** August Nap's Competition Result : 1st Thebestthere, 2nd Glavintoby, 3rd Bathtime For Rupert, KO Cup Steve75, Most Winners Alastair, York Comp: Thebestthere**
**August Poker League Result : 1st Kevsul £75, 2nd Yossa6133 £45, 3rd Like2Fish £30**


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  1. Fantastic work Darran. 5 winners from 7. Nap won and a 4/1 plus call on Stratford. Thanks very much. 👏👏👏
  2. Good shout on Darlington Darran. Thanks. 👏👏
  3. Hope you're feeling better soon Darran. Thanks for your efforts, despite being unwell.
  4. It's a marathon, not a sprint. Darran doesn't tip up odds on shots anyone could highlight. There'll be good weeks and bad weeks flagging up selections at larger odds. He does consistently deliver though. Cheers mate for your sharing.
  5. Clearly someone has just wandered in, seen a few bad results, probably has a poor money management approach to betting and has sulked. Darran has had some spectacular results consistently and if you're sensible enough to bank those and continue following at modest stakes you, like me, are already massively in profit and see the bigger picture. I know Darran backs his own tips as much as posting, so it's a joint venture. He doesn't really follow the classic "justification" way of Profit/loss that many paid for tipsters do. He just "does" and succeeds. Thanks Darran.
  6. Grow up. Darran is the best tipster on this site. Period. He's not infallible, but his record is superb. Unlucky week mate, that's the way it goes sometimes. My bank balance is much better for your hard work and altruism in sharing. Keep doing what you're doing. Many thanks.
  7. Thanks Darran. Another storming night. 👏👏
  8. Top work again Darran. 👏👏. Fantastic day.
  9. 5 out of 6! More amazing tipping Darran. Hopefully you'll have a fabulous birthday spending your winnings. A big thank you and a very happy birthday to Punters' Lounge's finest tipster. 👏👏
  10. Brilliant work again Darran. . Even allowing for the voiding of the Kings Lynn game, profit so far, so any of the Salford, Welling and Spennymoor promotion tips will be icing on the cake. Followed to the letter this time, no multiples, I thought lightning couldn't strike twice in a week, but I'd be more than happy if they all came in in singles and the one treble (now double). I doff my cap Sir......
  11. You know, the best thing about what you do Darran, is that you don't come at it with the big " I am ". You win, you lose, but you don't over celebrate the former, or over horse-whip yourself over the latter. A great day all round. I hope you personally profit(t)?ed well yourself, but more than that, what a nice guy to share your knowledge on a very niche aspect of football betting ( non-league ). Please continue to do what you do. We all like a punt, but a well-informed punt is particularly what we all like to invest in. We know we can't win every time. Thank you for your altruistic approach of sharing. It would be easy to just keep it to yourself, but thankfully your motivations lie elsewhere. Happy punting and sharing Darran. I didn't follow your ante-post tips, but it sounds as though they're going very well. Respect and much thanks to the best tipper online. . Have a great ( close season ) summer and just a small voice to let you know how many people appreciate what you do.
  12. . Darran, Addpea. You Sir, are a fucking legend! Even by your amazing standards, I've never seen anything like it. Covered them all in 10p unit 2,3,4,5,6, &7folds- £12 staked - £1664 returned. I salute you! - And I owe you more than a few drinks! Cheers Pal.
  13. Great spot Darran. Legend mate. When you highlight a single selection, whole markets take notice. Hence the collapse from 11/10 to 4/6. I was happy with 10/11.. Oh - and I had a modest second bite at 11/10 in-play.