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  1. RIP Paul, awful news. Far too young. PL was a big part of my life, 2001 - 2010, I did a few years as an admin and enjoyed a few drinks with Paul and the PL crew, he always made me feel very welcome.
  2. Liverpool vs Arsenal - Draw 15pt single @ 3.6
  3. Liverpool @ 1.40 Hibs @ 1.53 40pt double pls
  4. Sorry, I think I may have posted after the Celtic match kicked off, just to be safe Can i replace my bet with PSG @ 1.30 Man Utd @ 1.30 30 pt double Thanks
  5. Celtic @ 1.25 PSG @ 1.30 30pt Double pls
  6. Re: UK General Election 2015 Sell Tory seats on SPIN @ 288. It's massively out of whack with reality. Bet of the century time.
  7. Re: Newcastle United v Manchester United > Saturday April 5th Manchester United have the best away record in the premier league this season (yes, really I'm not making this up here's the away only table https://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/football/premier-league/away-record.html). Newcastle a fairly disappointing home record, of just 7 wins from 16 home games. I rather fancy United at even money.
  8. Re: USA 2012 Politics For anyone betting on this, in short, Obama wins in a canter; Good state bets to cover are Virgina (1.64) and Colorado (1.8); both of these should be 1.25 shots. In terms of ECVS Obama 310 - 329 @ 6s and Obama 330 - 349 @ 4.4 should be covered.
  9. On the Android app I was looking to read a Scottish premier league thread, when I browse forums, then football betting, there isn't an option for uk football betting, all the uk leagues sub forums are under "English premier league betting". Every other country is labelled properly, French, German etc. It could be relabelled to make sure sense, its the same on the apple app Sent from my A500 using PL Forum
  10. Re: Major Forum Upgrade - Done I only ever used IE to post Excel tables. Most other things seem ok in Chrome or Sifari. I do my TC tables in Excel, what's the recomended way to post them ? HTML ?
  11. Re: Major Forum Upgrade - Done Before the upgrade I could post Excel when using Chrome and IE, but not FF. Now it looks like crap in Chrome, all the formatting is gone and none of the colours come through. I can't even load the forum in IE anymore, it looks like this. Dog slow as well.
  12. Re: England > FA Cup > Weekend > 27/28/29 Jan I'm all over Blackpool at do Sheff Wed. Blackpool's home form is solid, and Wednesday have a lot of injuries at the back, I'd have them closer to 1.6 than 1.8 I don't think Wednesday need to the distraction of a cup run.
  13. Re: Tennis: Australian Open 2012 Just how much will last night have taken out of Novak ? I have him as hypothetical favourite against Nadal, but worry about Nadal having an extra 24 hours recovery time and having played a lot less tennis. I'd like to take him @ 1.72, but worry about the freshness factor.
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