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  1. Re: Paper testing Tennis Market trading Dollarz, Try this http://www.betfairandsquare.com/ You won't have to place actual bets to test your strategies then. It just tracks the betfair price and you put virtual bets on when it suits. Not breaking any laws then are we?:nana
  2. Re: Paper testing Tennis Market trading You are welcome xchange! I would offer advice but until you are actually trading with real coin, it is pretty much worthless. Just be aware of the volatility on the tennis markets. It is great if things go your way with 10, 20, 30 and 40 tick swings etc... However, these points can just as easily go against you and you lose faster than you win. I make a good amount from laying the favourite at short prices for big stakes. Just been hammered on the Sharapova game though. She was continually rubbing her eye at end of first set. The Russian
  3. Re: KMAbet's Betting Exchange Strategy Interchange xchange, There are no secrets in this thread. You can ask any question you like and it will be answered here.
  4. Re: KMAbet's Betting Exchange Strategy Interchange Next Goalscorer was not available as an in-play market on that game Rushian. It also wouldn't work as it is not directly related to the correct score. Nice to see some contribution though so keep it up and you may learn about the exchanges
  5. Re: KMAbet's Betting Exchange Strategy Interchange Currently in Belgium game. Next Goal market - no goal 11.5 Correct Score market - 0-0 8.2 That leaves you 3.3 to cover yourself against an own goal for a no lose situation does it not?
  6. Re: Both Teams To Score/Correct Score Dutching System Interesting take on a good idea Furlong. Looking forward to seeing how it works out for you. 1-1 in the Greek game so you win overall
  7. Re: KMAbet's Betting Exchange Strategy Interchange Thank you all for your posts so far. I will be trialling the method on this Saturdays Champions League Final I feel there must be scope to make it work although I agree that stakes would have to be small to deal with the ever escalating liabilities involved with the dutching approach. If we can cover the large percentages earlier in the match, we may be able to cover the others as and when goals are scored to keep us under 100% overall. I feel 90% is an absolute minimum we should be looking for with this strategy therefore giving us £
  8. Re: KMAbet's Betting Exchange Strategy Interchange You won't make any money at all with that system Nubby because you won't get the 2.5 at half time. The odds for 0-0 FT are a little short though in your example and a lot of games the FT 0-0 will be longer odds. Ht 0-0 is more consistent as far more goals are scored in 2nd half so keep working at it
  9. Re: KMAbet's Betting Exchange Strategy Interchange Froment (Legend), If you lay 0-0 HT and it is 1-1 at HT, you do not lose your lay. If you laid the draw, 1-1 makes you a loser.
  10. Re: KMAbet's Betting Exchange Strategy Interchange I still feel there is a bit of condescension in your post friend. Or maybe it is a patronising post? Without a dictionary, I am unsure as to the correct phrase. Your example of the Chelsea game, you say it won't work and then go on to explain that it WILL work. If there is guaranteed reward regardless of liability then there is NO RISK. I feel you have explained yourself incorrectly. Your system will not work if you are relying on 0-0 FT price to be 2.5 at half time. It will not be. Therefore I would agree that you should give u
  11. Re: Betfair Trading I tried to start a strategy thread up but nobody seems too interested and would rather mock the idea. I think it's what the Forum's missing as well
  12. Re: KMAbet's Betting Exchange Strategy Interchange You may conclude as you wish Rob. I think the title of the thread is a bit of a clue as to what I aim it to be about. It is a strategy interchange where people put ideas in, people take ideas out and work on their own methods. I see no mention of a holy grail on any of my posts in this thread. Do you? I was encouraged by recent messages of support on all forums to continually try to help people develop methods for the betting exchanges. In my opinion, anybody who in 2010 would walk into a bookmakers and place a bet is being u
  13. Re: KMAbet's Betting Exchange Strategy Interchange Nubby, I'm not asking everyone to do the work for me! I'm just offering up an idea for people to work on in their own time. I do not ask for the results of their endeavour to be posted on here. I only asked for people to post constructive contribution or not post at all. Stick your own ideas up for people to work with?
  14. Re: KMAbet's Betting Exchange Strategy Interchange I think I stated in my previous post that I did not want these past threads bought to the fore. This system has a subtle difference in that I believe bigger profits can be made by following the score and keeping our book coverage at a certain percentage as the match progresses. An entirely different concept to the threads you have linked to in your posts. I am explaining exactly what I am trying to do here and am asking for open debate about how this could be workable. I have also invited anybody to post up their own ideas and works
  15. Re: KMAbet's Betting Exchange Strategy Interchange It may be that I have introduced the thread in the wrong section of the forum. If that is the case then please move it to where it should be fellas and delete this post?
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