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  1. Re: NRL: Round 8 2012 I like Alot of points and a Cowboys victory tonight so i'm on Cowboys to win/Over 41.5 points at 3.35 (Sportingbet). Think the Cowboys have done enough consistantly to show that their away form hoodoo is passing, Lots of big boppers in this one, with two great packs, I expect the little blokes (Luke, Bowen..etc) to gain most from the amount of size on the field exploiting lazy forwards, just think the Cowboys pack is better and they have too much in attacking potential with Thurston always peaking when he needs to, unfortunately for us blues haha.
  2. Re: NRL: Round 8 2012 What a game! Overs got there shame about the margin..the H2H was never in doubt..:p Think both teams rode their luck alot in the game, the Dragons were suprisingly impatient and sloppy which let the Roosters back in the game but they managed to get out of jail with two late tries, quality watch none the less. I'm on Over 36.5 points @ 1.95 (Sportingbet) Quick turn around for alot of players in this game could make it an open free flowing game, the Warriors defence is suspect and they are also capable of anything with ball in hand so looking for the overs again in this one, also have the Melbourne head to head above.
  3. Re: NRL: Round 8 2012 I have Dragons -6.5 and over 35.5 points @ 3.55 (Sportingbet) - I think the Dragons will turn up here, the Roosters just haven't been respecting the ball and the last thing you want to do with the Dragons is give them easy possesion when they are the masters at grinding teams down, in saying that I think their stars will be looking to put their hands up for origin births, good luck all. Edit* Also Sportingbet are running a 40% bonus if your head to head bet wins by 10 points or more so threw a little on St George and also Melbourne later H2H.
  4. Re: NRL: Round 6 Canberra @ 2.30 Agree with what has been said about the Raiders game, both teams are inconsistant but there is alot of value in Canberra here as their was with the Sharks last night, Both teams were well below par last week but i feel the Raiders have what it takes to turn the corner here. Newcastle/Newcastle HT/FT double @ 1.90 The Eels played very well last week against a team on a quick turn around and down on confidence in Manly but they have massive holes in their defence out wide, i think the Knights will have more then enough to expliot this, Morgan, Sandow, Roberts and Tonga (Esi) are all liabilties when it comes to goal line defence i think Uate could be in for a big day if Mullen is on song. Melbourne/Melbourne HT/FT double @ 2.20 The Cowboys have been shockingly inconsistant they showed their hyde face last week and expect them to go back to jeckyll this week against the unbeaten storm, even if Slater is a late withdrawal i can't see the Cowboys one dimesonal attack having enough to beat the Storm here.
  5. Re: NRL: Round 6 Roosters -4.5 @ 2.30 TAB I find the Titans are lacking a real attacking spark, i've watched them over the last few weeks and they just seem to be going through the paces with four hitups and a kick not really looking to use any width, flat runners etc. which means they are finding themselves dominated whilst in possesion as teams can compress and get players into tackles and drive them back and slow down the play the ball. I like the Roosters they were very good last week in dismantling the Warriors who were poor, but i find they have far too much strength over the park for a team that really need a change of culture, still surprised cartwright hasn't had a word said to him about his hand in their fortune since rejoining the competition.
  6. Re: NRL 2012 - Round 1 I'm on Warriors 9+ HT @ 3.85..i'm out currently so i'll keep it breif, Manly have been useless in their preseason and I think a trip over the ditch will be a tough ask first up to a fast firing Warriors team at home.
  7. Re: NRL 2012 - Round 1 Brisbane -4.5 @ 1.91 - I think this along with the Cowboys game are the two only real strong bets of the weekend, think the Broncos will have too much for the Eels here, Parramatta have a new and i must say erratic halves pairing in Sandow and Roberts, Broncos are full of dangerous ball runners and I think they will look to exploit the massive hole in Sandows game of being a human speed bump.
  8. Re: NRL 2012 - Round 1 Knights didn't deserve to be in that game inept performance, seems they will need a little more time to get going, all over Brisbane tomorrow far more settled line-up and Parramatta could be missing Hayne, will look into it closer to KO.
  9. Re: NRL 2012 - Round 1 Knights -5.5 @ 2.10 I like the Knights tonight, think the excitement around that way and the fact Bennet will have his former clubs number points to a home win. So glad the league is back, best of luck for this year ladies and lads :hope.
  10. Re: NRL Round 3 Storm 13+ @ 2.75 - Storm have been the form team of the competition, the Cowboys were dreadful last start in front of their home crowd, i think that sort of form on both accounts will make this an easy Melbourne victory.
  11. Messy looking round lets see what we can do. Broncos-2.5 @ 2.00 - I think this one will be tight, form has not counted for much this year but the Titans are a much better team at home but i think the inclusion of Hannant and Hodges is a massive boost to the Broncos and think the Titans will be 0-3 by the end of the night. Eels V Souths Total Points Over 40.5 @ 1.90 - I think the only thing to be sure on with the form of these two teams is that both teams have had difficulties defending, Souths have made late comebacks in their opening two games but have not been able to close out the game efficiently, i think Eels/Souths or Souths/Eels HT/FT is worth a shot each way as well. GL, think we may need it this weekend ;).
  12. Re: NRL Round 2 Dogs -6.5 @ 2.25 :D Never in doubt...after Ryan went in with 15 seconds remaining :tongue2. Roosters 13+ @ 2.20 :$ Manly turned up for this one and the Roosters were still stuck in the second half of last weeks game.
  13. Re: NRL Round 2 Melbourne 1-12 @ 3.10 :$ Melbourne turned up in a big way and the Titans just rolled over, shocking performance. Tigers -7.5 @ 1.90 :D Easily the worst game of the year but Tigers did enough. Cows/Knights Over 48.5 @ 1.90 :D Cows look to be in for another long year. Dogs -6.5 @ 2.25 - Dogs looked the goods last week, if they can come out with that kind of enthusiam again i can see them rolling the Bunnies. Roosters 13+ @ 2.20 - Manly will be missing a host of players for this one, Roosters will play Carney and should really make this a long afternoon for Manly.
  14. Re: NRL Round 2 Melbourne 1-12 @ 3.10 - Thought the Titans were good last week and unlucky against the Dragons, Storm were abit rusty only completing around 60% of their sets, Manly also had a few key injuries early in the game making their night that much easier, i still think the Titans missing alot of their work horses (Friend especially) will come up abit short against a team that is notoriously good at home and grinding out close wins. Tigers -7.5 @ 1.90 - The Tigers were very flat against the Dogs on Monday, i think they will turn up in a big way for this game, the Warriors were a few bars short of dreadful last week, they looked like the Warriors of old, going side to side with no real idea where the points were coming from, with Manu out i can't see anything but a comfortable Tigers win. Thinking overs for Cows/Knights, see when we get the line, good luck all.
  15. Re: NRL Round 1 I like the Tigers here, i'm a Dogs supporter and i think we will need a few weeks to Gel with a couple of new halves and new personnel around the park, where as the Tigers are a tight unit they were 1 point off a grand final last year and will be keen to get off to a good start, the Tigers have fast become one of the most consistent teams in the competition so i won't subscribe to the slow starters tag here. I'm going Tigers -2.5 @ 1.90
  16. Re: NRL Round 1 Warriors-Parramatta Over 42.5 points @ $2.00 - Like the overs here, Warriors have alot of points in them and Parramatta have a tendency to just try and outscore their opponents rather then actually defend, although that culture may change with the introduction of kearney we shall see, still like alot of points in this one. Dragons -6.5 @ 2.00 - Fancy the Dragons to grind out a win, with the loss of Rogers for the Titans alot more pressure will be put on the shoulders of Prince, until they find a settled halves combination i think they will struggle, can't see them getting past the grinders. Manly @ $2.45 - I think Manly have the better team on paper and deserve to be at least even money, the Storm will be fired up to be accuring points again but they have had to let go of alot of experienced players last season and i think it will take them a few weeks to find their feet. Good luck all :)
  17. Re: NRL Round 24 Dogs 13+ @ 3.10 - Think the dogs are due a good game and the cows without thruston are terrible. Storm 13+ @ 2.00 - Just going on squad strength on this one really. Manly - 8 @ 2.12 - Home town advantage and the Warriors are bad travelers. Out and about so can't be in depth good write up crow, good luck lads and ladies.
  18. Re: Tennis - 16-22 August Great calls on Roddick and Fish, glad i got on both in a multi for a tidy profit :cheers. Looking at the overs in the Schiavone/Woznicaki game merely as i enjoy Wozniackis assthetics :ok, but with Schiavone at the other end though i'll probably go cross eyed, i may just throw it on and keep away from the tv or try to find Wozniacki cam or something, and yes i'm aware it's a sound betting strategy thank you.
  19. Re: NRL Round 24 Terrible performance from Brisbane, the defence was just terrible even with Lockyer they had no chance of winning that game with the attitude they brought, on a side note i'm almost certain the teams come in and have a look at my tips and play accordingly, glad i got on the overs for the penrith games came good early in the second half didn't post it and it comes through, fancy that :tongue2
  20. Re: NRL Round 24 1 unit Knights/Broncos HT/NT @ $7.25 2 units Broncos -1.5 @ $2 Like the Broncos here, Mullen is back for the Knights but i'm sure he is no way near 100% think Brisbane have the edge in the pack which will be the difference in the end Newcastle will come out fired up and get up early but expect the Broncos to grind them down for the win. Don't like the line or either team in the other so i'll kick back for it, good luck lads and ladies.
  21. Re: NRL round 23 Got Newcastle to win at $3.00 for 2 pts and Warriors/Newcastle half/normal time at $10 for 1 point. This is a toss up for mine and $3 is a decent price for an even money shout in my opinion, the Warriors often are quick out the gate and die towards the back end of the game, i think the Knights have the weapons to force their way back into the game if they can keep close after the early onslaught. Think the Storm are abit short to be honest, Souths are still bringing a good team down to Melbourne (in saying that they will miss Sutton massively) and compounded with Melbournes situation currently never really happy putting money on their games, may mull it over till closer to kick-off. Penrith 1-12 @ 3.65 - i think this will be close, Penrith have named Coote and Walsh which is a massive boost for the mountain men as they are their two most prominent attacking weapons, also expecting Luke Lewis to have a stormer as he often does against the Tigers. Good luck all. :D
  22. Re: NRL Round 21 Suprised at the Roosters really, played Parramatta off the park, as for the Tigers, same old same old, good shout Crouch, today i'll take. Warriors V Titans Under 40.5 @ 1.90 - i like the look of the unders here, both have been defending strongly lately and the conditions over the ditch are pretty lousy from reports. Melbourne 9+ half time @ 3.20 - Melbourne have been poor by their standard over the last few weeks with their penalty no doubt wanning their interest to stay in games but i think they will turn up here for the home crowd and Canberra have lost 15 from 16 down in Melbourne. Dragons and Broncos could go either way, might have a look in a couple of hours after get some news. Good luck all. :D
  23. Re: NRL Round 21 Eels -5.5 & over 40.5 @ 3.60- Bit short but i think this one will be a high scoring game, both teams are in impressive attacking form whilst also conceding alot of points, and looks like they will have decent conditions which will be indusive to the ball movement both the teams have shown in their purple patches of form they find themselves in lately. Wests 13+ @ 2.10 - Thinking Wests Tigers will actually get on with the job here, Ellis is a massive boost, they have missed him up the middle of the park, after the dissapointment of last week and the fact they are playing at Leichhardt i think they will really want to turn it on and easily beat the Sharks here. Good luck all. :D
  24. Re: NRL Round 7 yeah, i was fuming should of at least been a Penrith feed so they could of popped a field goal from the scrum, Graham also looked like he was shaping for a field goal but got a bad ball which blew that. Raiders V Bunnies 9+ HT - Souths will be looking to bounce back after a toothless display against the Eels last week, i think they will start off well down at Canberra, before fading out in the second half but should still get the cookies.
  25. Re: NRL Round 7 Panthers V Tigers - over 44.5 & Panthers/Tigers HT/NT - :( the match scored 44 points and the Tigers probably go on and win (and score more points :cry) if they hold onto the ball early in the second half, but alas. Sharks V Knights Under 39.5 - :) suprised this was a decent game, Sharks actually showed up for this one best performance of the season by far.
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