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  1. Re: Belgium > Jupiler Pro League > 2013/14 2 red cards made it impossible to win this game. Stupid faul from Opare, 2 tackles on the opponents half 2 correct yellow cards, unbelievible for a right defender. Vainqeurs red was just to stupid to tell, never red, tackle on the ball. Unfortunate because there was really a chance to win thisone. I think I'll go for a small on Zulte now but not sure..
  2. Re: Belgium > Jupiler Pro League > 2013/14 well, poor club brugge played to slow. Unfortunate Anderlecht-Standard I'm going for a standard win, small stakes Anderlecht lost matti suarez and is in a poor form. a lot of subs in the anderlecht side. Standard play with their usual squad. Only difference is Ben Haim as central defender in stead of Kanu. Standard havn't played great last games, but the anderlecht defense always leave a lot of space in the back and the fast strikers of Standard should be able to get behind that. Small stakes since Anderlecht still is the home side and this is an big game between rivals... gl
  3. Re: Belgium > Jupiler Pro League > 2013/14 Today I'm going for Club Brugge win vs Genk club has the home advantage and havn't played a midweek game. De Sutter is injured, Gudjonson will start and he want's to prove himself. Lestienne is back from suspension and he's great. Genk have played a midweek game and it will be physique tough for them. Club Brugge to win, small/medium stakes.
  4. Re: Belgium > Jupiler Pro League > 2013/14 0-1 kortrijk 0-2 Lokeren cheers guys :beer
  5. Re: Belgium > Jupiler Pro League > 2013/14 idd he is. I went huge on Kortrijk and big on Lokeren. Lokeren already 0-2 up so seems nice. Kortrijk having difficulties to get trough the Mons defense, but I'm sure their good physique will get them trough. if not in the 1ste half in the 2nd!
  6. Re: Belgium > Jupiler Pro League > 2013/14 first tip since long time and already a mess... went good last weeks but... srry guys. Today I'm going 8/10 on Lokeren. Kortrijk depends who will be the goaly because 1st gk keet is doubtfull and Deman will be in goal, who is old and actually trainer for the goalkeepers. Kortrijk have a great striker with Santini and after building on a new team every1 seems to know their job in the team now. V. Haezebroeck has his team and knowing your teammates helps to a great preformance. Mons isn't that good and are struggeling all season. Since Janevski arrived they are willing to play football and searching to score goals, but in general Kortrijk defense stands good. If Deman isn't in goal I'll go 8/10 for kortrijk. If he is in goal I think I'll go for +2.5 GS or on a lower stake. Lokeren is a good side. They had a couple of difficult games, but last week they really where unfortunate. this week I see them winning and starting another winning streak. Harboui is a wonderfull striker with power and skill. Wings have a bit problems because Remacle is injured but Patosi is back who is wonderfull aswell. They still have Dutra for the wing if needed aswell. Maric is out in defense, 2 bad but with Scholz and Taravel they still have good players in central defense. They should win easy. Let's hope these are better then the one yesterday
  7. Re: Belgium > Jupiler Pro League > 2013/14 I recommend a Gent win. They play at home against a far weaker side. Besides that they start in a 4-4-2 system, the system Rednic loves to play. Kola and Or Soumahoro or El Ghanassy will play up front, the other on the left side while Kage will play right. I can't see any problem for gent in thisone. gl guys
  8. Re: Belgium > Jupiler League > 2012/13 I'm going medium stakes for Beerschot today. They don't have a bad team and under Matthijsen the play isn't that bad. a lot of players are back fit and with Losada in midfield they got their most important player between the lines. Leuven isn't the best team anymore. They had a good start, but they are not playing as good as in the beginning of the season. With beerschot Stijnen, Kennedy, Losada and Ogunjimi between the lines I believe they sure have a chance and the odds of 3.7 are really nice. I can't let those odds go.
  9. Re: Belgium > Jupiler League > 2012/13 I think the field is of a great importance in Club-Gent. I'm waiting untill tomorrow so I can see the field and in what shape it is. Weather forecast is positive so a lot of snow and ice will melt I guess, but I want to see how bad is is. they got a new field in Brugge, so that's good for the football. Normally club should win this game as said above, but Gent, new coach, some good players.. I believe they can bring something aswell. Club Brugge will be missing a suspended Donk, and I believe he is an important player in the Club Brugge defense. They do have a lot of offenisve power at club brugge, but Gent with a stronger midfield and with Coulibaly returned have some good offensive options aswell. I think a +2.5 goals scored is a nice bet aswell here. It'll be my bet (unless the field is frozen)
  10. Re: Belgium > Jupiler League > 2012/13 well, to be honest I don't believe in a beerschot surprise. There is only that much a coach can do. With Losada and Stijnen they are missing the 2 most important players. Besides that the back up goalie really sucks. He made a lot of mistakes and I believe Brugge could grab those chances. On the other hand club isn't playing that good either. Brugge had some fans waiting on them at the airport after the european adventure. Genk should be winning. Buffel, Gorius, Vossen,... a lot of their most important players rested during the midweek game vs Basel so they should be fit to win this game.
  11. Re: Belgium > Jupiler League > 2012/13 I'm going to take it easy this weekend. It has snowed and frozen in belgium. Weather forecast telling us it will freeze again this night so quality of the fields is really important. I see above my post a +4.5 in Brugge, could be but it's important to know the field is really crap... unbelievable how bad it is
  12. Re: Belgium > Jupiler League > 2012/13 not a lot to bet today. Some hard games if you ask me.. I'm going for Kortrijk. They have a good team and are doing great. Charleroi is oké team, but they are missing something.. Because of the many lost games the faith is gone and that's not really good. I think this should be an easy win for Kortrijk, but I will be going on this for medium odds since I had some rough weekends and don't want to take stupid risks.
  13. Re: Belgium > Jupiler League > 2012/13 well, we first have midweek cup games :) today 1, tomorrow a lot and day after tomorrow 1 let you know something as soon as I know the line up but Anderlecht-Mechelen is 2 first division teams and Anderlecht coach vd Brom said he wanted to win all the titels in Belgium.
  14. Re: Belgium > Jupiler League > 2012/13 well.. poor game today! Brugge won, bacca or tchité didn't start so I only went for Brugge win and they did win, but missed a lot of chances aswell. 1-0 was enough Genk played a poor game. First half oké scored and came 1-0 up, but 2nd half was just terrible and they where looking for a goal against. poor play refusing to score the 2nd goal and at the end Leuven had a penalty 1-1. Unfortunate that was in extra time so no +2.5 goals scored. Bit of a surprise, but Leuve just aren't as good as in the beginning of the season. Unfortunate, poor day for me. Lucky I had a great ajax live bet so no loss but no win either..