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  1. Re: Sending off? Lets Hope not! great thread banner , very interesting...good luck mate :clap
  2. Re: Horse Tips. 23pts in 2 days then he should'nt be on here IMO, no stake, no odds...he's making it up as he goes along
  3. Re: Horse Tips. 23pts in 2 days I've read your thread but don't understand what the staking is about , why can't you post the odds and the stakes ?
  4. Re: Australian A League Season 2011/2012 do you think this games has got any goals in it ?...McNamara
  5. Jocko

    draw/to win by 1

    Re: draw/to win by 1 forget the last post mate found it on B365...very interesting
  6. Jocko

    draw/to win by 1

    Re: draw/to win by 1 great start Lee well done, but where do you find these bets ?, never noticed them before. and who do you bet with ? sorry if these questions seem a bit daft :rollin
  7. Re: Quick Glory Hunt what odds are you gettig on each bet ? bet 1 = 1.61 bet 2 = ? bet 3 = ? but going good :ok
  8. Re: Its time to break the over 0.5 record. well done mate :clap the patience of a saint,,,go for it
  9. Re: Its time to break the over 0.5 record. excellent mick :ok
  10. Re: Come Trade With Me great thread, new to this trading but want to learn, without sounding daft is this right ? so you lay the draw for £30 @ 2.46 England + £30 India + £30 Draw - £43.80 then back England £15 @ 2.5 England + £52.50 India + £15.00 Draw - £58.80 and finally lay England £30 @ 3.1 which leaves you England - £10.50 India + £45.00 Draw - £28.80 so your loss on the trade would only have been 10.50 as England won the match :hope
  11. Re: The return of profitable martingale cheers froment :ok
  12. Re: The return of profitable martingale so is the pick, the away team ? if so well done on the last 2 bets :clap if not what is the bet ?
  13. Re: football lays ouch,,,,,,,,,,very unlucky mate :clap
  14. Re: Scotty's New Bank Builder still kickn ass XS, keep it up :ok
  15. Re: Short Pants System. put the tips back up Hilda, this is afterall a GLORY HUNT, get the right results the bragging rights are all yours, we only want a running total on how you are doing :clap