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  1. Any views on West Ham v Birkirkara? The Hammers seem very short odds considering they wont have anything resembling a first choice team out
  2. Re: Betway Premier League Darts 2015 - Week 1 http://www.justfuckinggoogleit.com
  3. Re: Betway Premier League Darts 2015 - Week 1 If the death of his mother and the funeral yet to come doesn't count then what does?!
  4. Re: Lakeside Womens World Championships > Ante-Post Betting I can see this thread being a hive of activity between now and next January.... Sent from my HTC Sensation Z710e using PL Forum
  5. The price is determined by the punters,there is no luring by the bookies here... And if there is luring then surely it is to bet on united by offering such high odds Sent from my HTC Sensation Z710e using PL Forum
  6. Re: Grand Slam of Darts - 9-17 Nov That may be because the wildcard qualifier produced 3 strong qualifiers + Van der Voort http://www.pdc.tv/news/article/167f1ieu45wcd19ksi6rboieq4/title/grand-slam-wildcard-qualifiers-found and they all went into the draw as 4th seeds
  7. Re: World Grand Prix 7th-13th October There will be less 180 opportunities due to the double start format. 2 less opportunities per leg to be precise.
  8. Re: Southampton v Crystal Palace > Saturday September 28th That makes perfect sense:unsure
  9. Re: CL First Qualifying Round > 2nd July "I'm not sure why but Tre Penne were trying to get the 1st leg moved to San Marino" Irish and Welsh clubs do this all the time, it is to attract a bigger crowd when the aggregate score is still level, and also possibly a better TV deal, rather than going away, getting a hiding and having the home leg a non-event.
  10. Re: UK Open 6-9 June Because his odds are extremely short, he wouldnt be a shrewd bet, but a mug bet
  11. Re: Next Everton Manager Thanks Barney, he's the fave now.... I took 16 on Monday. Cant believe nobody has even replied.
  12. Re: Premier League 2013 - Finals night And also the World Youth Final: Michael Smith v Ricky Evans Best prices 1/3 v 3/1
  13. Re: Ireland > Airtricity Premier League > 2013 Paddy power were top price Drogheda at 11/10 right up to kick off when they went into Evs with most bookies, so they were bound to attract money then.
  14. Re: Ireland > Airtricity Premier League > 2013 any links to this Batigol?
  15. Thanks kev for explaining! Lol @ Mardle Sent from my HTC Sensation Z710e using PL Forum
  16. Why go for bull when hitting 2 T20s on 442 kev? Sent from my HTC Sensation Z710e using PL Forum
  17. Re: 2013 PDC World Darts Championship There may have been big bets placed but they were placed at the current odds of 1.67ish if I remember correctly and did not move the price.
  18. That should be tomorrow Sent from my HTC Sensation Z710e using PL Forum
  19. You just posted the picks then quoted yourself a minute later ??? Anyway I've taken a few outrights which may lead to a trade later All betfair... Gurney @ 1000 Kellett @ 580 Thornton @ 55 The biggest value is kellett,former Bdo #1 , up against an out of form van Der voort tomorrow. Gurney has a great chance versus the inconsistent on tv chisnall while I fancy Thornton to comfortably by Nicholson then really put it up to Taylor in rd 3.
  20. He is still at Shamrock for this game Sent from my HTC Sensation Z710e using PL Forum
  21. Thanks Herbert,can't check 365s full.site at work. Too much time delay on non-bookie streams for live betting!! Sent from my HTC Sensation Z710e using PL Forum
  22. Nice previews kev. Can anyone confirm if this tournament is streamed (officially) anywhere such as b365? Sent from my HTC Sensation Z710e using PL Forum
  23. Thanks a million froment for reply. On phone now so can only be brief.... Yes I know it is easy to choose same liability when backing @ 4 or laying @ 1.33 but I meant I want to find a general way of levelling it across all matches with varying odds. Level stakes is easy to apply when odds are approx 2.0 and this is what I use for my soccer AH bets. For this data set I have, the AH market is not very liquid so I need to stick to winner odds with huge variety in odds from match to match. Depending on the results of a tournament, #1 could return a profit and #2 a loss,or vice versa. This is why
  24. Hi all, After some analysis on historical odds of a sporting event which in my opinion has a large number of outsider wins / favourites losing, I have realised based on a sample of data that I would be in profit if I took the outsider in every match (draw is not an option) to a level stake, and this includes after subtraction of 5% betfair commision. However, "level stake" has two meanings: #1. I can lay the favourite to a level stake, e.g. fav's odds are 1.33, my liability is 0.33 units and I can make 1 unit, etc #2. I can back the outsider to a level stake, e.g. fav's odds are 1.33, outsi
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