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  1. Re: FA Cup > February 15th - 17th yes... if you add to it from your best options cazorla, ramsey, wallcott, rosicky and you first chouise goalkeeper.... thats makes 7/8 changes from first XI ... i would coall it second team... would you not? 3 players from best XI was on a field kos, mer, and ozil...
  2. Re: FA Cup > February 15th - 17th hahahahahaha... yeap. delusional arsenal fan who was right...ok... i`ll take it ...
  3. Re: Arsenal v FC Bayern München > Wednesday February 19th ahhh here people .. @ totoschillaci just because liverpool lost, don`t put out so missleading "cry your heart out" posts 3 a.m against arsenal... "Allianz in the second leg that everyone always credits Arsenal with was ALL DUE TO BAYERN." --- yeahh with 10 minutes to go and one goal would put them out at home... "they went through the motions just playing the ball around because they were so confident (perhaps even cocky)" -- couldn`t even score at home "Germans are so superior that they must laugh at the thought of being
  4. Re: FA Cup > February 15th - 17th arsenal reserves 2 - liverpool first XI 1 told ya, that game at anfield was fluke.... last 20 minutes liverpool had nobody fresh to put on a field ..
  5. Re: FA Cup > February 15th - 17th that will be interesting, what`s that sonogo like.... i saw him for 10 minutes in his debut and he almost scored ... i think it was against sunderland....
  6. Re: FA Cup > February 15th - 17th yeahh, bet gone, didn`t seemed like monk wanted it at all, no regrets though, as price was good and was a chance....
  7. Re: FA Cup > February 15th - 17th i see people getting caried away here with 5 - 1 at anfield.... as well as few days ago, some bookies made liverpool favorites at emirates. those games happens to any team once a season ... arsenal has 11 clean sheets in last 12 games, holding of chelsea , man u , tothnem and liverpool in those.... liverpool has only 2 cean sheets away in last 14 games (one of those against bournemounth) .... about teams - liverpool pretty much clear, the same team , maybe one change.... for me it doesn`t matter what arsenal first XI will be, as i am sure it won`t be za
  8. Re: FA Cup > February 15th - 17th 5/1 on swansea is a bit disrispect for a cup game... everton not so great of late and pretty not much anything without lukaky, with yet another loaney up front in traore @ 1.60 is - not in a million ears for me... under monk swansea done ok so far, took point away at stoke , what they couldn`t do under loudrup and beat cardif in derby, which they lost under loudrup as well, swansea seemed was loosing last years great spell, and all hype was faiding away this season, with possible ruterns of shelvey and michu + it`s a cup game and no preassure what so ev
  9. Re: FA Cup > February 15th - 17th great... early goal , than nothing.... bump
  10. Re: FA Cup > February 15th - 17th sunderland v southampton over 1.5 at HT '@ 2.20 with ladebrookes... 10 % of my betting fund.... should be .... could be 1 - 1 or 2 - 0 either way...
  11. Re: Manchester City v Chelsea > Monday February 3rd yeahh, i haven`t done bet yet, but i will go for chelsea get something here... all in all, view on man city, is bit distorted by goal tally they have. to me , they have been riding a luck in many games this season, can`t see it going like that all time. take out aguero and you slash half of goals...hazard it self being on a left flank will stop navas and zabalate partnership, by keeping zabalate more back, then he could afford against other teams. chelsa defense is better than man city`s. no nasri. maurinho know`s pellegrini well. this
  12. Re: Arsenal v Crystal Palace > Sunday February 2nd nice reasoning and great bet :)
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