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  1. Re: All Ireland Football Championship 2013 Fair play Aidy!! Well said. Hard to know just now re 2013. Can't see DL repeating. KY have fallen back. D under a new regime. C maybe; settled, good panel, etc... Anyway, on a tangent, i like St Eunans & Salthill 2day in the handicap; 2 singles #caaash Rationale needed on this thread??
  2. Re: GAA Championship 2012 Should'a got paid on MN; you just can't lose a game at that level when you go 11-2 up... LM? Well, thankfully it was a small play... ;-) Having seen DN yesterday, and watched DL v DY, i'm going to back DL to win the USFC now @ 13/8 with Hills 3pts. They're bigger and badder than last year, and looked frightening last time out. I expect them to be beat a now mortal TE next weekend, and go on to overwhelm DN in the Final. Money for old rope methinx.
  3. Re: GAA Championship 2012 Picks this weekend... Leitrm -11 v Mayo 11/10 with PP 1pt Worth a small play; it's hard to resist a double figure spread in an Inter-County SFC game... Mayo are good, but coming into this very cold. Leitrim were anythng but impressive v London, but Mayo got it tight over there last year, and it's a lose/lose fixture in any case. 11pts is a hellova start, and Emlyn Mulligan can keep keep LM in touch. Monaghan v Down 2/1 with PP 3pts I just don't get this. MN have good men coming back in and the mood is good after the AM win. DN, minus M Clarke, are no great shakes. Take B Coulter and D Gordon out aswell, and, well, i really fancy MN.
  4. Re: GAA Championship 2012 Truagh LOSS, Cork WIN; small profit... :\ Truagh raced out to a 6-1 lead, but a slack goal brought Harps right back into it. Overpowered in the 2nd half. Cork were never in bother.
  5. Re: Spain v Italy > June 10 Guys... Thoughts on a decent longer odds punt to take advantage of the 'free' bet3.65 offer? Last one was offered on the Utd City game; went Aguero FGS on that one @ 9s...
  6. Re: GAA Championship 2012 I’ll kick things off… 2 bets for me this weekend: Truagh to beat Monaghan Harps in the Monaghan SFC 2pt bet @ 6/4 Laddys I’ve faced both of them this year, and there is nothing in it; if anything, Truagh should be favourites (won well v the Harps earlier in the SFL). Harps are short their ©, Co man Neil McAdam, and I’ve heard that another Co man, key forward Shane Smyth, is a doubt with a hammy. Truagh are flying at the mo and have got players back in the last few weeks; they’ll be nigh on full strength for this one, flying fit, very keen and have a great team spirit. Cork to beat Kerry in the MSFC 3pt bet @ 10/11 bet365 Kerry looked awful v Tipp, and whatever about tradition, confidence in an ‘agey’ squad can’t be high. Bryan Sheehan, with his 4-5 points per game, is a massive loss. Cork on the other hand have a settled team and a clean bill of health. They should win midfield, and with plenty of possesion, they could even put up a big score up on home soil. Cork need this more than Kerry imo, and will avenge the NFL loss earlier in the year aswell as the last few MSFC defeats. Kerry may well have the last laugh later in the Summer up in Croker, but Cork are bankers for me this weekend.
  7. Right GAA-heads; time to make some €...
  8. Re: Man City v Man Utd - £50 Free "In Play" Bet - Existing Customers too! Or... Run with the 2 x Aguero FGS punt, & lay him for €50 on Betfair... Think he's a cracking shout now that he's back on form & City have to win...
  9. Re: Man City v Man Utd - £50 Free "In Play" Bet - Existing Customers too! Haha, only heard that 3.56 line recently!! Ah, of course (Monday cob webs!!). The free bet should be a 'safe' pic to cover the FGS 'punt'... Might go Aguero FGS, & 2nd half most goals @ EVS then so...
  10. Re: Man City v Man Utd - £50 Free "In Play" Bet - Existing Customers too! Eh, am I missing a trick here… Fancy Aguero FGS @ 7/1; £50. Then, ASAP in play, back him again for a free £50 FGS… If he doesn’t, it’s a bet to nothing as I get £50 back… WTF
  11. Right punters, Full steam ahead this wknd... Am thinking Monaghan are a decent shout away to Meath on Sat night... We had a dismal McKenna Cup, but were short bigtime. Recent challenge game wins over Donegal and Sligo (hammered) bode well, and Kieran Hughes at FF has the potential to make a serious splash in 2012... 7/4 with Laddys? Yes please...
  12. Re: Rugby World Cup 2011 A big profit to finish the RWC... FRA were immense; Harinordoquy and Dusautoir in particular. Delighted for them that they rallied, and relieved for NZ. A big stake = a big steak!!
  13. Re: Rugby World Cup 2011 Lets settle the heads lads and get back on point... So, FRA v NZ... A monster AUS -2 return has given me some funds to play with tmw, but i'm swinging one way to the other on it. -17pts in a World Cup Final... thats a hell of a margin. FRA have been so bad (bar the first half v ENG, who were so worse!), but its hard to see them not rallying in the BIGGEST game of their lives. I'm not buying into the 'depends on what FRA turns up' talk; its a bloddy World Cup Final!?!? Its not a Heineken Cup dead rubber in Limerick!! Nothing to lose v everything to lose; without doubt they'll be pumped, and i reckon when NZ do get ahead, they'll consolidate rather than annihilate. NZ will be happy with the win; enough will be enough on this particular occaision. In fairness, FRA's defense has been quite decent, with a backrow fit to present their NZ conterparts with their stiffest challenge yet. FRA +17 is the pick at the mo, EVS with bet365...
  14. Re: Rugby World Cup 2011 Can't see by an IRE win in the morning... For me, it boils down experience; the WAL young gunz will have their day, but it wont be tmw. The IRE lads have the body of work behind them and those massive European Cup games/wins will prove invaluable. Big bet @ 8/11 with PP & Laddys... C'mon IRE!!!!!
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