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  1. Re: The Single Life ..... on the ball again John, a hard fought 1-0 win but a win is a win! Good luck today. :)
  2. Re: The Single Life ..... still here John in the background. Had a virus for the last three weeks which has tended to put me out of action lately, but still interested. Good luck for your picks this weekend. :)
  3. Re: The Single Life ..... funny how things work out John. I was away from Saturday until today Tuesday, so missed this little lot as could not get the bet on. So no damage done for me. ;) Not to worry, looks like there could be plenty of future wins coming along! :ok
  4. Re: The Single Life ....... desperately unlucky with Fehnerbache John, but the situation was retrieved with the PSV selection. Had to go to Betfair to get the 1.22 but all's well that end's well as they say.:ok
  5. Re: The Single Life ..... Thanks John, I was on again with you all the way, not a big price and not a very convincing win for Real, but no Ronaldo either. Keep up the good work. :ok
  6. Re: The Single Life ..... excellent John, you are the tops! :)
  7. Re: The Single Life ..... phew! A wee bit tight as anticipated, but nevertheless another fine selection. Well done there young fella. :)
  8. Re: The Single Life ...... yeah, bit of an eye opener there, who would have forecast that result! Here's to something better today and hoping the White Stuff keeps away.
  9. Re: The Single Life ..... OK eyes down look in, we are riding again. Good luck John. :)
  10. Re: The Single Life ..... Well done John, another successful punt. :nana
  11. Re: The Single Life ..... OK I'm stringing along again. :)
  12. Re: The Single Life ..... Not much happening here John, have you gone into hibernation! :lol Must be no good selections sticking out yet for backing.
  13. Re: The Single Life ..... Unfortunately I had to go out for best part of the day and missed West Ham! never mind though a good little win for starters and hope to be back for another dose. :)
  14. Re: The Single Life .... OK I'm stringing along too! :) Good luck.
  15. Re: The Single Life ..... Hello there John, it's Merlin from the old 3-0 system thread. Still going strong I see and not without some success. May start following this again as it seems to have some merit. When is the next bet starting as I may have a wee dabble. Good luck old lad. :)
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