. Tatai and Mikler are good players and have good statistics but against strong teams can't lead the team. Today probably will play Csaszar, but he was sick and could be unfit. Of course the big advantage of Hungary is Laszlo Nagy. He is one of the best player on his position. I think is possible that Poland will play 5-1 in defense with man-to-man marking Nagy. Poland has good defense (only Croatia and Spain lost fewer goals) and good goalkeepers. Szmal is still one of the best goalkeeper on the world and Wichary is also very good. Poland has some troubles with attacking, sometimes there are no idea how to play. Michal Jurecki and Bartosz Jaszka don't score as many as score in clubs. Jurkiewicz is already out of the team, M. Jurecki and B. Jurecki was sick in last days. I think Poland has a chance to good result is good form of Bartosz Jurecki. Poland doesn't have good substitution for him. Syprzak isn't as efficient as B. Jurecki. Poland doesn't play against very strong team yet. Hungary lost against Spain and Croatia with 6-9 goals. Poland lost only against Slovenia. This was strange match because Poland lead after first half with 3 goals. In the begining of second half Polish players was terrible and Poland lost few goals. Then Slovenia didn't allow Poland to get the lead in match. In my opinion Poland will have a big troubles with Hungary. I don't bet this match, but if I have to, I will play Hungary or under 50,5. Very small stake.
  7. Re: Men's Handball World Championship Spain 2013 Denmark - Tunisia 30:23 Denmark (-5) :clap:clap:clap
  8. Re: Men's Handball World Championship Spain 2013 Hungary - Algieria 29:26 Hungary didn't want to avoid Denmark in CF... so CF will be their last match
  9. Re: Men's Handball World Championship Spain 2013 So Egypt has destroyed Australia and now Egypt is 4th in Group D (3rd Hungary; 5th Algieria). Algieria must win if wants to play in 1/8. Now Hungary is 3rd and will play against Slovenia/Poland/Serbia in 1/8. I think all three teams present similar level and Hungary doesn't care which team will play in 1/8. More important is who they will play in CF. If Hungary is 3rd, in CF will play against Denmark. If Hungary is 4th, in CF will play against Russia (I don't think Tunisia and Brazil are able to win in 1/8). So.. there is better for Hungary to take 4th place in Group D. Algieria must win, defeat is better for Hungary If somebody likes "conspiracy teories", can bet Algieria with small stake. Hungary - Algieria Algieria @ 5,00 (odds are dropping)
  10. Re: Men's Handball World Championship Spain 2013 We have really good odds on this match. I'm a bit surprised because before championships Denmark played against Tunisia and line was about -8. Now we can play Denmark -5 with 1,65 and I think it's good pick for tomorrow. Denamrk plays wery well, they defeated Iceland and Russia, Quatar and Chile was totally without any chances. During group stage line up didn't play too much, team leader Hansen didn't play a lot so the team shoul be rested and fit. Tunisia is a surprise. They played few good matches (against France and Germany!) but lost against Brazil shows that they haven't good form. Sometimes they play good, sometimes worst. Tomorrow Denmark will show their power, a few saves by Landin, a few fastbreaks (Eggert, Lindberg) and Tunisia will have to forget about any good result. Denmark is more better team and don't think Tunisia has any chances. Handicap -5 isn't too much and I think worth to play with average stake. Denmark - Tunisia Denmark (-5) @ 1,65
  11. Re: Men's Handball World Championship Spain 2013 Poland - Serbia :cigar B. Jaszka 3 Croatia - Egypt :sad I. Cupic 4
  12. Re: Men's Handball World Championship Spain 2013 Ivan Cupic is Croatian best scorer and I think should score 6 at least. Match against Egypt will be easy and line up shouldn't play many minutes. I think Cupic will play about 30 mins likewise against Algieria and Australia. Cupic has good effectiveness (23/33) both from 7 m and fastbreaks. Croatia plays a lot of fastbreaks and probably Cupic will score 2-3 goals. I think next 3 goals he will score from 7 m. There are only one danger for this pick - Cupic will rest and won't play even 25-30 mins. Croatia - Egypt I. Cupic over 5,5 @ 1,65
  13. Re: Men's Handball World Championship Spain 2013 B. Jaszka is scores a lot in Füchse Berlin, supperters expected him to score many goals in national team too but there are some troubles in Poland team. Jaszka avoids responsibility for scoring. Against Belarus and Slovenia he tried 2 times to score from back line (no goals). He plays quite good, he makes assists but Jaszka isn't dangeerous for rivals' goalie. It's possible he'll score some after fastbreaks but I don't think it will be more than 3 goals. Serbia has a good defense, Poland generally plays defensively. I expect under match without many chances to score. Poland - Serbia B. Jaszka under 3,5 @ 1,72
  14. Re: Argentina - France Argentina - France :@ Fernandez 2 goals
  15. Argentina - France Today's matches are hard to bet, finding something to playing with normal stake isn't easy. Interesting is low line for J. Fernandez's scoring. Probably he will play about 30 mins. Untill now he's played about 60 mins and scored 15. His efectiveness is about 60% (6/9 against Tunisia, 6/10 against Montenegro and 3/5 against Brazil) so 7 attempts should be enough to score 4. Jerome Fernandez will probably shoots from 7 m (yesterday Fernandez missed and Guigou shot then, I hope today Fernandez will be more efficient). 2-3 goals from penalties are probable. Fernandez don't often tries to score during game but I think France is much stronger than Argentina and even Fernandez will have some chances to score. I think 4 Fernandez's goals are possible. Small stake on over. Argentina - France J. Fernandez over 3,5 @ 1,70
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