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  1. My brother plays inter-county football and he usually throws some good advice my way on who to back. Couldn't find anything else on here so I thought I'd start a thread. Westmeath v Carlow 5/2/17 14.00 Westmeath have been relegated 3 years running from Division 1 to Division 4. They are definitely too strong for division 4 and are up against a Carlow side that are entrenched in Div 4. Westmeath with home advantage should win this handy enough but the 1/6 odds with Paddy Power aren't very appealing. The handicap of -5 point's at 10/11 is a bit more like it and Westmeath are fancied to cover the spread. GL all
  2. Re: Spain > Liga de Fútbol Profesional > Sunday 24 August 2014 Good stuff senk :ok
  3. Re: Penalties AWARDED statistics Try livescore. It gives the match stats and shows when a pen has been missed or scored.
  4. Re: World Cup Europe Qualification > 10th September Strange goings on with Paddypower. Both teams to score No was 1.33 (1/3) when I posted. An hour or so later it went out to 1.11 (1/9) but is now back in to 1.2 (1/5) which is still a great price??? Also one quick question. No Faroe Islands goal scorer is 1.33 (1/3) but both teams to score No is 1.28 (2/7) so do own goals count? Why the price difference? Cheers.
  5. Re: World Cup Europe Qualification > 10th September [h=2]Re: World Cup Europe Qualification > 10th September[/h]San Marino v Poland Both teams to score currently 1.33 (1/3) with paddypower. No reasoning necessary I think. Someday San Marino will score but hopefully not Tuesday. Lump on...
  6. Re: Antepost > Premier League 2013/14 > Winner I didn't make the comparison between Kompany and Rio, I was replying to a post. I also agree that Toure would be a big loss but not as much as Van Persie to United in my opinion.
  7. Re: Antepost > Premier League 2013/14 > Winner You're making a prediction that Zaha is going to be exceptional. His form for large parts of last season with Crystal Palace suggests otherwise and it is really a matter of wait and see. Also next season might be a season or two too early for him. Kagawa or Hernandez are not regular starters but I do recognize the importance of Hernandez in particular. Really good player. As I said above I'm not saying United are a bad team, just that a fair bit of work will have to be done in my opinion replacing certain players. I certainly wont be backing them for the title next year. Lots of sounds coming out of Madrid today regarding Bale, looks nailed on to join them I reckon but I think United should go in for him. He'd suit them down to the ground.
  8. Re: Antepost > Premier League 2013/14 > Winner Yes, but the spine of their team are all at nice ages. Toure is probably the oldest and he just turned 30 so he has a few years left in him yet.
  9. Re: Antepost > Premier League 2013/14 > Winner Only De Gea and Rafael on that list are part of the current spine of the team. Hernandez appears to do his best work from the bench. And a lot of that list are unproven. Every club has young talent coming through but what makes that group any better than what other clubs are bringing through? Fact of the matter is that a lot of the core will need to be replaced in the near future.
  10. Re: Antepost > Premier League 2013/14 > Winner Just a couple of more points. Van Persie scored 26 league goals out of a total of 86. That's 30.23%. Suarez scored 20 out of 71 which is 28.16%. No-one else comes close so they are over-reliant on him. United conceded 43 goals. Man City (34), Arsenal (37), Chelsea (39) and Everton (40) all conceded less. Even Liverpool (43) conceded the same. So their defense is no great shakes in fairness. There's a strong chance Rooney will have to be replaced although he was very average last season. I'm not for a second saying they're a bad side but I do think Moyes has a tough job on his hands and that the current squad will change a lot over the coming seasons because players need to be replaced because of the age of the core of the current spine of the team.
  11. Re: Antepost > Premier League 2013/14 > Winner The only reason I said United without Van Persie was to show how weak I feel the rest of the squad is. Chelsea or City could lose any individual player and I don't think it would affect them the same as United losing RVP, because they both have stronger squads in my opinion. And Rio Ferdinand, who had a good year, was not the best CB in the PL last year and besides the point he will turn 35 next season and will have to be replaced relatively soon. Carrick had a very good season but turns 32 soon. Kompany might have been pants last season but as a manager coming in who would you prefer to have, Kompany or Ferdinand? No brainer.
  12. Re: Antepost > Premier League 2013/14 > Winner I agree Pellegrini is unproven in the Premier League but so were Wenger, Mourinho, Ancelotti etc. and they didn't do too bad.. That wasn't really my point though. I was looking at the strength of their respective squads and I honestly don't see United's as being as strong as some of you see it. In my opinion it was one of the weakest United sides to win the league. Put it this way, how many on here would back United if Van Persie was out. Not many I would imagine and what does that say about the strength of their squad? Their midfield is seriously lacking class in my opinion. I don't think I was at all biased in my previous post, just calling it like I see it. Who in your opinion is better in CM than Yaya Toure in the Premier League? As I said, rock solid at the back and all fairly young. Class players like Yaya, Silva, Aguero and Tevez in front of that. I'm sure that both clubs will make a few additions but I honestly see far more potential for next season in City's squad compared to United's.
  13. Re: Antepost > Premier League 2013/14 > Winner Can't agree with you there Jase if you think Moyes has been left with the best squad in England. Far from it in my opinion. Their defense is ageing. Evra is 32, Ferdinand 34 and Vidic 31. Granted Rafael is a really good player and will more than likely get better. Johnny Evans is a decent squad player. Smalling seems to have regressed a lot and Jones is a Jack of all trades, master of none. De Gea looks a great shot stopper but can be a bit of a flapper at times. Moving into midfield. Giggs is an OAP, Scholes retired. Valencia also is a decent player but far too much of a one trick poney and defenders seem to have realized to mark his right foot. It looks like Nani is on his way but you never know what might happen there. Very talented player but has to sort his head out. Carrick is a good player but he will be 32 by the start of the season. Cleverly has talent but not an ounce of consistency. Anderson is an unfit donkey and it looks like Fletcher's illness has more or less finished his career, unfortunately. Kagawa is a bit of an unknown quantity as he probably didn't play enough last season. Ashley Young is bang average in my opinion. Up front is where their real strength lies with the best front four in the league in RVP, Hernandez,Rooney and Wellbeck. At the same time RVP is 30 at the start of the season, Rooney has asked for a transfer. Wellbeck really doesn't get enough goals but maybe that will change if Rooney moves on and he gets a chance up front more often. Compare that to Man City. Solid keeper. Solid defense, all the right side of thirty, with the best right back in the league in Zabaletta and best centre back in Kompany. Add Nastasic, Clichy, Lescott, Kolarov and Richards and they have serious depth in defense as well as class. Yaya Toure is the best centre midfielder by a distance and Silva is a class act. Nasri is decent as is the likes of Milner and Barry. Up front City have a class act in Aguero and Tevez and Dzeko are also good players. I'm not saying Utd can't or won't win the league next year but I see City's squad as being much stronger and crucially, their important players are younger. A lot of work is going to have to be done at Utd over the next couple of years replacing the likes of Ferdinand, Vidic, Giggs, Carrick and possibly the likes of Rooney and Nani before that. That's almost the core of their team. I honestly see City and Chelsea fighting it out for the title next year as I think it is going to be a year of transition for Utd under Moyes. I stand to be corrected and all the above is just my opinion but I personally wouldn't back Utd for the league next year. I don't even think they'll finish top two. I also think Arsenal could surprise a few next year and challenge for the title, well until March or April anyway! Best of luck with your bets anyway..
  14. Re: Grand National 4.15pm, Your 1 selection for the race, plus News and Charity theme Quiscover Fontaine
  15. Re: AINTREE SOFTWARE DAILY SELECTIONS Yea brilliant stuff again, fair play to you.
  16. Re: WC > Europe Qualifiers > March 26 I reckon I could build a small house with the amount of bricks I ****...
  17. Re: WC > Europe Qualifiers > March 26 Poland to win to nil is now 1.28 (2/7) Boylesports. Crazy price
  18. Re: WC > Europe Qualifiers > March 26 [h=2]WC > Europe Qualifiers > March 26[/h]Poland vs San Marino Both teams to score no is 1.2 (1/5) currently with William Hill. This has been done to death but the 1.2 is an excellent price when the true odds should be much lower. San Marino are not going to score away from home especially against half decent opposition. It's not the 1.5 (1/2) Paddypower offered for all of 15 minutes but it is still value in my opinion. Both teams to score No 1.2 (1/5) William Hill 10/10
  19. Re: WC > Europe Qualifiers > March 26 [h=2]Re: WC > Europe Qualifiers > March 26[/h]Germany vs Kazakhstan ​Germany will undoubtedly win this and it's just a question of by how many. In qualification for Euro 2012 Germany played Kazakhstan winning 3-0 away and 4-0 at home. Germany won 3-0 away to Kazakhstan in the last round and I would not be surprised to see them exactly match the previous tournament result. Germany -2 is 1.33 (1/3) with Boylesports for the match. The odds are generous compared to other bookmakers, PP for example are 1.22 which is probably about right so there is a bit of value in the price. Germany -1 is 1.14 (1/7) with skybet and the next best I can find is 1.08. Austria beat Kazakhstan 4-0 on their last away match and I really can't see Germany scoring any less than three and in all likelihood they will score more. Germany -2 1.33 (1/3) Boylesports 10/10 Germany -1 1.14 (1/7) Skybet 10/10
  20. Re: WC > Europe Qualifiers > March 26 Yup, beyond belief that they made the exact same mistake as Fridays game. Still, I wont complain too much as I managed to get on both :)
  21. Re: WC > Europe Qualifiers > March 26 Just seen it and was about to post it myself. Unbelievable price yet again. They honored the 1.44 (4/9) for basically the same bet in the San Marino-England game so hopefully they will again. Lump on I say :)
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