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  1. hallo  Glock please kontakt me oa facebook       Dragan Blazevski  Skopje Macedonia.tnx  kardas:D

  2. wuuu huuuu well done to me :) had a massive profit today. 4/4
  4. Re: Euro 2012 > 8th - 9th October israel absolutly have more chance than croatia. :hope france have their last chance. they have to win if they want to continue.:hope
  5. Re: Euro 2012 > 8th - 9th October :clap:nana
  6. Re: Euro 2012 > 8th - 9th October We embarres lots of people tonight especiallt people who came to berlin stadium to support their home country. I saw the worst Turkey in the past 3 or 4 years. we were lack of tactic and passion who did very good in the last matches. we did nothing no defending no attacking. I dont care about the score. this is germany so defeat can be excaptable. but starting with a wrong eleven and tactic faults are not welcomed.
  7. Re: Euro 2012 > 8th - 9th October Very good reasoning Santos. Swiss' are much more impressive than Montenegro. Their defence is good and we can see Swiss teams are doing beyond expectations in EUROPA Cup. SWITZERLAND AW @ 2.55 7/10 and Under 2.5 goals @ 1.55 9/10 betsson
  8. Re: Euro 2012 > 8th - 9th October I will back Russians against Ireland. Russians dominated the all game against Slovakia but cant get the score. Stoch get 3 points for Slovakia from a distance goal. I can see Russians are capable of winning on away. RUSSIA AW @ 2.70 @6/10 betsson
  9. Re: Euro 2012 > 8th - 9th October Germany was the flash team of WC 2010. They scored plenty with Müller and Mesut and also very solid at the back. but this was with Schweinsteiger. He is good at the both sides of the pitch; defensive and offensive. He wont be in the German squad because of his injury. This will effect the strategy of Löw against Turkey. He can use a defensive name and want to stop turkish attacks that come from center with Nuri Şahin and Emre Belözoğlu. On the other side Arda is doubtful against Germany. he is an important first team player that can keep the ball on
  10. Re: Turkey Super Lig Septembet 17th-20th 2010 Bursa took the lead in the second half and they were playing well. unfortunately game is suspended. :dude
  11. Re: Turkey Super Lig Septembet 17th-20th 2010 GAZİANTEP has some problem up in front. They are lack of strikers but doin well in mid field. Last year both games gone -2.5 goals. Bursaspor won 0-1 at Gaziantep. My bets are; Away Win @2.20 6/10 -2.5 goals @1.68 7/10 Bursaspor win to null @3.75 5/10 GL.
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