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  1. Re: World Cup Final - Germany v Argentina > Sunday July 13th What does this bet mean cause I never used handicaps and how can I bet on that ? I'm tempted to go all in with Germany to win in 90 mins at 2.3 with WH. I'm expecting another humiliation match but my only concern is Argentina's defense which is well organised.
  2. Re: Champions League Final > Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid > Saturday May 24th Real Madrid to win in 90 minutes at 2.0 with William Hill. In my opinion Real played their final already and that was back in Munich at Alianz Arena... Bayern did not manage to score against Madrid for 180 minutes throughout two legs and for me that's something special. I think that RM didn't realize that Atletico and Barca will slip so many times toward the end of the season and perhaps they should have kept pressure on them right till the end. In which case tomorrow night they would have been playing for their 3rd major trophy this season. Anyway with 'BBC' being fit for this game I would expect same kind of style and attitude which they have presented in Munich. Also Ronaldo playing 'back home' if you like, champions league final, ballon d'or player of the year it's just the tailor made show for him and I think he will raise to the occasion. In terms of Atletico... I think that towards the end of the season they have ran out of steam... They almost gave away the title to Barca and certainly they've struggled to find goals in La Liga games. Good luck you you all,
  3. Re: Champions League Final > Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid > Saturday May 24th With all respect but how is that a nonsense to you ? It's like Man Utd v Liverpool, both teams hate each other and they will do anything to make sure that they don't win the league. I'm sure that you've seen many El Cassicos in your life where people get stampted on their heads etc. Anyway that's just my opionion.
  4. Re: Champions League Final > Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid > Saturday May 24th Atletico* you mean :)
  5. Re: Champions League Final > Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid > Saturday May 24th
  6. Re: Champions League Final > Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid > Saturday May 24th High stakes on Over 2.5 Goals with William Hill, currently priced at 2.15 Champions league final + whole world watching = Perfect show by Cristiano Ronaldo. Two very good teams, both of them carrying plenty of goals, I just don't think Atletico will go out and defend and just wait for counter attacks. Hopefully we'll see a lot of goals and a great piece of football display.
  7. Re: Everton v Manchester United > Sunday April 20th I'm afraid I cannot agree with you guys. With 5 matches to go there is still plenty of room for Arsenal or Everton to drop points, in which case we could battle for that 4th position. On the other hand UEFA is looking into Man City's financial fair play affair which could mean that they will not play in CL next year if found guilty, in which case 5th team in the table would qualify for Champions League next season. If that's not enough for you then there is one small things about this club and I think a lot of you forgot about that.... We are called Manchester United and I tend to believe that this means a lot. Bet wise I'm going for over 2.5 goals as I think it's one of them matches that will produce goals from both teams.
  8. Re: Liverpool v Manchester City > Sunday April 13th To be fair I'm sick of reading posts from die hard Liverpool fans.... You are so one sided when it comes to this match. I think that you will learn your lesson tonight. You just canno't underestimate City at this stage of the season, they will want to win this match as much as Liverpool will as it will increase their title chances superbly. Forget the mythical Anfield, Aston Villa came to Liverpool and almost outclassed them. Recently Suarez is not scoring as much as he used to do and he's far from his top form. Both teams have heavy missiles that can fire tonight, but in my opinion City will have too much for Liverpool. With Aguero or not, they have been playing some decent football which puts them in the postion that they are in at the moment. I wouldn't have a problem with people saying that this will be close match between two top sides, but seeing some bull**** about how great Liverpool is and that they will destroy City just makes me laugh. I have backed City in a double with Everton as I think that City will have that something extra today.
  9. Re: FC Bayern München v Manchester United > Wednesday April 9th I'm really suprised that many people have not learned anything from the 1st leg. Perhaps you haven't lost enough money on 1st leg :rollin. This is one of them games that you should avoid for many reasons, for me the most logical reason is the fact that we (United) have nothing to loose as we have lost everything this season. There is no pressure whatsoever on United and this tie was expected to be finished by the end of 1st half at OT, but we are still in the game aren't we ? I would compare this match to Man City v Wigan game. People were going nuts on how much will city score: +5, +6 etc and we all know how they ended up. In terms of betting I'm going for Man Utd to beat Bayern at 13/1 with William Hill.
  10. Re: Newcastle United v Manchester United > Saturday April 5th #mufc XI: Lindegaard; Valencia, Jones, Smalling, Evra; Young, Mata, Fletcher, Fellaini, Kagawa; Chicharito Subs: De Gea, Büttner, Vidic, Cleverley, Januzaj, Nani, Wilson
  11. Re: Arsenal v Manchester City > Saturday March 29th As I got a free bet from Betfair (only for scorecast market), I'm going for 5:0 For City. I think that a lot of people are very unfair when talking about Arsenal. They have achieved more than they really should have this season. They have poor squad lacking players at many positions. They have done really good job to get this far and to be where they are at the moment considering they haven't got a decent squad... All you have to do is take a look at their bench, there is absolutely no QUALITY. They are simillar to United in many ways, they have to buy number of players in the summer (certainly not as many as United) in order to compete for trophies next year. As a United fan I have always respected Arsenal but never feared them. Nothing changed
  12. Re: Manchester United v Olympiacos > Wednesday March 19th United to qualify at 2.75 Betfair At the end of the day it's still Manchester United. They played their worst possible football in first leg and that's the only reason they lost two silly goals. I'm putting high stakes on United to qualify as I believe they will crush Olympiacos at OT.
  13. Re: FC Bayern München v Arsenal > Tuesday March 11th At WH's website you can find 'Bayern Munich to win and both teams to score' priced at 3/1. Arsenal have to score if they want to get anything out of this game. On the other hand Bayern Munich have just too much for Arsenal to win this game.
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