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  1. Austria look dark horses at 40/1. May be worth an each way bet. Many of the squads not looking strong. Don't think we are value. But think we are about right. Only really France Germany or Spain we should be scared to face. Everyone else has massive holes and I'd rate our strike force as being as good as any really. Massive defence issues. But you can say the same about all the teams below us in the betting such as Belgium with their injuries. Portugal with their aging squad.
  2. Re: US Masters - Augusta National > April 9th - 12th Despite woods chances of winning is extremely low The only concern with backing him to miss the cut would be that conditions are looking similar to the conditions in 2007 when the course was playing very long and +1 won the whole thing. With the 50 and ties/ plus 10 shot rule, it wouldn't surprise me for woods to find a way to get through to the weekend unless Rory or someone runs away with it. And tiger knows how to get round this course.
  3. Re: US Masters - Augusta National > April 9th - 12th Tiger Woods 50/1 365 - Great golfer with a huge price in the form of his... ---- But seriously, i want Rory to win but i just don't think he is even slightly backable. And would like Tiger to do well but as you guys have said if he makes the cut then id be surprised tbh. 50/1 is laughable. Would be amazing if he was to do it though ;) Stenson 20/1 Coral Long which is key here, and in form, think this price is a little bit large tbh. If he brings his best i wouldn't be surprised at all. Finished 14th andd 18th the last 2 times out, but think he has his game in the place he wants it to be. Dubisson 100/1 practically everywhere Admitedly haven't seen much from the Frenchman, but impressed in the Ryder Cup and think he can go well here. Ranked 17th in the world, and whilst he didn't make the cut last year he isn't a masters virgin. Hunter Mahan 125/1 Winner Hunter is always someone i don't think you can write off especially at a price that big. He is consistent has plenty of experience at this level and could surprise a lot of people. Has had a couple of top 10's so he knows what its like to be in the hunt on masters sunday. Miguel Angel Jiminez 200/1 BV Because why not. ;) He came in 4th last year and we have seen Cabrera do it at an "older" age and i don't see why Miguel cant do the same.
  4. Re: ***** US Masters Competition - £150 in CASH Prizes ***** 1. Rory Mcilroy - Best golfer in the world at the moment. Will be close and up there. 2. Justin Rose - Long, straight and consistent, and has won on the big stage. 3. Sergio Garcia - Would love it to finally be his year. Has a real chance. 4. Jason Dufner - Had a great spell last year, if he can find his form again i quite like his chances. 5. Luke Donald - Because why not.
  5. Re: Superbowl 50 Outright betting Way too early to bet on this without knowing all the moves people are gonna make. But i would be interested in the ~35/1 on offer with the steelers if they can keep thier offensive weapons together and maybe bring in a couple of people to strengthen their aging secondary.
  6. Re: SUPERBOWL 49 Backed the Seahawks preseason at 6/1 and i think in the main i'll just let that be and enjoy the game. I am extremely looking forward to this one and think it can go either way. So other than a few mess around bets i'll probably just sit back and watch the show. GL Everyone.
  7. Re: Chelsea v Manchester City > Saturday January 31st I hope we win. But i think the play here is the draw. 11/4 WH If we win then we go 8 points clear of City which could be too much for them to overcome. On the other hand if we lose we just have a 2 point lead. I think Mourinho would settle for the 5 point lead especially as we don't have to play them again, and to some extent i think city might as well seeing as there is a long way to go and they don't want to be out of it too early. I think it will be tight and could well be nicked by a goal here or there but its a game that screams draw to me.
  8. Re: NFL > 2014-2015 Matches Seahawks/Seahawks 4/7 LB Tbh, i am kinda picking this over the spread because a part of me wants it to be a fairly close game for the spectacle rather than rooting for a blowout. I do think Seahawks should cover and i see them starting quickly. Aaron Rogers struggled in the first 2 and a half quarters and then maybe he warmed up a bit and his leg wasn't affecting him as much. If the same scenario happens i can see the Packers going behind early. Patriots -6.5 20/21 LB I correctly took indy to cover against the broncos and they did and even exceeded my expectations but this is a completely different animal. Brady will be much better than Peyton and i don't know who in the colts lineup can match with GRONK. Which means they will have to double him a lot of the time causing all sorts of space for edelmen and amendola. Patriots will have a more prominent run game than last week (not hard i know), just enough to keep them guessing. On the other side of the ball, Revis will want to improve on what i thought was a poor match for him last week, and crucially the Colts don't have that many great recievers. They do have Andrew Luck of course but this will probably be one step too far imo. Add into that they have to rely on Boom Herron who although had a good game last week will struggle against the extremely athletic Patriots linebackers in hightower and co.
  9. Re: NFL > 2014-2015 Matches So i will get the ball rolling. Seahawks -10.5 10/11 B365 Seahawks are on fire on both sides of the ball. And they're at home. Cam runs a similar style of offence to Russel without a top running back, which could well be the difference. Seattle should be able to keep him in check on defence and i think the Panthers although also have a good D, will struggle to stop Lynch and co from moving the ball. It won't be a blowout, but i can definitely see Seahawks covering relatively comfortably. Patriots to win 1/3 Various A spread of 7 is a lot to cover in what could be a closer game than expected, although i thoroughly expect the Patriots to come through with the victory here. Flacco has exceptional numbers in the post season but the run game will probably struggle to get going like it did vs the steelers, and the Pats have a better secondary than the steelers. On top of that Brady should be able to find the gaps in this Ravens defence, particularly in the secondary. The Ravens D is pretty solid especially up front and will cause the Pats problems on the Run, but forcing Brady to throw more probably won't be too beneficial, providing the Blount or whoever lines up at RB can create enough of an impact to get some legit PA going. Packers -6 20/21 BV Packers, like the Seahawks are a whole different team at home. The cowboys only just (Highly luckily, lol refs) made it through vs the Lions, and whilst the Packers Defence isn't on the Lions level it isn't terrible. Romo will have time to throw due to his exeptional line which will be a slight concern, however simply put Rogers at Lambeau is just unstoppable, and i expect them to be able to win this by more than a score here. Colts +7 10/11 SJ Andrew Luck can just make plays, and extend plays like very few QB's. Manning in the post season is never normally as good as in the regular season and towards the end of the season whilst he was still very good he didn't seem as good as he was at the start. I think this will be a close game that the broncos better D could be the difference at the end, but i'll take the 7 points up for grabs and hope Luck and Co can keep the Colts in the hunt.
  10. Re: NFL > 2014-2015 Matches I'm with you on the Lions +6.5 19/20 with LB. Cowboys have been great all year. Their O-Line, Romo, Bryant and Murray. But thier defence is the weakpoint. The lions themselves have some weapons, especially Megatron who is arguably still a top 3 WR despite having a fairly quiet year for his standards. 6.5 points seems like a lot of points especially as the Lions have a great defence and Suh will play now, and he will be crucial on stopping the run game which has been the key to the cowboys all season. I think Cowboys might scrape through, but i expect a tight one and 6.5 seems like too much too pass up imo.
  11. Re: NFL > 2014-2015 Matches I'm always a bit nervous about betting on games in which 1 or 2 teams don't have much to play for, but that being said here are my main picks for week 16. Chargers +1 10/11 BV Chargers have it all in thier hands and whilst the chiefs can still technically make the playoffs its different when you know its completely up to you. And the Chargers have been in this situation before, in fact exactly last year so they know what it takes. Chiefs have a realtively unkown QB, but from my research he played last year and did pretty well, being a threat with his legs as well so its not like they have a complete dud at QB. But the fact remains that Rivers knows how to work this offence and get the job done and i can't see him not putting on a great performance to get them into next week. Bears +6.5 10/11 BV I don't know how many times i have said to myself this year. Top 10 QB, Top 5 wide recieving core in the NFL, top 3 running back, good tight end, this team can't be that bad, and pretty much every time they have proved me wrong and been terrible. For one final time this season i am saying it again. They can't be that bad can they? Cutler hasn't looke anything like top 10 QB this year, but if the reports i read about him starting are correct, this is his one chance to leave a positive taste in the mouth of either the Bears or whichever team may want to pick him up. Also the bears are clearly bad this year with their defence being terrible, but the vikings are also bad with only a 1 win better record, and they aren't good enough imo to have to cover nearly a TD. I expect a close game so will take the points here. Colts -7 10/11 BV Titans are imo the worst team in the league in just about every aspect of the game, and the colts were recently battered and will want to take some momentum and a positive performance into the post season. A big win here can help to lift their confidence back up and they will need it, with them being one of the weaker teams in the afc playoffs that i doubt many teams are too scared of. But for this particular game the colts should beat the titans by a fair margin and i will be surprised if this is anything other than comfortable. Eagles +2.5 10/11 BV Giants have improved a lot of late and OBJ has blown up in recent weeks, but it doesn't change the fact that the eagles are the better team and whilst they will be disappointed about missing the playoffs, they have done relatively well and i can see them finishing on a positive note here. I will be tentative that the eagles players may not be fully up for it wheras the giants' fate has been sealed for a while, so it will be a reduced stake, but it doesn't change the fact that getting the eagles and points vs the giants can't be a bad thing. Steelers -3.5 10/11 BV I can see the steelers potentially winning the superbowl. They have started to get a pass rush going on defence and they have been exceptional vs the run. Against the bengals team that will force them to throw and wholst in sanu and AJ Green they are a real danger in the air, Dalton always has a dodgy throw and a pick or 2 around the corner, especially if that stellers D-Line can put some pressure on. Conversely the bengals pass rush is virtually non existant, and the Steelers have an exceptional WR in Antonio brown and running back in Le'veon Bell, which means the bengals D could be in for a long game. When they recently played it was close til the 3rd quarter when they were blown away by big ben and co, and i can't see that changing much, despite a good performance from the bengals last week. GL guys.
  12. Re: Liverpool v Arsenal > Sunday December 21st Tbh i don't see how Arsenal don't win this comfortably. Arsenal to win 13/8 365. Arsenal have a better keeper, a better defence, a better midfield and a better strike force due to sturridge's absence. Being away won't help them but anfield isn't a fortress and Arsenal should have more than enough for Liverpool here. May also add Arsenal/Arsenal 17/5 BV as i expect a fast start here.
  13. Re: NFL > 2014-2015 Matches Packers to win 1/2 PP and Packers -4 20/21 LB Green Bay are arguably the best team in the NFL. Their defence is solid enough and capable of big plays and thier offence is just on another level. The bills are not a bad team by any stretch but they are greatly outmatched. The Packers still have a lot to play for and will not take this one lightly. Lacy has a chance of not playing which wouldn't be ideal, but starks has proven his worth and usefulness to this Pack offence. Overall, i just can't see this excellent bills defence doing enough to stop Green Bay from scoring and imo they should cover the spread as well. Bengals +2.5 20/21 BV I like many other fans am excited by this matchup and the start of JFF, but i think the line has overly adjusted to the fact he is in over hoyer and Dalton and co are being slightly underestimated here, especially against a player who is making his first career start in the nfl. Sanu, AJ green and Hill should be able to cause the Browns a lot of problems, and the new Johnny football era has yet to be seen and i am not convinced it will be as good as many people hope, at least straight of the bat. It should be a good intriguing game, but i am inclined to take the Bengals and the points here.
  14. Re: NFL > 2014-2015 Matches I'm gonna take Cardinals Money line 19/10 SB I understand why the 6-7 team is favoured here and 2 blowouts in a row is nothing to be sniffed at. But before we get carried away it was against Oakland and the Redskins both of which haven't been great this season. The cardinals without Palmer and all thier other injuries aren't the same, but they are still a very good football team who were able to beat the chiefs who are no slouches. Like the Rams thier defences are their key and i see this being a low scoring game that will be tight and could go either way. Taking the points is the safer play but i just can't resist those odds and think that the Cardinals will sneak the win here.
  15. Re: NFL > 2014-2015 Matches Texans -4.5 10/11 SB JJ BEAST WATT might be able to cover this spread on his own. The Jags are still terrible despite their comeback from 21-0 down against the bad Giants. They got their comeback when the Giants started becoming clock orientated and kept running the ball abondoning what had worked so perfectly for them which was throwing the ball. Fitzpatrick is coming of the best game of his career and is starting to tick. Texans have a better offence and are 10 times better on defence and i can't see the texans winning this by anything less than a TD let a lone 4.5 points. It's also worth remembering the Texans can still make the playoffs if they win out and they face the Jags twice so they will definitely be up for this and the Jags are playing just for pride. Colts -3.5 10/11 SB Colts can nearly secure their division if they win and Luck has been putting up some big numbers despite throwing a few more interceptions than normal. The defence is also starting to come together and is looking better than it has at times this season. JFF looks to be in in cleveland now which would be a concern but lets not forget that he is still a rookie who has played 1 game in the NFL and is still gonna be very green. Rams -2.5 10/11 BV Huge albeit easy win for the Rams last week against a terrible team now come up against a team with all sorts of problems on both sides of the ball. Colt Mccoy is in and whilst he has looked good at times vs pressure this Rams defensive line is monsterous and will cause the skins problems all day long. I think the rams are good enough to pull this off. Seahawks +1 10/11 BV Seahawks are not what they were last year but thier defence in recent weeks vs the 9ers and the Cardinals has looked close. Beast mode is carrying the offence and i can see that continuing. Philly are generally a run first offence and this Seahawk D should be able to stop it enough to make Sanchez have to throw which is what the seahawks will want. I expect this to be a low scoring game that the seahawks edge. 49ers -8 10/11 LB Simply put the Raiders have got their win for the season. They haven't gone 0-16 and thier effort level will probably resemble the Rams game. The 49ers aren't exactly great but should do enough on offence to easily score a lot against the Raiders, and crucially after their loss to Seattle the 49ers need to win this to have any hope of the playoffs so expect them to come out firing.
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