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** November Poker League Result : 1st ian309, 2nd juanmoment, 3rd McG **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st Soi Bongkot, 2nd fischer21, 3rd chillymonster, 4th Pempi, 5th patriciamarc **
** October Naps Competition Result: 1st sirspread, 2nd kenisbusy, 3rd Artie77, 4th Mick33. KO Cup Winner: The Equaliser, Most Winners: CS333 **


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  1. Thanks Helen, Still nothing in my paypal. Any idea when month end is. Thanks Haichan
  2. Helen, Can you confirm that my details were received for the monthly prize as unlike leo not yet received. Thanks. Haichan
  3. Good HU. 77 Hands. Felt like I was behind in 90%. Couldn't hit when I got a good hand. At least I cashed this time instead of bubbling.
  4. Thanks Muttley, Will try and play the next one.
  5. Hi everyone, I have been missing from these pages for sometime. A brief explanation. When I was 16, got "dragged by a train" along a platform at Wolverhampton. My mistake for being a Man U fan and attending a live game against Wolves. Had permanent back injury ever since which has been managable. However I have now developed whats called "Dish" which in simple terms means some of the damaged bones have joined together. So everytime I move I have violent pain. No cure and can't be operated on. Finally my consultant found some pain killers which I can take for the rest of my life and will allow me to operate without too much pain. Until now its been screwing up my concentration for Poker. I now intend to get back playing properly again and plan to play some of the live tournaments next year. I will also start paying attention to these pages again. regards Haichan
  6. The fact is that prior to the flop I was a 66/34 fav and on the flop I am a 60/40 fav. But that assumes 16 cards have been discarded. If they are put back in the deck then he is drawing to 16 extra cards. We cannot know how many of his 11 outs were in the discards but it still increase his opportunity for hitting one of his outs. The following quote from well know Tournament Director Thomas Kremser highlights the problem "Because the deck is mixed up with the discards I would rule this situation a split pot between the 2 players. It must be guaranteed that no discard (cards that players folded) can come back again otherwise one of the 2 players could technically lose against "Zero-outs". The fact that cards have been mucked doesn't influence at all as they have been tabled correctly but the fact that discards could be on the board (after reshuffling the deck) is an important fact." We cannot know but it seems to be common sense that giving someone an extra 16 cards increase his chances of winning the pot
  7. I played the Party Poker Team Challenge Final on Saturday at Dusk til Dawn with Andy Bell. I think we finished about 41st with all 4 of us getting in the points. However my exit late on Saturday night was very bizzare. We are down to about 160 players from the 330 starters. Our team started with 240,000K each with a very slow structure. I was down to around 30k mid tournament after a series of lost big pots but had managed to recover to around 600k. However by this stage their is around 40k in blinds and anti's in every pot. I am dealt 99 in early position and raise the pot to around 100k. Folded round to the small blind who calls. The big blind sitting on about 800k also calls. Flop comes Q/10 spades 4 diamond. I raise the pot to 200k. small blind folds and the big blind who is very loose announces all in. I suspect he is on a draw and announce call. We then turn over our cards. He has J9, no spade. The dealer then takes our cards I had assumed to place them next to the flop but instead mucks them and pushes the pot to me. She then starts shuffling the cards. We ask her what she is doing and she says she hadn't heard the all in and call. We call the floor manager over. Whilst we are waiting both the Big Blind and I agree that the most reasonable course of action seems a split pot. However the floor manager announces that he will reconstruct the hand and deal the last 2 cards on the flop from a reshuffled deck. Despite objections he proceeds to do so. Blank on the turn but a J hits the river and I am out. I complain to the Floor manager but he insists this is the most reasonable course of action. Since the event I have looked at several discussions on forums about similar situations and what most major tournament directors consider is the correct rule. Several would apply a similar rule to the one applied at Dusk til Dawn. However the one issue I hadn't thought about when the dealer mucked the cards is the position of discards. Most Tournament Directors would not allow a reconstruction of hands from the muck if the discards were used as part of the deck remaining for dealing the final 2 cards. In my case all the deck apart from the 7 cards were used to deal the final 2 cards. As we were at at a full table their were another 16 cards that should not have been in the deck when it was dealt. This obviously put me at a massive disadvantage against the draw of the big blind as he should have been only drawing to a deck of only 29 cards. However he was actually drawing to a deck of 45 cards. So I am very frustrated with the ruling at Dusk til Dawn. Would welcome any views.
  8. Sorry Paul, Will have to count me out of the Holdem. Having to work as away the following 2 weekends. Sorry for late notice.
  9. I solved most of the problems by using the compatibility screen in internet explorer. Problem is that many of the ipoker skins don't use the obvious web address for certain actions such as cashier. You have to enter both the web address for main site and the cashier address. I use a useful piece of software called Fiddler4 which shows you the actual web address when you try to open up for example cashier. entering the correct address in IE compatibility screen solves the problem. Bit of a pain. You would have thought Ipoker would have fixed their software by now.
  10. Have just switched to Windows 10. None of the Ipoker skins were running properly. Most I could play on, but without chat or casher. Noticed a lot of complaints on forums about the problem. None of the sites could explain what the problem was until a smart guy at Betfair give me a simple solution. If anyone else is having a problem solution is as follows: Open up Internet Explorer. Not the new Microsoft Edge. To open up Explorer type its name in the chat window on the task bar. When Explorer is open, click on compatibility view settings in the tools button. Then add the ipoker website you are wanting to play on in the window. You will have to add each website you play on with Ipoker. So for example "coral.co.uk". Then close Internet Exploere and your Ipoker skins should then run fine in Windows 10. Hope this helps anyone else having a problem.
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