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  1. Re: Birmingham - Gala Casino I attend this Casino on a regular basis and since the refurbishment and the new card room it is really hard to have any complaints. It is a great place to play poker for tournaments and cash. The tournaments are good structures and numbers are usaly around 50/60 mark which is good considering the competition from the well known and respected Broadway Casino. Schedule is different now.
  2. Re: GUKPT Goliath 24th - 28th August 2011 - G Casino Coventry Yes that is fine i just want some confirmation as it is only days away .
  3. Re: GUKPT Goliath 24th - 28th August 2011 - G Casino Coventry Thanks , i am wanting to play the thursday so need confirmation as soon as i can . thank you very much starting to get a litle worried .
  4. Re: GUKPT Goliath 24th - 28th August 2011 - G Casino Coventry Staffy any news whats going on ?
  5. Re: English Deepstack Poker Champs, 14-18th September @ Broadway Casino, Birmingham How did you qualify ? what is the best way to qualify for it ?
  6. Re: Genting Players Championship (£10k added) - Birmingham 24/25th Sept Realy want to play this event so please keep me informed morlspin , thank you .
  7. Re: GUKPT Goliath 24th - 28th August 2011 - G Casino Coventry I will be playing this event but just wondering what people think is the best way to sat into the event ? or is it worth jus buying in ?
  8. I have been having an argument with a friend of mine on what to do in this situation in a tournament and am helping you can prove me right with your views. Latter stages of a tournament 25% of starting field still . You have 30 big blinds ( so not to deep and not to short stacked ) there has been two limper's and then a raise you are in middle position with ACE KING what do you do ? a) Fold B) call c) Shove all in / raise Thoughts please
  9. Re: Small Pocket Pairs in later stages of a tournament? To me this a is fold or raise . Do not call . If you are going to 3 bet you have to be almost willing to play for the rest of your stack which is not profitable in long run . i see low pocket pairs in a similar way i see something like ace jack , ace 10 just hands that are not realy beating anything convincingly .
  10. Re: How do you play this hand? Nice fold , he played queens strange in that spot . If it was me i would of just flat the raise pre flop with position in and early stage of tornament .
  11. Re: Poker Club on PokerStars Put my pokerstars name in not punterslounge name in but i am in :)
  12. Re: Poker Club on PokerStars Hiya ive just joined but i put in my pokerstars name instead of my punterslounge name . So please accept me it is xxsill7xx this is a great feature by pokerstars and makes it easy for people who talk in a forum to play toghether once in a while . when the first torn going to be ?
  13. Re: Poker skill or luck ? Ivey has won 13million in torn winnings not sure how you can say its 50%skill 50% luck .
  14. Re: Poker skill or luck ? Nade agree with you 100 % and that is the exact point i was giving in my argument . Skill will beat luck over a long period of a time .
  15. Interesting debate i was having with a few people last night about poker and i am just after other peoples views to see if my side of argument is backed up . The debate is how much of poker is luck and how much is skill . I said that in my eyes it is 75% skill 25% luck but there was a few people saying that it is a game of 75% luck and only 25% skill what are your thoughts ? My argument is that any game where there is professionals playing at a high standard it has to be a high level skill game . Of course on any given day a lucky player can win against anyone but over a long period of time the better player will come out on top . SO HOW MUCH OF POKER IS LUCK AND HOW MUCH IS SKILL ?