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  1. Re: AS Monaco v Arsenal > Tuesday March 17th Yeah I read it. Very good article. People say English Premier League is the best but based on what? You have to perform in the European compitions to know which country has the strongest league. For me its the primera division. In the last years it was the most times a Primera division side did win the Champions League and Europa League (Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Sevilla). We also had some spanish finals (Real Madrid - Atletico Madrid, Atletic Bilbao - Atletico Madrid). Bundesliga also is stronger then Premier League. Frensh top sides are stronger. I would say the premier league level is now around that of the Serie A (which also did get a lot weaker in these years).
  2. Re: AS Monaco v Arsenal > Tuesday March 17th Yeah because English sides are so good in Champions league? Sorry but the barclays Premier League is very overestimated. Last years English teams dont go very far in European compitions and this year most likely not one English team in quarterfinales. Yeah Monaco playing counter but wins 1-3 against Arsenal. Chelsea players counterfootball against 10 men of psg but still getting defeated. Just accept it Frensh best teams this year are stronger then English sides.
  3. Re: FC Bayern München v Real Madrid > Tuesday April 29th 5 for Real? Since when is christmas in April?
  4. Re: Paris Saint-Germain v Chelsea > Wednesday April 2nd PSG should win this one. Chelsea did not convice me in the CL at all. Yes they also didn't in 2012 I know that, but at that year they did not play against big teams with good defence. Even if they will play ultra counter against PSG, PSG has one of the best defence of the world. I rate Alex and Silva as one of the tighest defences in the world, and PSG can always score with Ibra, Lavezzi and Cavani/ Lucas Moura even against 10 defending man. PSG to win 2,10 @ Unibet Medium stakes.
  5. Re: Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City > Wednesday January 29th Bet won. City is a monster! I hope you guys followed!
  6. Re: Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City > Wednesday January 29th Thats why it is nice value. Negredo is also fit to play, and I dont think Tottenham will defend in this match. City should be extra motivated since Arsenal did have a draw yesterday. City could lead with a goal difference at HT, and score one again at FT.
  7. Re: Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City > Wednesday January 29th There is a bet that I really like. City is scoring for fun. They should be able to score in Both halfs. 2,50 looks good to me.
  8. Re: Arsenal v Borussia Dortmund > Tuesday October 22nd @Armaggedon Last year is last year. Man utd and Anzhi where also a lot better last year, but this year things are different. Arsenal is much better then last year and Dortmund have been weakened. If these two would play last year I have would be betting on Dortmund but fact is things are this year different.
  9. Re: Arsenal v Borussia Dortmund > Tuesday October 22nd This is going the first step for the domination of Arsenal, this year. With Wenger they have one of the best coach of the world. They have a good squad this year. The players know how to play as a real team this year. With Ozil, Arteta, Wilshere, Cazorla and Flamini they have lot of great midfielders, especially Ozil and Cazorla. They are winning almost every match this year. They played the great games against Tottenham Hotspurs and Napoli and they really outplayed them like they were nothing. The ritm of this team is good. Dortmund had a wonderful season last year, played great football and dominated almost all matches of the year. However I see them struggling this season. They have problems with injuries and I can see when I watch their matches that they have problems with it. I expect them to struggle against this Arsenal side and I have the feeling Arsenal will outplay them. Arsenal to win 2,30 @ William Hill High stakes Arsenal -1 EH 4,00 @ William Hill Medium stakes Good luck!
  10. Re: AC Milan v FC Barcelona > Tuesday October 22nd I agree with you Mustafa. Barca should be statesfied with a draw because they know this is the hardest away match of this group stage, so why give everything wat they can for a win? This is still Milan we are talking about, at San Siro I dont see them losing. Pure Value on Milan in my eyes. The only team that I will bet to win away against Milan is Bayern Munchen at this moment, no other team.
  11. Re: Champions League > 20th & 21st August If we compare these teams on paper, PSV should have no chance to qualify. However, me and everyone else that knows PSV well still doesn't know how far this team can go. They surprised me with their great play. They did sell a lot of players and brought very very talented players back and soms youth talents of our own youth. Well, everybody should play only Bakkali is injured and long injured Narsingh. Really a pitty that Bakkali is injured, stupid Belgiums. Really foolish in my eyes to select a young player from only 17 years old. They should wait until he is 18/19, too many matches for such a young boy can be dangerous and hurt his carriere later with injuries. However, good news is that Park will be in the selection and most likely play in the second half. I don't know a lot of Milan, but they seem to understimate us. They didn't want to train in our stadium and at the preparetions they didn't seem very good at their defence. Also Balotelli can not play full match because he is not fully recovered, De Sciglio wont play duo to his injury and Mexes is suspensed. We still did not forget 2005, were we lost the semi finales in the last minutes against AC Milan. Cocu neither likely did not, and he really wants to surprise everybody that PSV can do the impossible and take revenge. In our own stadium, we almost never loses in the European matches even against big names. So I believe in a miracle, not because I support PSV, but because I believe that this talented squad can surprise me again. I'll take these two bets. Ofcourse not really high stakes. PSV to ceep a clean sheat: Yes: 3,40 @William Hill 5/10 PSV to win to nill: 4,50 @William Hill 2/10 Good luck:)
  12. Re: Champions League > Tue 20th August About us. We are ofcourse the underdogs against Milan. And I have to wait if Schaars and Bakkali will be fully recovered for Milan. I will come with my bets later, but one thing is sure. This is one of the most challenging match of years, and perhaps also one of the most important because we have been missing CL for years. I am not saying this is because I am for PSV, but we almost never lose to great European opponents in our stadium. Thats why I think we will not lose at home against Milan. So I think the best bet here is to play for the goals. But like I said, I must wait first for team news.
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