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  1. Re: Another stupid idea from racing for change Therein is where your argument falls down, you are only interseted in lining your pockets! Now I know why I wanted away from this place Mods can you delete my profile its pointless trying to talk to some people
  2. Re: Another stupid idea from racing for change I think the main areas that should be addressed are 1. Prioe of Admission 2. Price of Food 3. Trying to get a bet on Which are imo the main bones of contention
  3. Re: Another stupid idea from racing for change Jay, it wouldnt be so bad if Rod Street and his mates actually came up with a decent idea, the "filly factor" raised the profile of women commentators, but Hayley Moore wont get on to the roster until 2013 at least, if at all, the event but was shunned by ATR as they refused to carry their commentaries live because the betting office mob would hate it, thing is before SIS ruled the world EXtel was the only thing you have, in Portsmouth where I lived about 25 years ago, we had women doing the race calls as Extel thought as a womans voice would be clearer down a rubbish phone line, but for me it didnt sound right
  4. Did Rod Street ask for this? You may wonder what I'm on about, its when the race has finished and RFC now requires commentators to give a full list of finishers, trouble is some do and some dont as ATR fade them out no doubt SIS do the same Think its just another dumb idea
  5. Re: Great Leighs I agree Gt Leighs was in essence a bold move but why did they plonk the grandstand in the middle of the racecourse, trainers liked the racing surface as it was within easy reach of Newmarket, in order to make it work the pricing policy has to be looked at as it was overpriced.
  6. Sadly its Con Te Partiro for me, its been fun & entertaining with some interesting topics raised and discussed, but health issues are making my visits few and far between, can I thank those of you who thanked me in posts, and may I wish you well, maybe someday I might return so until I do, GOOD PUNTING
  7. Re: The Ann Stokell Thread To some it is The Rat
  8. Re: The Ann Stokell Thread Very strange indeed might do a bit more research it appears that she might have given up becuause of the constant overwieght she puts up and there are now guidelines in place to stop them putting up large ammounts of it
  9. Thought I'd start this early and see where it goes As you know every year the aforementioned trainer rides all her own horses, with varying sucess nothing is seen of her all year until winter raises its ugly head and puts the kybosh on turf racing so the sand-pit boys take centre stage, it dopes make me wonder if the exchange merchants book their summer holidays by laying all her horses?
  10. Re: Backing odds on shots long term - the quick way to the poor house? I wonder if any of you can remember the woman who risked bets of £100,000 plus on the outcome of Cricket Tests as she said it was offering better interest than the banks then she suddenly stopped
  11. Re: Becoming A Winning Player I have to agree with what you say, as if you cannot concentrate about what you are willing to risk your hard earned cash on, you have to ask yourself can I afford to bet
  12. Re: Placepot Same formula for Quadpots, BTW does anyone do them?
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