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  1. Rapid Vienna - Ajax Amsterdam Rapid has a couple of decent performances in the past few matches, most notably they have beaten FSV Frankfurt in a friendly, and they do seem to be a compact crew. They have some minor changes to the squad from last year, but the main options (judging from the past 4 games) still rely on Kainz as an experienced midfielder and slovenian international Beric up front. Overall they usually fail to impress at this stage, and in my opinion their latest results might be misleading with odds following suit. On the other hand Ajax do seem to be a bit shaky, taking into
  2. Steaua Bucharest - Partizan Belgrade wow, I cant believe the odds I am seeing here. Partizan as high as 3.5 @ bet365. If we take into account the results these teams produced during the past few european campaigns, the odds do seem "fair". But in light of recent results I cant see how Steaua can be considered a favorite in any way. Last few matches have shown that Steaua has certain issues on the field, I believe the source of the problem is mainly organisational in nature, certain money currents are moving away from the club, consequently we have seen a couple of departures - mainly the mo
  3. Potential value to be had at following games: UCD to win @ 11.00/ double chance @3.40 (bet365) I am clueless as to why UCD are such underdogs versus dudelange, its not like dudelange have an accomplished side or anything worth mentioning. Alashkert to win @ 7.00 / DC @ 2.5 (bet365) Alashkert were the better team to begin with, not to mention zero preparations on behalf of St. Johnstone. The odds dont add up. JK Nome Kalev to win @ 5.40 at home versus the same side the beat away, Aktobe had quite a trip, the host might be looking for a tight game with a counter, such games can end up with
  4. Re: Coupe de France > April 7th & 8th Rumour has it that PSG will field a totaly combined lineup due to injuries, resting certain players etc. Anybody has any additional info? The odds on double chance are tempting at around 2.7
  5. Re: UEFA Europa League > Thursday March 19th The main reason for Ajax defeat, I would state, is that they were utterly rubish, couldnt complete 2 passes and could have lost 5:0...
  6. Re: Russia > Sogaz Russian Championship > 2014/15 Any kind of reasoning would be heavily appreciated, especially because Im interested in placing some bets on Sogaz games, although I am very careful around Turkish and Russian footy.. That is why I would like to read some insights by locals ;) Cheers!
  7. Re: Juventus v Borussia Dortmund > Tuesday February 24th I do understand what you mean, but I was not implying that, but that obvious red card foul by Pogba didnt get a yellow.. Thats why I said in many occasions not all the time.
  8. Re: Bundesliga > February 6th - 8th I believe that the absolutely ridiculous odds on Dortmund are based purely on speculation that the majority of bets placed will favour Dortmund to win. Hence the shit odds, but I totaly agree, they are falling apart atm, and ofcourse freiburg with its crappy defence are probably why people expect Dortmund to stop the bad streak here. Dortmund is very inconsistent, crap form, cant seem to score from 5 yards.. On the other hand Freiburg have that really crap defence, which can contribute to Dortmund finally getting some goals. At these odds, the match
  9. Re: Liga de Fútbol Profesional > January 30th - February 2nd Malaga vs Valencia this is the type of "public" bet that I loathe... Everybody is clamping on Valencia (at least the people I know) and given my past experience with such "great" odds I will surely go for: BTTS @ 1.83 (bet365) 7/10 DRAW @ 3.3 (bet365) 4/10 The reason is that Valencia has a great season so far havin won 4/5 last matches, the motivation runs high, they tend to outscore the opposition, which adds to my confidence that there will be goals in the match, and other factor is the awful results of Malaga in the las
  10. Re: African Cup of Nations 2015 Thread Enjoying the goal markets in this Nations cup, hardly predictable, but favourable results. I agree with MPLouis regarding this evenings matchup, with such odds, one can hardly resist. Great for accumulators too, getting tonights fixtures over 1,5 at 1.60 (Guinea) and 1.55 (Cameroon) local bookie, combined thats 2.48 for a good 7 unit stake.
  11. Re: Liga de Fútbol Profesional > January 3rd - 5th 1/3 won, 3.4 units of profit. too bad for that second goal by Valencia tho :D Still sailing fair with sociedad. Hopefuly the result doesnt change much.
  12. Re: Liga de Fútbol Profesional > January 3rd - 5th I would tend to disagree with HT/FT and 5 or more goals as well. Ofcourse everything implies that there should be a goal fest with Real coming on top. But, in my opinion this match will not reflect the past matches in any way. Valencia are running a tight shift in the back, conceding the least amount of goals in first half of the season, probably defensively their best season in years. Only team to have conceded less goals at home is Barca (by 1 goal). With all due respect to Real, with their streak (and the defeat by a mediocre Mil
  13. Re: Stoke City v Manchester United > Thursday January 1st Dunno what to make of it, the odds on United cleary represent some value at least, but Stoke has played some decent football in the past weeks, outplaying United in at least 2 of 4 halfs played. Their wins over top teams could be "surprising" as you stated, but they have produced good performances in the past 5 games. I would really like to see where does Van Gaal plan on putting Rooney this time around. If he will be played up front with Van Persie, then I will back goals surely, with over 2,5 being @ 2.10 (bet365), which smells
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