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  1. Re: If you're playing now... All on this thread please. Nightmare Staffy. I had a hand in the PL tourney the other night just like that. I had K8 on the BB. Flop comes K,8,X - got beat by KK. Sometimes you just can't seem to get out of certain hands. :(
  2. Re: In another MTT final ATM..... Excellent Jezza. Even though you make your living from cash games you are really pulling in the dosh through MTT's lately. Good stuff mate. :ok
  3. Re: My Play with JACKS It all depends on who I'm playing, if it's a cash game or a tournement and my position on the table. Firstly I would rarely fold JJ pre flop unless a player I really rated came in with a monster raise. Normally I would raise with JJ as in most instances I will be ahead of anyone else. This should get people out who hold A + Rag (which it didn't in your case). If someone calls with AK or AQ or AJ then you are still favourite to win the pot. Here are some odds JJ vs AKo = JJ is 56.65% favourite. JJ vs AKs = JJ is 53.68% favourite. JJ vs AQo = JJ is 57.17% favour
  4. Re: Argument hand :lol :lol :lol I didn't remember the exact exchange Equinoxx - but as I thought - I didn't start it - I just finished it. Alien has made lame excuses about me getting personal when all I did was better his jibe.
  5. Re: Argument hand Norfolk. Whilst this hand was not played on my table I did come in on the argument afterwards. Here are my observations. a) Alien was not giving constructive advice he was bleating like a baby about percentages and awful calls. The whole of the table took exception to his attitude because of his manner. Trying to justify this as 'constructively trying to help' after the event is a poor attempt to cover up a grumpy strop. As equinoxx said - he wouldn't let it drop for ages. b) Alien often comments on other peoples play. I remember going 'all in' UTG on KK early in one
  6. Re: Argument hand Alien I haven't revisited Jezza's post as it is becoming a mute point. I haven't really got much more to say to you Ken - on this or anything really. :\
  7. Re: Argument hand Dunno about that. Sometimes I decide to play looser earlier on for two reasons. a) Most people play tight early (like you and Alien) so I can nick some pots. b) I hate spending 3 hours on the computer playing a tourney and ending up with nothing. For this reason I often make a stand early to get some chips or to get out and not waste my time. I don't always play like this. Depends on the stake, the number of players and the prize.
  8. Re: Argument hand Hey equinoxx? When the King hit the river did you do this?
  9. Re: Argument hand :lol :lol
  10. Re: Argument hand Ermmm - read your quote, then read Jezza's quote. One answers the other. Simple really.
  11. Re: Argument hand Just for the record.
  12. Re: Argument hand You mean you work for a living???? How dare you play in the prestigious PL tourney then? Only for pro's that competition you know. :lol :lol
  13. Re: Argument hand Alien, So you're not going to be giving 'advice' at the table any more? Good. :ok What you fail to realise is that if people want advice they will ask for it Alien (and probably not from you). Your manners on the table are abrasive and your commentary argumentative. You were not being conciliatory in your tone in the slightest. You did 'a Hellmuth' and said it was an 'awful call' - it wasn't awful at all. He had top pair and a King kicker. It wasn't a great call - but 'awful' no. If you read Jezza's post again you will see that he said he might have called with the
  14. Re: Argument hand :lol :lol Alien my post wasn't a moan at all. Just a post to say how I went out that's all. I didn't critisise anyones play or dish out any 'advice'. Every time I lose in the PL tourney everyone will tell you that, bad beat or not, I am extremely well mannered and good natured about it. In fact I'll have you know that I'm considered a Gentleman when I play live games because of the way I take my beats. (A croupier told me that I had this reputation by the way). :D I only walked in on the back of your argument last night Alien but I thought you were going over the t
  15. Re: Argument hand Hmmm - I think you might have got the "who won the pot" comment based on the fact you made the initial comment of it being an "awful call". I don't think that the call was "awful" - I've seen a lot, lot worse. He has the top pair and the best kicker (unless the kicker is paired on the flop as yours was). He has to figure you for AJ or a SET to be behind. He figured that you didn't have one of these hands (wrongly) and that you were behind or drawing to the flush. So he called. Not the best call I've seen, but no where near the worst. It's very early in the tourney a
  16. Re: betfair tourney Fantastic result Jezz. A grand for a freeroll. I'm actually jealous. :(
  17. Re: Poker Tournament ~ *Tonight 8pm* I can honestly say I'm cursed on the PL tourneys. I have been out to so many tight / bad draws in the six so far I'm beginning to wonder if it's all a fix!!! :lol :lol Tonight I'm in 2nd. I'm on the BB. I have K8. Check all round. Flop comes K, X, 8 Turn 2 River 5 I'm all in. Opponent calls with KK. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Short stacked now. I have 5,4 (blind next hand I have to play so 'ALL IN') The flop comes KQ4 (one caller) Turn comes
  18. Re: Poker Tournament ~ *Tonight 8pm* Looks like 9pm to me. Only 3 people registered so far. :(
  19. Re: Gala Leicester latest Thanks for the latest Billy. I'm looking forward to when that opens.
  20. Re: Poker Tournament ~ *Tonight 8pm* I'll be in. I'm going to copy this thread and put it into GC otherwise I fear we might not get much action tonight. :(
  21. Re: If you're playing now... All on this thread please. Yeah no probs mate. The Gala in Leicester is going to host some poker tourneys soon. BillyHills and CrazySuzy might go up there for a few games I believe? Maybe we could all meet up one night? Just went out of my second MTT - My JJ ran into AA. On to the Cash games for me. :(
  22. Re: If you're playing now... All on this thread please. I'm shocked if it has. They hold the UK Championship there every year. :(
  23. Re: If you're playing now... All on this thread please. I just noticed that you're from Halesowen Staffy. You want to join the Rainbow casino and play a few poker games there. The standard is very good indeed and you would learn a lot. If you ever go let me know and maybe we could meet up for a glass of wine or two? I've just entered a $27 MTT - Let's see how that goes. :D
  24. Re: If you're playing now... All on this thread please. My 77 was all in (as I was short stacked) against AJ. Flop comes K, 10, 2. Turn comes Q. Didn't you just fcuking know it? Bloody gutshot. :@ Out in 75th out of 220.
  25. Re: If you're playing now... All on this thread please. Hard luck mate. I'm still in at the moment but my first loss came a few hands ago. A weak raise with a straight looking a possibility on the board cost me as my top pair lost against two pair. A stronger raise and he would have folded I'm sure.
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