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  1. Re: Salisbury 16/08/07 :clap Great call on pragmatist Carl. First time ive been on here for a while.Had an each way play- it drifted and ended up 10/1. Cheers !
  2. Re: PL Game in Plymouth in January Hi, not been round for a while.Just stumbled across this.If Jan 13th is a saturday, count me in please if there is still room :ok
  3. Re: Wolve 2.55 Tip... cracking tip Big Gaz :clap :clap :clap Nice one mate- and at a good price- thats paid for a few weekend sherberts:beer Cheers
  4. Re: Home Run Derby + All Star Game How good was Howard last night- ?:clap He really impressed me with his clutch hitting.
  5. Re: Home Run Derby well that went to absolute shite. Tejada and berkman - up first and 2nd only hit 3 each. Looking for an excuse i blame the daylight! nuts
  6. Starting at 1am for us. Its all about discipline. 8 batters- opening round, semifinal round and then championship round. 10 outs in each round (ie taking a swing and not launching a homerun counts as an out.) HR Totals are wiped between each round- so hit loads in the 1st round and you are going to be very tired for later on. PNC Park pitsburgh- has a slight advantage to left-handed batters, especially in center field.lefties taking part are - Ortiz, Berkman and Howard.Personally Id be a bit worried about Ortiz's stamina for the later rounds.I know he can crush them, but last year he tired drastically.Howard in a minor league home - run derby managed a grand total of zero- Maybe his style may also not be suitable for the duration of this competition. I like the look of berkman- this will be his 3rd hr derby, coming 2nd back in 2004.He is a switch hitter- but should go to the plate left handed.He's experienced in the competition and has been working with the houston batting parctice coach, who is his pitcher for the night. Berkman @ 5.5 with 3456 pts in the bank- im having a crafty 2000 on the berkmeister
  7. Re: Mlb 6/6 well mid 4th, far too many left on base for my liking.should have stayed abroad:lol
  8. Re: Mlb 6/6 back from Monaco, hope you guys have had a good week. but I had a big punt earlier. Its a huge total of 11.5 but pauly???12ish era vs wang 4ish era. look for 15 -16 runs in this game plus. Im going with 3000pts @1.95 edit- its the NYY vs Boston game
  9. Re: Mlb 25-5 welcome Marcus. Nice post. Im going for the first 2 overs again tonight. hOUS VS wASHINGTON Over 8 seems a shade low for me .Petite has been very up and down, Amas may be moving towards a career year but he can be got at, and houston certainly have the bats to get at him. +8 @ 2.05 Phillies- Mets Two powerful lineups and the Mets once again putting up a near nobody on the mound.For me despite myers great era, the mets always have a power threat.Im always looking to forward to see how gonzalez pitches for the mets era- 10ish. It could be a long night for him. Over 9.5 runs @1.99 1000pt double
  10. Re: Mlb 24th randy johnson has to come around some time.I simply refuse to believe that he has run out of steam in his career.He's posting an era of well over 5 and thats un-big unit like.Equally clement is over 5 era too.If johnson can finally find some good stuff, then the 2.2 on offer is looking very tasty.So i will take it. NY 2.2 MONEY line Phillies vs Mets Lieber back on the Mound as Hamles has shoulder strain.the mets have enough power to take him for a few runs.The unkown is the debut of cuban defector alay soler.How will he take to the big time? its hard to know, but with the batting potential of both sides and the probable pitching worries, I will be shooting for the over 9.5 available at 2.00 1500 dble
  11. Re: Mlb 24th note carpenter has been scratched late for the cards. this has perplexed the bookies as the cards were odds on. Some have changed- You can currently get Giants -1.5 @2.9 with sportingodds and get the cards -1.5 @ 2.6 with stan james. will put late punts up at around 10 ish
  12. Re: Mlb 24th well that was painless:ok both overs in already for the double marlins 6-3 up in the 7th 9-0 indians in the 7th new bank 7456.75pts +6456.75
  13. Im taking overs in both of the opening games of tonights card. Both have been set at 8.5 . Cubs vs Marlins- Mohler on the mound for Florida, Maddux for the cubs.Maddux has been roughed up in three of his last 4 outings (no runs in the other), but 8.5 runs is the mark because the bookies clearly feel he is going to go deep innings for next to nothing.However,there have been worrying signs of him of late and if the Marlins can unsettle him, the 8.5 will look a small total.Mohler pitching for the Marlins is not a good thing and I expect even a weekend Cubs batting lineup to hit him for a few. Over 8.5 @1.95 Cleveland vs Twins Radke - I fully expect him to get tanked today, so the 8.5 rests on the performance of sabathia.Now he's good but he's not 1.95 era good.Enough long ball potential in both of these sides to take the total past 8.5 overs @ 1.83 1500 pt double current bank after placing bet but before the outcome = 3104pts +2104pts
  14. Re: Mlb 23/5 well done wfte:clap
  15. Re: Mlb 23/5 im taking the reds -1.5 @ 2.5 its liable to be a game of poor pitching.But even allowing for how poor Ramirez is liable to be eveland (and his first name is dana!)pure out stinks for milwaukee.Bearing in mind the lively ball park, this could be a wild one - but i think there the reds are worth a shot at the -1.5 at a nice price. same to be said in washington.Both the astros and nats putting up poor pitching tonight so im having the over 9.5 runs available @1.96 there is enough power in these teams to get at poor pitching, especially with berkman on fire the astros. 1000pt double well reds game going to plan , but how ortiz in the astros game pitched only a one runner I don't know.Hes obviously been hiding the goodstuff somewhere
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