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  1. Last season we had Kennedy in front of the back four and he provided protection for them. We don't have that this season as the guy we signed to possibly do the same job is injured. Once we get the balance right we will be ok...but I'm not backing us until we have. On Saturday I did BTTS and will do the same again, I think.
  2. Having seen both those games I'd be more minded to oppose us. Last season was built on defence but we couldn't score; this season we can score but are throwing points away. In addition we will miss Grant in midfield due to his suspension and he has got two of the 5 goals we have scored.
  3. £10 double please Burnley (x) at 3.20 Dover BTTS 2.00
  4. Does that mean Kings Lynn have a bye or another team will step in at a later date?
  5. Wrexham have left half a dozen starters out of the match squad. I'm playing on Harrogate now.
  6. Just oppose'll be fine!
  7. Brighton and Blackburn both to draw, each @3.20 20 points please
  8. Darran knows I'm all over Dagenham this week. As a Wrexham fan it deopresses me to look at the goings on in recent weeks. He's only summarised the half of it. As a fan I want my bet to lose but we aren't in great form and thus isn't helping.
  9. We haven't won in five games. We haven't scored in five. Just seen our team and only playing one of our 3 loaned strikers and the winger I refer to isn't even in the squad. I've seen us play...we are not odds on shots.
  10. Wrexham v Maidenhead I can't let my heart rule my head here.... I wasn't impressed when the new manager was appointed and his assistant, I've heard, hasn't endeared himself to the players. That, though, isn't the reason to oppose them here...they have lost the last 5 and, more importantly, failed to score in them. We were crying out for new strikers and a bit of trickery and, fair play, he signed two strikers and a winger. They have barely played! Last week he started with an 11 he could have named two months ago. Sticking 5 past Salford was an aberration! Maidenhead are just the type of side we struggle against...park a bus and hope to hit on the break. They also aren't in bed firm and probably didn't deserve to lose against Solihull last week. They are available at 6.00 but I'm playing the DNB at 4.50. Christ, I'm depressed.
  11. Leicester (×) 3.30 Birmingham (×) 3.10 10pt stake