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  1. The past round of the English Premier League was certainly the hardest one so far. Only the correct bet on the exact score for Arsenal – Lester 3:1 with odds of 12 helped me to get the even. However, the ninth round was just for fun for me. It was obvious it would be too difficult. As for the upcoming 10th round, it looks a lot more predicable at first glance, but let’s see though. Brighton – Wolves 0:0 7 Brighton looks good lately, but Glenn Murray’s injury will definitely limit them in attac. So far, Brighton has been doing well without Pascal Gross, but adding Murray’s lack it should be too much for the team. As for Wolves, in their last two games, they barely showed anything creative in attack, so I doubt they will succeed against Brighton’s defense. Fulham – Bournemouth 1:1 8 What I said about Brighton and Wolverhampton can be said about Fulham and Bournemouth. Aleksandar Mitrović did not manage to score in recent matches, but together with André Schürrle are among the players who shoots most in the Premier League. Bournemouth as well as Wolves have recently appeared to be a toothless in attack but have what it needs to score at least ones. Liverpool – Cardiff 3:0 6,5 Hardly anyone believes that Cardiff will break through Liverpool’s defense in this match. We only have to guess how many goals the hosts will score. I bet for 3 Southampton – Newcastle 1:0 6.5 I am very unsure about this game, as all three outcomes are possible. The hosts are definitely better, but if somewhere Newcastle is going to get some points, that’s today. With a compact defense game and some good exploited set pieces, the game can even go for guests Watford – Huddersfield 2:0 7.5 Another match that can end both for hosts and guests. Surely Watford is doing better in the Premier League than the away team. However against Watford the Huddersfield’s players will not feel the pressure they feel when they have to play against the better teams in the league. Still, I bet for the hosts, but with a small amount Leicester – West Ham 2:1 9.5 Will Jamie Vardi play or not? This is certainly crucial for this game. The hosts are more stable and can score a lot from set pieces. This will definitely give them the decisive advantage. I expect at least one goal from the guests as they definitely have what to show in the attack. Sorry for these short explanations, but my daughter has birthday today and I don't have time wish you luck
  2. Arsenal saved my poor weekend with 3:1 correct score win As I said in my post earlier these weekend matches were too difficult for me.
  3. The last round was a bit disappointing for me, as I made the even on Full time result bets, mostly due to the missed penalty by Riyad Mahrez and the draw between City and Liverpool. Unfortunately, none of my Correct score was a winner, though some of them were pretty close (especially with all the missed chances by Marko Arnautović and West Ham) and there I recorded 10 units loss. Fortunately for me, these losses have been compensated by the previous rounds. However, here is what I think about the meetings in this round. I must say this is very tough round to predict. Chelsea – Manchester United 1:0 8.5 The win for Chelsea is estimated at 1.72, which is too low when you have to bet against United in any form they are. This automatically means that a bet for the guests in this match would be totally justified with odds of 5.25, but this is something that must be decided by the betting strategy of each player. As far as what I expect from the game itself, I’m quite certain between 0:0 and 1:0. It is more than clear that Mourinho will park the bus and play to avoid losing. The only question is whether Eden Hazard will be able to do some magic or not. I still think he will succeed and that’s why my betting prediction is 1:0. However, I am going to bet on this match only for fun, but if I bet seriously then I would go for Under 2.5 goals scored in the match with odds of 2. Bournemouth – Southampton 2:1 9.5 Another match that is unclear for me, but at least the odds look better. Bournemouth’s home win against Southampton looks more secure than a possible win for Chelsea against United, but the bookmakers give odds of 2.15 for it. It is clear to everyone that the Cherries play great football and they deliver the ball quickly and very well. What is more important they are capable of gaining goals from their style of play. However, in this match they have many possible injury problems. The state of Joshua King and Ryan Fraser is still unclear. If King cannot take part in the match, it is questionable whether we will see Jermain Defoe in the game, and what he would do at the pitch. As for possible Fraser’s lack, Eddie Howie has a Junior Stanislas to replace him. Cardiff – Fulham 0:0 12 Another meeting in this nine round, which is a complete fog for me. Both teams are definitely among the weakest in the league and frankly this game can go in every direction. Manchester City – Burnley 3:0 6.5 Here, obviously, the only question is how many goals City will score. In fact, there is one more question. Will Burnley be able to score or not? Again a match where the odds do not suggest anything interesting for a good bet. Newcastle – Brighton 1:0 6.5 In this match, the home win odds seems to be quite accurate at 2.2 and there is no value bet, but I would still bet for Newcastle. In their last few matches (without the one against Leicester), the hosts are showing a more stable game, although the squad formation which Rafael Benítez 4-4-1-1 plays implies a lot of grief in attack. Apart from that, the schedule until January for Newcastle looks so good that I guess everyone in the team has been bumped for a good series of results. As for Brighton, they certainly did not impress in their victory against West Ham in the last round, but they are very strong in defense. That’s what makes me hesitate between 1:0 and 0:0, but the home factor weighs. West Ham – Tottenham 1:2 9 Another match in this round, which is best to miss. A London derby, where the hosts looked good in their last games, despite the loss against Brighton. Tottenham clearly have a higher class which makes this one a meeting in which it is difficult to find a good bet. Wolves – Watford 0:0 10 One of the games I’m going to bet on a surprise because most bets will definitely go for the hosts. Wolves certainly didn’t play that well against Palace in the last game. They really had only one good goal attempt in the game and realized it. However, only one good goal attempt in a match against a team like Palace doesn’t look good. Watford is in a bad series, but can get something out of this game. Huddersfield – Liverpool 1:3 13 Another match in that round, from which it is best to stay away. Many injuries in Liverpool, such as Salah, Mane, Firmino, Henderson, van Dijk and Milner. Apart from that, most Huddersfield’s players have been rested during the national teams matches, which cannot be said for the guests. Apart from that, Liverpool have a Champions League match next week. However, how would one bet on Huddersfield against Liverpool even after all that has been said so far? Moreover, the guests have substitutes for the injured players like Xherdan Shaqiri and Daniel Sturridge. Everton – Crystal Palace 1:1 7 One more match where I will bet on the surprise. Despite Everton’s victory over Leicester (which surprised me very much), the hosts seem to be not particularly strong in the attack. On the other hand, Palace played very well in the last match. However, there is a question will Wilfried Zaha be involved in the match. Arsenal – Leicester 3:1 12 Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang are becoming more and more scary for everyone, and in their last game Arsenal has shown really great football. If this match against Leicester had been played last week, I have no concerns about how it would end. But now, after the break for the international meetings, I have the huge gap between the games in mind. At the end to say it again, this ninth round of the Premier League is certainly the most difficult one so far, and at least I would bet on most of the games just for fun. No risks or high stakes for me.
  4. Hello First post from long time. Here are mine predictions for this round. Brighton – West Ham 1:1 6,5 A match where two equal teams will play against each other and it can go in any direction. Brighton has managed to concede only two goals in the match with Manchester City in the last round, which is more than good. West Ham showed a pretty good game in their recent games, as well as in the first matches which they lost. Apart from that, they have Marko Arnautović, who is in great run recently and can score today. For me, if this game was at West Ham Stadium, it would have been a win for the Hammers. However, when they are away the most probable outcome, according to the odds, is the draw. Burnley – Huddersfield 2:1 10 One of the games in this round, which definitely offers a value bet. For me, a 2.15 odds for Burnley against Huddersfield is a gift. Burnley are playing solidly, have two consecutive wins and score goals. Of course, they had some luck in their last match, but this is part of the game. I also have to admit that, Huddersfield looked better against Tottenham compared to their last few matches. I think they have a chance to score in this match, but it wouldn’t be enough to avoid losing. Crystal Palace – Wolves 0:0 8 Palace rely too much on Zaha, which makes them too predictable in the Premier League. Many people would even play a win for the away team in this match, but for me the draw gives the best odds. Leicester – Everton 2:1 10 Another match that definitely looks like a gift from bookmakers. Everton didn’t look good in their last match despite the fact they won by 3 against Fulham. They looked passive and without idea in the attack. If I remember the match correctly, Fulham hit the bar at 0:0, which could definitely turn the game in another direction. Leicester, on the other hand, has Jamie Vardy (according to club's website he is fit for the match), who scored in the last two matches, they have James Maddison, who is very aggressive and creative, and they have Harry Maguire, who is also dangerous in set pieces. Certainly the hosts will have more opportunities to score goals in this match and that’s why a bet 1 DNB seems to me very tempting. The odds is 1.57. Tottenham – Cardiff 4:0 12 There is nothing to say for this match except that Harry Kane has to play against one of the two league’s weakest teams. Watford – Bournemouth 1:1 7 Watford and Bournemouth are going to score goals in this match. I hesitated between 2:2 and 1:1, but eventually chose the safer option. The form of the hosts gradually dropped and certainly they did not put pressure on Arsenal like Everton did in the earlier round. On the other hand, Bournemouth were really impressive against Palace on Monday night. They were very fast, the ball was in constant motion and definitely looked pretty good. This match would be one that is very interesting to watch and which is likely to end with a draw. Manchester United – Newcastle 2:0 7 Everything about this match was said by Paul Ince yesterday, namely that United players do not want to win. It is clear to everyone and the question is when they will go too far and the fans will start throwing things on them. It is not Mourinho, the players are the ones to be blamed. For the sake of truth, I have to admit that against Valencia the players seemed to have the needed desire to win and that is why I believe they will try hard enough to win against Newcastle. The latter are so weak that it will not be such a difficult job for them. Fulham – Arsenal 1:2 9 Arsenal does not look particularly strong despite the 8 consecutive wins in all tournaments. On the other hand, there are several consecutive games in which Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scored or made assists for a goal, which should be enough against Fulham. About whether the hosts would score a goal, well we have Aleksandar Mitrović on fire against Arsenal’s defense, which seems like enough for at least one goal. Southampton – Chelsea 0:1 8 I was very hesitant about this match, whether to bet 0:0 or 0:1 and eventually I chose a win for Chelsea. The only reason for doing that is Eden Hazard, who we all know is in an incredible form. In Chelsea, only he and Alonso look like they should, but this could be enough for a win over Southampton. However, my main bet for this match, would be another and it is under 2.5 goals in the match. With odds of 2 and probability around 60-65 percent it looks like a good bet. Liverpool – Manchester City 1:1 7,5 It is clear that this match can go in any direction. Jürgen Klopp decided to play with everything he had in the Champions League midweek match and now he has to use the same players against City. Apart from that, it seems to me that Liverpool’s game has been pretty bad according to their standards lately. It is clear that if Salah hasn’t missed so many good goal chances, even if he had scored at least 1 in 5 everything would be different. Be he misses a lot. But the same could be said for Roberto Firmino and even for Sadio Mané in the last matches. This form decline of the Liverpool’s three best players talks about future problems for the team.
  5. Hello, in the past two months I've managed to reach 60% success rate for odds 1.83-1.9. However, I wonder which money management betting system is best to use. Any help will be appreciate.
  6. Re: My Unders System I see, thank you :)
  7. Re: My Unders System I've tried to find the original thread where Paul Ross has explained his system, with idea to understand this one, but I couldn't. Can someone help me?
  8. Re: My Unders System Really good results :) I am not sure I understand the system, but I will try. There is another thing that is strange to me. It is about the days when you have 8 or 6 selections and you are worried about winning or losing. I think you calculate your win or lose not day by day, but from beginning to the end of a period or numbers of bets, so there is no difference would be today bad day or not. You have 300 and you started with 200, that is the most important :) Keep going :)
  9. Re: Just 4% profit after 66 games in my research about under - over in basketball Today's matches: MatchBk L% L%i LG LGm LAvg. LAvg.m LConnecticut - Washington155.5OU159.5153.5153.5154Chicago - New York146OO137.5126152138Sacramento - LA140UU141119148142
  10. Re: Just 4% profit after 66 games in my research about under - over in basketball The results from yesterday: MatchBk L% L%i LG LGm LAvg. LAvg.m LPt.Seattle - Connecticut143.5UU168153156151117Detroit - Atlanta162OU163205159.5183155Indiana - Minnesota160.5OU169178159146.5172San Antonio - Phoenix177.5OO172164171172178
  11. Re: Just 4% profit after 66 games in my research about under - over in basketball Four matches today: MatchBk L% L%i LG LGm LAvg. LAvg.m LSeattle - Connecticut143.5UU168153156151Detroit - Atlanta162OU163205159.5183Indiana - Minnesota160.5OU169178159146.5San Antonio - Phoenix177.5OO172164171172
  12. Re: Just 4% profit after 66 games in my research about under - over in basketball The scores after tonight's matches: MatchBk L% L%i LG LGm LAvg. LAvg.m LPt.Detroit - Washington148.5UU147142.5152.5145158Sacramento - San Antonio150.5OO154.5162158.5151163New York - LA137UO142144.5148.5141.5126
  13. Re: Just 4% profit after 66 games in my research about under - over in basketball Today's matches: MatchBk L% L%i LG LGm LAvg. LAvg.m LDetroit - Washington148.5UU147142.5152.5145Sacramento - San Antonio150.5OO154.5162158.5151New York - LA137UO142144.5148.5141.5
  14. Re: Just 4% profit after 66 games in my research about under - over in basketball The result from yesterday: MatchBk L% L%i LG LGm LAvg. LAvg.m LPt.Indiana - LA140UO146.5144152.5135138
  15. Re: Just 4% profit after 66 games in my research about under - over in basketball Just one match today: MatchBk L% L%i LG LGm LAvg. LAvg.m LIndiana - LA140UO146.5144152.5135