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** Poker League Results : July: 1st McG, 2nd Rhino_Power, 3rd Elliott Sutcliffe; August: 1st Like2Fish, 2nd McG, 3rd Rivrd **
** August Naps Competition Result: 1st LEE-GRAYS, 2nd Gary66, 3rd LeMale, 4th RUG. KO Cup Winner DONNYFLYER. Most Winners TVY: **


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  1. Anybody watching this, they've both fouled twice each last frame, poor stuff
  2. Am watching a PTC game between Fu Causton One point Causton was 35 behind with 35 on table, what would have happened had he made the 35 and.was tied as no option for tie in the frame winner?
  3. Strange, am using the app on Samsung galaxy
  4. Is it my smartphone but I can't see the odds properly on the opening post? Just appears as squiggles and gibberish
  5. It's getting blatant now and hard to know when McManus horses are off, the stewards won't dare haul him in and seems untouchable It's becoming embarrassing. No one on either racing channel has the balls to highlight these 'efforts' either in case they get thrown off the gravy train. ATR is especially bad for moving quickly on
  6. Terrible jockey in races that aren't high profile, seems to not care about riding out for a place, reminds me of Pat.Eddery
  7. What's the x mean on the form mate?
  8. Tough event but will be laying Bud Cauley @ 20/1. Sure he's talented but this is a ridiculous price. If I'm taking someone this short he had better be a prolific winner and Bud isn't.
  9. Although not a big hitter Anders Hansen looks worth a punt at 40/1. Good accuracy, scoring average and g.i.r
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