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  1. I also see some value in Leicester, either straight win or DNB like mentioned before. Watford's defence looked shaky against Brighton and this match might come a bit too early for them because they have so many players absent. With this logic I see Leicester winning this, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were plenty of goals in this match.
  2. Premier League Predictions > Dec 2nd & 3rd

    Spurs to beat Watford seems like a clear one to me so far. Watford doesn't seem to like to play extra defensively against the bigger sides, and that will give Spurs plenty of goalscoring chances. In the previous season Spurs managed to score 4 goals against Watford on both occasions when they played against each other. Moreover, Spurs are already in the CL playoffs, so they don't need to rest their players in this match. Spurs with the -1,5 asian handicap will be another good option here. WBA-Crystal Palace feels like another draw for me. WBA were leading 2-0 against Bournemouth but still weren't able to get the win, and I think they'll struggle to do it here too. Burnley has lost only once in their away matches during this season which tells me that they are on a great run at the moment. Burnley might not have the most profilic players, but their working ethic is very impressive at the moment. Burnley's odds for an away win are around 5.24 at the moment which seems great to me. Even better option is Burnley X2 when you still get odds around 2.17 which seems like a gift to me.
  3. Watford's odds are rising at the moment, but I just don't understad why?
  4. Watched Burnley-WBA last weekend and WBA's defence looked very convincing to me. I know that Stoke won against Arsenal, but Arsenal's defence is so shaky at the moment that their loss didn't come as a huge surprise to me. I think WBA will have a great chance of winning this considering how strong they looked against Burnley defensively. West Bromwich to win, best odds around 2.45. Other bet that stands out for me is Watford to win against Brighton. Best odds around 2.00 atm. Brighton's form looks poor at the moment whereas Da Silva's Watford looks rejuvenated. Players like Richarlison have brought needed goalscoring power and skills to the team. My only conscern is that Da Silva didn't rest most of his starting XI players on Carabao Cup, but I still think that Watford is more the more skillful team here (and in better form). Also, Liverpool-Arsenal has over 2,5 goals written all over it (and maybe even over 3,5). Both teams have had difficulties defending, but on the other hand these teams know how to score goals (and their H2H says it too).
  5. Burnley was a very strong home team last season, especially in the beginning of the season. I'm expecting the same trend to continue today. I'm still not convinced about WBA's goalscoring abilities, so Burnley's home win looks good to me today. Best odds are around 2.60 at the moment. Also, Man. United with the -1,5 handicap looks tempting. Swansea has lost Sigurdsson and I think it's a huge blow for them. ManU on the other hand looked very dangerous against Hammers last weekend. Best odds are around 2.30 (dropping at the moment). Leicester to win Brighton looks promising to me. Brighton's ball possession percentage was only 22 against Man City last weekend, not a very great sign for them. On the other hand Leicester attacked all guns blazing against Arsenal and they nearly won the match. Especially Jamie Vardy looks like he could be able to score over 15 goals this season, and that's a brilliant sign for the home team. Best odds are around 1.85 atm.
  6. I agree that Liverpool's defence looks shaky, but I wonder who's going to do Watford's goals when Deeney is out? I think he's a very important striker for them and Watford has struggled to score goals for all pre-season: just 5 goals in 6 matches. Ok, Andre Gray comes from Burnley to help Watford, but I don't rate him as high as Deeney, and Gray has to settle in to the squad first too. To me it feels that Watford will suffer at least in the beginning of the season, they need Deeney back as soon as possible. Liverpool has a long list of players who can score goals from left and right, and they looked really dangerous in the pre-season. To me the bet for this match could be Liverpool with the -1,5 handicap, I think they can easily outscore Watford tonight.
  7. Bournemouth DNB against West Bromwich looks great to me, best odds around 2.30 @ Marathonbet for instance. I think Bournemouth has much more attacking power and potential to perform better than WBA. Players like Ibe, King, Fraser, Afobe etc. will create plenty of goalscoring chances for them. Also, McAuley is missing from the WBA starting XI which I think is a big drawback for them. Also, WBA has performed weakly in their pre-season matches, having won only 2 of those (against Walsall and Burton in July).
  8. Champions League Final > Jun 3rd

    Juventus has been a better team in this year's CL. But in this final match it's a little bit different situation because of the neutral field where the match is played. Still, odds for Juventus look tempting. Like said before they have a bit more balanced team than Real Madrid, and in the best case scenario for Juventus this could end up being a same kind of match than against Barcelona.
  9. April 17 - April 23

    My bet is that Dimitrov basically just tanked in Marrakech while collecting the entrance money (or whatever it is called). It was surprising to me that he even wanted to play there before the big claycourt tournaments like Monte Carlo. Robredo looks like he's heading into retirement soon. His backhand was very weak and he couldn't even produce good points with his forehand either.
  10. Easter Fixtures > Apr 15th - 17th

    This is a tough weekend IMO. Crystal Palace - Leicester over 2,5 might be the bet I'm taking. Everton had problems with their defensive lineup against Leicester, but Leicester also leaked 4 goals against them. CP also has a lot of firepower, Zaha, Benteke etc.. Maybe small stakes for this one but this looks tempting to me.
  11. Weekend > Apr 8th > 10th

    I think I'm going to drop out from the Leicester bandwagon this weekend, I just think that the crucial CL match against Atletico Madrid has to be the match that they are aiming for now. But my bet from Premier League this weekend is: West Ham - Swansea over 2,5 goals, highest odds around 1.87 (Marathonbet) Both teams have been leaking goals recently. Swansea record of over 2,5 goals in 11 of their 15 away matches, whereas West Ham has had over 2,5 goals in 5 of their previous home matches. The only concern to me here is fatigue because of the midweek matches. On the other hand that tiredness could cause more defensive mistakes. Both teams are still fighting to stay in the league, so motivation for winning this match must be high for both teams.
  12. Midweek > Apr 4th & 5th

    I think I'm gonna stay on Leicester bandwagon. Leicester with -1 and/or -1,5 handicaps looks tasty enough to me. Sunderland are heading towards the relegation and Leicester is moving to the exact opposite in the standings.
  13. Weekend > Apr 1st & 2nd

    Leicester to beat Stoke has to be the bet of the weekend for me: - Leicester has been totally reborn and rejuvenated after Ranieri was kicked out. - Leicester has now beaten Sevilla, Liverpool and Hull at home after Ranieri went away, I expect this run of fantastic home performances to continue. - Bardsley is out for Stoke, even though this is not a huge blow for Stoke, it's changes the defensive lineup for Stoke.
  14. UK Weekend > Feb 18th - 20th

    First time poster here. That Millwall-Leicester FA Cup match looks definitely interesting, I would also like to get more feedback on that match. I believe Millwall will go with their best possible starting XI. Leicester has very important CL match against Sevilla next wednesday, so I strongly believe there will be rotation. CL has to be Leicester's main motivation at the moment, even though the situation in PL looks tough. All in all Leicester looked like a team which lacks self confidence when they lost against Swansea last weekend. Leicester's situation is a mess and Millwall has already beaten two premier league teams on FA Cup 16/17, so that's why Millwall's victory with those odds looks tempting. But I think I will have to wait for the starting XIs.