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** October Poker League Result : 1st avongirl, 2nd McG, 3rd Rhino_Power **
** October Naps Competition Result: 1st internetmails, 2nd Donnyflyer, 3rd vangovin, 4th Peter York. KO Cup Winner mickyftm32. Most Winners waggy: **


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  1. DasBoot

    Hey all

    Long time no see. What's happening?
  2. DasBoot

    ipoker update

    It's working fine for me today. Thanks for the reply, Kev
  3. DasBoot

    ipoker update

    Mods move to Poker chat if in wrong section
  4. DasBoot

    ipoker update

    For a start, I hate it but more importantly I now cannot using sandboxie to play two skins at once. Anyone else having this problem?
  5. Re: *** Grosvenor Poker League starts 4th May - £440 Added Value - 2nd Leg May 11th * Poker still locked despite being assured on 5 separate occasions that it was able for use. I have no idea whether my bonus has been credited but no matter, I won't be playing on there again. If PL could set up another league with another skin I'd be delighted to play.
  6. Re: PL Variant League 8 - starts 1st December 2014 8.30pm $1.10 There's very little community on here and that's down to a handful of the the more successful players who use this forum as a vehicle to put up their results and scan the board looking for added value tournaments. They rarely reply or join in save to "thank" someone for congratulating them on a big score. If they played these "low level" tournaments then maybe others would. We all know who they are.
  7. Re: Daily Satellite winnings - May 2015 It was the laissez-faire attitude of the live chat that got to me. "Yes we know the software isn't working but tough luck". There are a dozen sites where I can play poker. Good luck in Glasgow
  8. Re: *** Grosvenor Poker League starts 4th May - £440 Added Value - 1st Leg May 4th ** Goes from bad to worse. Got the multi coloured screen of death on my laptop. Graphics card kaputt. I'm currently rocking a Windows Phone and no poker apps available. Maybe next week kids
  9. Re: *** Grosvenor Poker League starts 4th May - £440 Added Value - 1st Leg May 4th ** Dear David Username: dasboot Thank you for your email regarding the verification of your account. Please be assured that we have now been able to successfully complete the relevant security checks. As such, your account has been updated accordingly and is now available for use. Your understanding is greatly appreciated and if you have any other queries or concerns then please, do not hesitate to get in touch. Yet it's still locked an the phone number for calls outside of UK doesnt work. Why no live chat?????
  10. Re: *** Grosvenor Poker League starts 4th May - £440 Added Value - Final on June 1st They'd lynch you for saying that over here :D Apart from the account being locked, I did read on here that this is for UK only? That would rule me out anyway but I was initially able to register. 0800 numbers dont work here.
  11. Re: *** Grosvenor Poker League starts 4th May - £440 Added Value - 1st Leg May 4th ** No joy for me this end. Both customer service and security aren't answering my emails and the phone number given on the site to ring outside of the UK doesn't work.
  12. Re: Betfred OFA Poker tournament league starts 4th November. :rollin
  13. Re: Daily Satellite winnings - May 2015 Hey well played Fred, shame it's in Glasgow :p I had real issues playing UB yesterday afternoon/evening. Since their upgrade the software has been slow and clunky and yesterday was like playing in treacle. It was horrendous. I complained to live chat but all they said was there are bugs which they are aware of but tough luck. I said I'd uninstall the client if I didn't get at least a token for what was a wasted buy in. They said fine, uninstall it then. Really poor customer service. If I wanted a shrug of the sholders I would've talked to 888 CS. So now I've deactivated my account with UB
  14. Re: *** Grosvenor Poker League starts 4th May - £440 Added Value - 1st Leg May 4th ** I have no idea. I have submitted my documents and sent a follow up email but as yet, account still locked. To AvG ^^^
  15. Re: *** Grosvenor Poker League starts 4th May - £440 Added Value - 1st Leg May 4th ** Just so...tired mate...:sad
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