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  1. Re: World Cup Qualifiers > Europe - Sep 7/8 For me Russia to Beat N. Ireland and Italy to beat Bulgaria Double @ 2.03 PaddyPower anyone know of a higher price? I wish i could add more to this thread great, im agreeing with what's being said about Italy Bulgaria, im Irish, Russia will DESTROY Northern Ireland with a half team i appreciate those putting the effort in on the posts, best of luck on yer bets.. big stakes for me on this one..:hope
  2. Re: Czech Republic v Portugal > June 21 I took that @ 1.72 earlier on people are under estimating Czech Republic here coming up against a big name and the odds are reflecting that, over 3 corners in the whole match is a very small line, could easily be covered in one attack..:hope
  3. Re: Czech Republic v Portugal > June 21 Czech Republic over 2.5 second half corners @ 2.50 paddypower This looks over priced given whats at stake I think this line will be easily cleared, Czech Republic may not dominate possession but they will be looking for counter attack's and set pieces, 3 second half corners is not much too ask and should be priced around 2.10
  4. Re: Ukraine v France - June 15 i like this bet 'will any team win by exactly 1 goal' @ 2.35 partybets Expect this to be a tight game, a draw is not an option for either team I can see france doing it but not by much Love this dude, 4.0 anytime goalscorer worth the punt lol
  5. Re: UEFA Champions League > Wednesday 4 April 6 goals or more total goals @ 4.25 partybets most other places are offering it at around 4.0 seems like a good bet with good odds, maybe a little too high like somethings fishy.. over 4.5 is 2.63 rite now, its enticing but is it enough for the call? seems a bit low when you compare it to 6 or more is just 1 extra goal but huge odds jump 6 or more goals @ 4.25 - $100 partybets Over 4.5 @ 2.63 - $100 paddypower
  6. Re: UEFA Champions League > Tuesday 27 March I had a whole reason written out but something went wrong and now its gone :/ Apoel vs Real Total shots on target over 11 @ 1.85 partybets Cant give much reasoning here except the obvious difference in class between the two teams I agree with what everyone is saying, Real away is usually a low score line, but i also cant see them sitting back on a 1 goal lead, there are records to be set ppl! The line covers both sides total shots on goal which is ok, Same odds on the Chelsea game with the line set at over/under 10.5 @ 1.85, seems a bit trickier but would make a nice double on the night! Good luck with yer bets everyone!
  7. Re: 12th March - 18th March 2 great calls there man, great reasoning spot on in both, well done chap!!
  8. Re: UEFA Europa League > Thursday 15 March :okHappy days! United played terrible,most over rated team in recent years imo! poor Man City!
  9. Re: UEFA Europa League > Thursday 15 March First goal after 23rd min(1.83) in the Man City game More Goals in 2nd half(evens) in the Man Utd. game combo odds 3.67 paddypowers I always notice Utd struggle alot in away games wouldnt surprise me if its 0-0/1-0 at half time, even in the first leg it was all 2nd half action Cant see Sporting Lisbon giving up the 1-0 lead too early in the game after 23rd min is about right, 3units@3.67 :hope
  10. Re: 12th March - 18th March Hey but I see Djonkovic just went over so we might get away with this one ;)
  11. Re: 12th March - 18th March AH OK!! Nice one lads thanks! I really am a n00b only really got into it since the Aussie open last year so makes sense:rollin
  12. Re: 12th March - 18th March Im no tennis pro but i do like the occasional flutter on the women's from time to time ;) but today I noticed that in the Djonkovic match it was.. Total match games OVER 17.5@2.10 paddypowers.. now correct me if im wrong but isnt the mens played first to 3 sets wins with 6 games in each set.. so 18 games minimum?? how can they offer odds like this, seems crazy o.O 6-0,6-0,6-0 is a winner, at better than evens?? Same with Nadal it was OVER 18.5@1.66, bad odds but the other guy has to only win 1 GAME for it to be a winner WTF?! I did small stakes coz it seems a bit fishy, anyone care to explain why it would be set like this?
  13. Re: 36 Freerolls Wigan v Blackburn Everton v Wolves Stoke v QPR score at half time 0-0 Fkd after 10minutes LOL:lol im only posting this just to prove my point, again in this freeroll i flop the nut straight, im in the small blind, its a 4 way min raised pot pre, theres a flush draw on board so i pot from small blind, player 2 insta re pots it, so i think he has a freeroll with the nut straight + a flush draw player 3 calls.. AND player 4 calls WTF!! 9 blinds out there and they both call.. what can i do? i smooth call the action turn brings a 9 and another flush draw, fk it im all in with the nuts hoping to block off the other 2 fish, Player 2 calls all in player 3 and 4 folds every straight imaginable board of K Q 10 9 he turns over a set on 10's, rivers a fkn Q! theres no way he had 12 outs on the turn, one of the others had 2 pair gaurenteed and one had a flush draw probably with a K or sumthing, at best i give him 8/9 outs to the river..less than 5-1 to hit 52 card deck, of all the other cards in the deck he rivers the magic card, its just unreal, you that!
  14. Re: 36 Freerolls Yeah so i decided to cash out my winnings.. i played some trnys during the week with no success , im not one to complain about beats, it happens im used to it, its just a bad site imo.. this wasnt to me but this one dude flops a full house this other dude check calls full pot out of position with Kings, fair enough it was a low board mabey 6 6 2 i think, this is Omaha remember, the turn brought a flush and still he calls him all in with just two pair, rivers a fkn 2 outer.. just makes me sick to see it, he should of folded the turn easy to the all in when hes obv beat it was like half his stack too.. i cashed out €20.75c and im happy coz i would only end up playing cash game with it, im still gonna play the freerolls and try get some more of the site but i wont be playing anything else the bets still stand: Wigan v Blackburn Everton v Wolves Stoke v QPR score at half time 0-0 €1.47 to return 11.50 if all three win, but im not so confidant :lol also have : Spanish La Liga Barcelona v Real Zaragoza Both Teams To Score No @ 4/9 Champions League Bayern Munich v Villarreal HomeTeam Win to Nil @ 5/6 €2 Double @ 2.64 :hope Good luck to everyone with their weekend bets:ok
  15. Re: 36 Freerolls Yesterday I actually thought it was Saturday when i woke up, went about my whole morning routine as if it were saturday morning even placed some bets didnt realize it was friday and those bets are for next weeks matches :ok I dont like this site much, been running into alot of varience, today NUT STRAIGHT W/NUT FLUSH REDRAW VS 2PR... he rivers a four outer... before i went all in i knew i was gonna loose even though i had the nuts on the turn, its the only possible way i can loose, of course it has to happen! i seen more of it in the tourneys i played aswell people catching runners all over, just bad play and shiddy shiddy beats.. mabey its the stakes, if i can cash some more ill play the £5.50 £500GTD rebuy, see how it goes from there :cigar