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** December Poker League Result : 1st muttley, 2nd LIKE2FISH, 3rd kevsul **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st Like A Roughie, 2nd Paperclip, 3rd Kingdom for, 4th Alastair, 5th Gray306 **
** December Naps Competition Result: 1st BARNSLEYCHOP, 2nd SADDLESORE, 3rd ZIDANE123, 4th ADAMROSS. KO Cup Winner BBBC, Most Winners: JCW **


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  1. Re: The Sun - Freeroll on Pacific Couldnt agree more wiht you Doddsy. Very poor i found it - most likely wont be back to use it again. Well done msaban :clap
  2. Re: The Sun - Freeroll on Pacific I managed to register today. It must take a day or so for your registration to go through completely or something?? I dunno. Strange aswell - there are 2 tables up for the sun. One has 700 entrants, the other has 20 :\
  3. Re: The Sun - Freeroll on Pacific Tried entering this yesterday - had a heap of problems trying to register for the tournament. Ended up phoning them up and they said they were having a big problem so i ended up leaving it. There were around 1200 entrants yesterday.
  4. Re: Yet Another Mini PL Tourny at Bet365 NOW! A big :clap to me who had the priveledge of knocking out Paul :loon :drums :drums
  5. Re: Baseball Thursday 10 runs and top of the seventh with bases 2 and 3 loaded. Great spot mate - would never have considered it if you hadnt mentioned it :clap Correction - 9-3 now!! :drums
  6. Re: Baseball Thursday 7 runs top of the 4th mate. Lots more runs still in this. Looking a great pick mate! :clap
  7. Re: If you're playing now... All on this thread please. Ive just entered into level 2 now of that rounders thing on bet365 after winning the first. Will keep an eye out paul - maybe we can meet in round 3 :spank
  8. Re: Baseball Thursday On your overs one Stevie. First inning and the Indians have got 1 run while the Orioles have bases loaded with no outs :hope
  9. Re: The PL Poker League II - Enter here Count me in - not missing out this time :ok
  10. Re: PL Internet Poker Bragging Thread How did you get on in the rounders tournament? Ive had a look at them but not entered yet - i like the whole idea and format of them. One question though - do you get money for the top 3 placed like normal STTs do? Or do you have to go all the way to the top level? Well done Jezza - i like the look of that site. Looks a good laugh with all the characters etc in it. Ive posted this on another forum - be good if a group of you's are interested too. After my success in my first MTT last week - im doing one again this Saturday night. Wondering if anyo
  11. Re: PL Internet Poker Bragging Thread Well seeing as i missed out on the freeroll i thought i would be brave and try my hand out at an MTT. I dont usually play these, always STT. I even played a higher buy in than normally would (£20 buyin) and i won. Wooo Hooo!! :cow :cow :cow :cow
  12. Re: Punter's Lounge $1000 Freeroll - Sat June 25th 7pm! That sucks!! Didnt realise we had to register within a certain time :cry Been trying since around 6.52 pm - thought we would be automatically registered :cry :cry :cry
  13. Re: Punter's Lounge $1000 Freeroll - Sat June 25th 7pm! What are you saying? George street is a complete dive - its basically Tillydrone, the ghetto of Aberdeen! lol
  14. Re: Punter's Lounge $1000 Freeroll - Sat June 25th 7pm! This is going to be much easier than i thought :lol Plow - im in Portlethen mate.
  15. Re: Punter's Lounge $1000 Freeroll - Sat June 25th 7pm! :welcome Plow King! Which area of Aberdeen you from?
  16. kiko1983

    Old B***ard

    Re: Old B***ard Happy Birthday mate. I was going to make a thead of it myself when i seen it at bottom of front page. Enjoy your day :beer
  17. Re: Punter's Lounge $1000 Freeroll - Sat June 25th 7pm! Did you get my email and is that alright for me to be in?
  18. Re: The Punters Lounge $1000 Freeroll - FREE Entry! Im in Paul - But i havent entered previous poker PL tourneys before but this was due to me not playing poker. Been playing a lot recently so hopefully if accepted in will give some guys a run for their money :hope
  19. Hey guys - not been playing long and have been wanting to know if i played this right or not. Been playing in a coral freerole. Out of 811 people, i got down to the final table and was sitting in 2nd with 8 left. Starting hand was AK, so i figured i would raise it before flop. I got it called, then on the flop comes a 7,A,K so again i raise and have it called again. Next 2 are 2,4 and i called after each. It ends up in other guy going all in, so i go all in realising theres a chance he has a straight but then why would he have originally called after my raise pre flop with a 3,5. Anyways out c
  20. Re: Tennis : French Open (23rd May to 5th June) Top stuff again guys - im just gutted as both of them i doubled up to be greedy with rugby handicap which lost :( Fingers crossed for Horna for you's!
  21. Re: WFTE's Baseball - 2005 edition Yeah i see - but maybe its certain times of the season it works best at?? Id definately whittle it down a little bit and give it a go and see how it goes from there mate!
  22. Re: WFTE's Baseball - 2005 edition I think your problem WFTE is you are doing too many games at one time. You should have a test week and do maybe have your selections and see how you get on that way.
  23. Re: Tennis : French Open (23rd May to 5th June) Unlucky libi - ive been using the Roland Garros one the past 2 days and it is by far the best one available for instant updates!
  24. Re: BTM Power Grand Prix Tennis Good shout on Rochus guys - bit annoyed it wasnt completed yesterday as i was going to go big on football, which happened to win. Just have to throw my money away on the eurovision tonight :D
  25. Re: BTM Power Grand Prix Tennis Any idea as to why it says on livescore postponed next to all games? Rain delay im assuming but just checking.
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