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** Poker League Results : July: 1st McG, 2nd Rhino_Power, 3rd Elliott Sutcliffe; August: 1st Like2Fish, 2nd McG, 3rd Rivrd **
** August Naps Competition Result: 1st LEE-GRAYS, 2nd Gary66, 3rd LeMale, 4th RUG. KO Cup Winner DONNYFLYER. Most Winners TVY: **


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  1. Certainly was pretty unstoppable from MVG, certainly got Barney wrong as he played as well as he could but still not enough though scuppered my 180's bets though the high checkout came in. Going to be some final if both players can play their best which they have at times in the Champs.
  2. I can't disagree with you mcsilks regarding Anderson he has been the best player so far in the tournament and if he continues in the same vein of form it will be hard for Wright to stop him though obviously I will be rooting for Wright and he has been ultra consistent so far averaging 102 to 104 in his 3 matches and if Anderson is anyway not on his game Wright will be there to punish him. I expect it to be the best of the semi-finals and go at least 9 to 10 sets long. I have a feeling that the 2 semi will be a much shorter match , MVG will be looking for revenge for Barney knocking him out last year and think will want to give Barney a bit of a thrashing. Can't help thinking too that Barneys 2 last matches will have taken a lot out of him in beating Lewis then his great rival Taylor and indeed Barney didn't really play that well in both only averaging 95 and 96 in both games and if he doesn't up his game he will be lucky to win more a set with that standard against MVG. I am going low on Barneys 180's at 9.5 , last year Worlds he reached the semi and now has again and in all those matches he hasn't hit more than 8 180's in a World Champs match plus he hit 19 in 87 legs this year. Added to that I am going low on total 180's at 23.5 as think its a high total in a match that mighten go further than 8 sets. And going over 154.5 checkout to happen in either semi-final, 4 of the greatest players going for you over at least 16 to 18 sets every chance one of the players takes out a biggie. And a few sheckles on a MVG 170 checkout took 2 out the previous round plus one the round before and hit one in his defeat to Barney last year . 2.25 pts over 154.5 checkout in either semi at 5/6 Betfred 0.25 pts on MVG to hit 170 6/1 PP 1.7 pts on Van Barneveld to hit under 9.5 180's at evens Betfair 0.8 pts on under 23.5 180's MVG v Van Barneveld at 10/11 Betfair
  3. Webster hit 8 180's again to win the bet. Have layed my Peter Wright outright bet for a free bet , have just over 5/1 on him reaching the final and 3/1 to win it. Haven't got time to look at any of the quarter finals at the moment.
  4. Thanks Sir Puntalot, Barney wins 4-3 but unfortunately no high checkout as Lewis misses a bull and a double for it. Just one bet for today in the Mvg v Darren Webster match. Mvg was given a scare in the previous round in a brilliant match v Cristo Reyes and will be hoping to have a quicker match tonight. Have to give Darren Webster credit as he was brilliant in beating Whitlock 4-0 with nearly a 105 average , he will have to play like that again to give MVG trouble tonight. whether he can is another question. Webster has never been known as a 180 hitter but has managed 8 in both his 2 matches so far 16 in total in 44 legs. The bookies have given him a low total to beat tonight of over 2.5 and 3.5 so Webster should every chance of beating these totals even if Mvg wins easily. 1.25pts Darren Webster over 2.5 180 at 4/7 sky bet 1.25pts Darren Webster over 3.5 180 at 20/21 boyles
  5. Well not the greatest start for the Darts betting after Christmas With Gurney winning a see saw battle but the other 3 bets losing, still can't believe Taylor took out the 167 in the first leg because he always sets himself up in that type of situation even more annoying as it never looked in danger after that. Still onwards and upwards and a bet in the big match tonight of Barney v Lewis which should be a cracker with both players showing that they are in form previously in the championship. Its the 3 time they will have meet at the World's with 1 win apiece and in both those matches there has been a high checkout , Barney with a 161 last year and Lewis with a 157 in the first match. I see no reason why there shouldn't be another tonight plus Hills enhanced offer of both players to hit a 120+ checkout is worth a dabble too. 2 pts over 132.5 checkout in Van Barneveld v A.Lewis match at 10/11 skybet 0.5 pt both player to have a 120+ checkout
  6. Ian White finishes with a 92.6 average for the bet to come home. Got 3 more bets over the 27 and 28. First up is the Mensur Sulijovic v Mark Webster match. I have already highlighted the fact that Mensur is not a big 180 hitter, he hit 2 in the first round with him going for treble 19 a number of times with the 3 dart when on a max. Webster won his first round match with brilliant finishing which you have to hand it too him as he is struggling letting go with his darts and his scoring was nothing to write home about. He never hit a 140 or over to the 3 set and managed 1 180. So I am going low on maxes at the 9.5 quoted. 2 bet is in the Phil Taylor v Kevin Painter match , these 2 have plenty of history down the years. Painter done enough to win his first round match but if he plays similar then he will be sent home losing 4-0. Indeed even if he plays better its hard to see him winning more than a set . My bet for this match is to go low on the highest checkout at 132.5 as Taylor is the most pragmatic player in Darts he won't go for a bull finish not in less he has too. Indeed in the last 5 years in the 2 and 3 rounds where the matches are first to 4 sets 6 of Taylors 8 matches have gone under this mark. 3 bet is in the Jelle Klassen v Brendan Dolan match. Jelle is one the heaviest scorers in Darts on form indeed on tv including last years World champs Jelle has hit 100 maxes in 273 legs. He is the kind of player that can hit everything for a set but next set is the opposite which is his downfall. Dolan played well in his first round match too , but with him it is more steady scoring with good finishing. This year on tv he has hit 12 maxes in 85 legs. Jelle hit 6 in his first match I see no reason why he can't beat that figure as I expect Dolan to give him a good match and also on the 180 handicap every chance if Jelle has his scoring boots on he smash the -3.5 h/c that he is giving Dolan. 2.5 pts on Mensur Sulijovic v Mark Webster under 9.5 180's at 4/5 Skybet 2.5 pts on Phil Taylor v Kevin Painter under 133 checkout Sportingbet at 17/20 1.5pts on Jelle Klassen to hit over 6.5 180's at 10/11 various 1pt on Jelle Klassen to win -3.5 180 handicap at 7/5 PP And I wish everyone a very happy Christmas.
  7. Backing Daryl Gurney basically since Robert Thornton won the World Grand Prix some 15 months ago his form has gone to pot on the TV and on the floor. If you include the premier league Thornton has lost 24 out of his 32 TV matches and 2 draws since last years World Champs. Gurney as said in a previous bet is moving up the rankings all the time and is a very dangerous player. He averaged close to 97 in his first round to Thornton's 88 where he should have lost a set and showed his frailties where he could miss one shot and get extremely annoyed with himself. If Gurney get on top of Thornton early then Thornton's head shaking will only get worse and he will find it hard to stop Gurney. Thornton has a 3-0 h2h record but all those matches took place 15 months' to 3 years ago when Thornton was a different player plus Gurney has improved. Got 1 bet for tomorrow in the first match of the day between Ian White v Jonny Clayton. White has struggled the last few months were his performances have been nothing compared to the player over year or 2 ago where he was regularly reaching tv Quarter finals and giving some of the top players a tough match. Since last years World champs I make it that White has played 12 times on TV and gone under 9 times on 94.5 average quoted by 2 bookies. Indeed his last 7 matches on TV he has gone under the 94.5 line .I see no reason why that trend can't continue. 2.5 pts Ian White under 94.5 average at 5/6 Betfair or PP.
  8. Going in early with this one , most of the bookies have to come out with the prices but im taking the price now on Daryl Gurney to beat Robert Thornton. Haven't got time at the moment to give my reasons why im placing the bet will tomorrow but want to take the price now because wouldn't be surprised if it ain't bettered. 2.5 pts Daryl Gurney to beat Robert Thornton at 9/10 PP
  9. Thanks Sir Puntalot and WiseManRav. Meulenkamp won the 180's bet 3-2 in a scrappy match .
  10. Got a bet for tomorrow night in the Sulijovic v Meulenkamp match. Mensur probably got one of the weirdest actions in World Darts but boy can he play Darts and he has continually improved to be in the top 8 in the World, no one likes playing him and I would be surprised if he doesn't win this match but area of the match I don't think he will win is on the 180's , he rarely hits that many sometimes he goes down to t19 on the third dart or even the bull. Since the World Matchplay I make it that Sulijovic has hit 52 maxes in 278 legs an average of 1 180 in 5.35 legs in tournament play that I can get stats for. Ron Meulenkamp on the other hand has hit 25 in 79 legs . Meulenkamp had a decent run in the recent Players champs beating Gary Anderson in it so he will looking to give Sulijovic a decent match , he hit 10 maxes in that in 34 legs. 2.5 pts Ron Meulenkamp to hit most 180's at 20/23 Boyles
  11. Webster wins 3-0 and Gurney 3-1 do to the business but the White match was frustrating he wins 3-0 but you couldn't forsee Simm hitting 4 maxes after watching his first match for there to be cruelly 6 in the match and because White was under more pressure he had to take out a 130 to win a set.
  12. Going to have to be quick got another bet for the last match of the afternoon session between Ian White v the prelim qualifier Kevin Simms. Simms won the first match of the day which was the poorest match of the championship so far where he won 2-0 with a 76 average to his opponents 73. Ian White has been in poor form recently so just can see a poor quality match with probably a 3-0 win for White without much drama. So going to back under on the 180's and checkouts. White v Simms 1.25 pts under 5.5 180's at evens 888 1.25 pts under 121.5 checkout at 5/6 Betfred
  13. And also have a bet in the evening in the Daryl Gurney v Jermaine Wattimena match. Gurney is no 24 in the world , year on year he has improved and I believe within the next year or 2 will be in the top 16. He has reached a TV semi-final in the past and reached the quarters of the World Grand Prix in October. Gurney has the ability to have a very good tournament if he is on his game. In a recent exhibition tournament which he was in he won which involved Barney, Adrian Lewis , Dave Chisnall and Scott Waites among others. Wattimena is 2 years younger than Gurney but has done nothing of note yet in front of the tv screens and this is his first time at the world champs and in the previous matches between the players Gurney has won all 3 with a bit to spare. Gurney giving a -1.5 set handicap away is a 4/5 shot but you can get a extra point more if you dutch the 3-0 11/4 and 3-1 5/2 scorelines meaning 1.81, every extra bit of potential winnings is gratefully accepted. 1.21 pts on Gurney to win 3-0 11/4 betfair 1.29 pts on Gurney to win 3-1 5/2 various
  14. Thanks Sir Puntalot. Have one bet for tomorrows action in the match between former Bdo World champion Mark Webster v Joe Murnan. Its fair to say Mark Webster hasn't fulfilled his promise since when he won his world title and his first few years on the PDC circuit. But ever since his year in the Premier league he hasn't been the same player. You would have expected him to be a top 16 player year on year though he lies in 25 place. Webster best effort this year has been reaching the quarter final in the UK open but otherwise its been nothing special. But in saying all this Webster has a decent record in the World champs, has reached 2 semi/finals, a quarters and last 16 last year and only lost once in the first round to former world champ Ritchie Burnett. He will more than likely average somewhere between 90 to 95. Murnan has done ok on the floor tournaments but as far as I can make out has only won 1 match on TV and that was in last years world champs in low quality match v Andy Hamilton apart from that he has lost his others only once averaging in the 90's. In the recent players championship finals where his match was on the non TV board he lost 6-0 averaging 78. Have to expect that Mark Webster should have a bit too much for Murnan. 2.5pts on Mark Webster to beat Joe Murnan at 8/11 PP.
  15. For a limited time William Hill are offering evens on MVG to win the worlds at the moment.
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