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  1. Re: WC - Europe Qualification > 12 October Any player to score 4 or more goals vs San Marino 6.00 William Hills If there is a goal rout tonight then I could see this happening, more a speculative bet then anything.
  2. Re: Scotty's New Bank Builder That's crazy, unlucky man :(
  3. Re: Punters Lounge "Paddy Power Last Man Standing Comp" - Win £500 - PL Exclusive! Could you send me the code too, please.
  4. Re: GUKPT Goliath 24th - 28th August 2011 - G Casino Coventry Out before the 1st break today. Get dealt A3 in big blind. Flop comes 2,4,5 (two diamonds) I check, fish raises, I call. Turn Blank. I bet 2 and half thousand, he makes it 7thousand. So i push all in for 23thousand. He thinks for ages before calling, with the flush draw. I couldn't believe he made that call. How? Anyway diamond on the river :puke I was driving just one way to Coventry longer than I was in the tournament.
  5. Re: GUKPT Goliath 24th - 28th August 2011 - G Casino Coventry They sent an email after a couple of hours. Playing tomorrow, anybody else playing tomorrow? Good luck to everyone, and hope there's some deep deep runs in the tournament :hope
  6. Re: GUKPT Goliath 24th - 28th August 2011 - G Casino Coventry Thanks alot Jones, bought straight in through Bluesquare. Hope they email sharpish now :)
  7. Re: GUKPT Goliath 24th - 28th August 2011 - G Casino Coventry Can someone help me... I'm going to play on the Thursday but havent got my ticket yet. Is it possible to buy online, as I've tried Gcasino and Bluesquare but can't find anywhere to buy a ticket direct? If not, do you think I would be able to get a ticket on the day when I get their? Any help would be great.
  8. Re: Blackpool GUKPT, PL Staking Fund - 9 Free Seats - Players Anounced - 11/12 Nov I know I wasn't in the staking fund, but I was also playing in Blackpool this weekend. Played on thursday in the £100, but I can't honestly remember what happened, all I know is that I was ratted and played pretty bad. Played in the Main Event, had a very tough table. Jake Cody sitting directly accross from me from the start. Anyway, lost 60% of my stack to a bluff against some skybet team poker player. Built it back up to close to 10k. Raise with AKos, big blind fish raises all in with AJ. I call, jack on the flop... bye bye, gone after 6 or 7 hour mark. Finally played in the £100 bounty yesterday and really felt like I was going all the way. With about 40 left, I make a bad move and lose half my stack. So I'm sat on 13k. Blinds 600/1200 ante 100. Look down at KK. Immediately push all in, guy with just over 15k calls with KcQd and the big blind thinks for ages before calling with 65spades (massive chip stack) Anyway the river comes a fourth club to knock me out in 30th. Had a great time though, but didn't see anyone apart from one guy from the punterslounge. And that was on the thursday when I was already well on my way. Oh and was on two way poker table, and this old(ish) lady sat down with punterslounge gear on. (awful game)
  9. Re: Mucked Hand So am I right in saying, that if your both all in, and both cards have been flipped on their backs, they cannot be mucked? So the pot should have been awarded to me?
  10. Re: Blackpool GUKPT - Free Seats Available I clicked on that link as soon as i'd posted, otherwise I would of posted in that thread instead. Yeh there'll be 10+ of us coming over from Jersey, so should be a real good laugh. I'll definately come over and introduce myself, I'm sure I'll be able to spot you lot.
  11. Re: Mucked Hand :) Yeah, it was just one of them times when you just automatically do something without even thinking. Definately a lesson learnt the hard way.:$ Something I definately wont be repeating next week in the GUKPT! :lol
  12. Rovers4eva

    Mucked Hand

    I played in a small live tourney today at my local poker place. Basically I did the fishiest thing ever and I'm 99% sure I already know the answer, but I still want to put my mind at ease. :) Hand plays like this. I have 95os Blinds 150/300 Guy raises to 600 total, 2 callers, I call for 300 more. Flop 95Q Rainbow. I raise 2000, Guy raises all in. I call. He shows AAs, I show 95. Flop comes Q. I stupidly without thinking say nice hand and throw my cards in the muck. River comes 9. Chips go to him 'cos it's classed as mucked. :cry So, my question is: Is that correct? OR Does this rule apply where ever you would play? I mean everybody at the table saw what I had. We were both all in and we'd both flipped out cards over when we'd said all in. I guess rules are rules but it was a gutner. :wall
  13. Re: Blackpool GUKPT - Free Seats Available Is anybody from PL going to be playing in this? I'll be playing in the £100 + £10 side even on the Thursday 11th November. And the £1000 + £70 main event day b on the Friday 12th. Can't wait to play in my first big live tourney.
  14. Re: UEFA > Champions League > Tuesday 2nd November Spurs vs Inter I presume Gareth Bale will be starting tonight? I like the odds of 11/1 with William Hill for Gareth Bale FGS, especially with his performance the other week at San Siro.
  15. Re: $33.35 to... Well Bank 3 down... and Bank 1 might aswel be as good as dead.