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** November Poker League Result : 1st ian309, 2nd muttley, 3rd Burnley Joe **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st MrJol, 2nd buga00, 3rd glavintoby, 4th Boulder5111, 5th bobsyerunkle **
** November Nap's Competition Result: 1st andellio, 2nd Saddlesore, 3rd bymatrix, 4th MrJol KO Cup: DonnyFlyer, Most Winners: Astleavista**


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  1. Re: ***Punters Lounge v The World*** $4000 inter forum Freeroll Saturday 29th October 8pm I dont normally play freerolls .. but as its for the PL .. im in. Not always in on a sat night but ill try me best :) GL to us :nana
  2. Re: VC Poker- The conspiracy theory QT suited isnt a raise with 1 flat caller, with the BB too come? you having a laugh? I love lettting people see a flop with a mid pair or 2 rags for free. Anyway ive said all i neded too and aint gonna sit to be flamed .. was just my opinion. Gl wherever u play.
  3. Re: VC Poker- The conspiracy theory I can take the odd bad beat to play with a bunch of muppets that will call my better hand on the river with an insider draw. Yes please. Hence my point gett1n .. you will see how many times that gutshot hits mate and after 5-6 times it does it too you .. i guarantee you will leave VC and give exactly same advice as im doing now :)
  4. Re: VC Poker- The conspiracy theory 1 example of VC is this.. I make a small raise in the small blind with QT suited .. guy in BB calls as does 1 other player who previously called .. FLOP comes .. TQT .. wow i drop a fullhouse .. pretty much the nuts at this point in the hand. I raise fairly small hoping too keep someone in the hand with me .. BB folds and the other guy re raises me .. now i think xmas has come early .. so i re raise him another 75$ .. now theres a decent pot .. too my dismay he raises all in (890$) making the pot around 1k before i call .. now im thinking he has 2 Q
  5. Re: VC Poker- The conspiracy theory Well all i can say is this .. try it :) I know some excellent players who play on there aswell .. on high limit tables like i do .. but i dont think you guys realise how hard it is too play NL poker at a high level for players with a low skill ability who play it like limit. Well im pretty much a seasoned pro as ive been playing for sometime .. i hate VC with a passion for a lot of reason's and i cannot stress enough about staying away from there but this is only advice whther it is taken or not. GL gett1n if you play there.
  6. Re: Anybody play at Pacific Poker/888? I used too play there .. but i quit the site becuase they dont offer no limit cash tables which is poor .. dont know if they do now or not tho.
  7. Re: VC Poker- The conspiracy theory Hi all, As you well know ive been playing online poker for sometime as a living .. STAY AWAY FROM VC! In my opinion as ive played so many diffrent sites and have 3 sites as my home for poker now .. VC does bias towards flushes BADLY and i do believe they do have some fixed hands for rake .. as alot of others also do aswell .. i made some decent money off VC while i was there and never lost too much .. so why would i bitch? becuase you actually do become a little scared of entring big pots becuase of there bias towards flushes and st8s .. if im on a ace p
  8. Re: Difficulties with Queens (Poker) Hiya there, QQ can be a diffuclt hand too suss out .. but remember it is the 3rd best hand in poker .. so it isnt all that hard. When the flop comes .. dont be scared too see a king .. people rarely call a high raise with anything other than a A high or maybe KQ or even pocket lower pair. If someone bets into you with a flop like you said .. try a re raise .. perfect way of seeing where they lie in the hand .. if they call your re raise and dont re raise you .. u possibly are winning the hand and there looking for outs. When a flop comes down with 2 sui
  9. Re: If anyone needs any help .. Hiya Billy, Cash games are a diffrent world from STT's and MTT's .. they have too be played differently .. for a start bluffing means a lot and if you get it wrong you can lose alot of money .. also many starting hands you call in tourney's , you dont dream off calling in a cash game .. thing is i play big stake cash tables .. usually 40-80$ blinds or in a casino ill play maybe 150-75 pound blinds .. so my starting hands too a call are very limited .. ill give you some examples .. AA-KK-QQ are pre flop raises or calls to big raises .. even all in hands.
  10. Re: If anyone needs any help .. Hiya guys, Thanks for the welcome .. appreciated. A little about myself then .. Im 29 yrs old .. live in Stockton on tees(just near Middlesbrough) .. ive got a young daughter but i still live with my parents lol after the break up off my relationship:) Its easy here as my dad is a rich f*cker .. ive been gambling professionaly for about 6 years .. before that i was a nightclub manager for my dads club .. done some doorman work too .. the usual shit. Ive been playing poker now for about 2 and half years .. started in a little toruney and came 1st .. won 4500$
  11. Re: $1000 Freeroll Bet365 @ 4pm i went out around 2800 i think .. sure is a eye opener that tournament and it made me laugh so much .. so many poor hands winning all ins lol
  12. Re: $1000 Freeroll Bet365 @ 4pm went out about 280 or so :) That must the hardest comp too win .. seen some awful hands win the all ins lol ... what an eye opener!
  13. Hi guys, As i told some of you last night on the paradise table .. i play poker for a living .. i also sports bet but mainly on USA sports which is my speciality i guess although i do venture into football , tennis sometimes ( huge bet on nancy tonite in french ligue 2). Anyway what i wanted too let you know is this .. any questions about poker .. help or anything else .. im quite happy to give it to anyone .. like for e.g starting hands , value , %'s of starting hands , odds of hiting stright or flush after a flop .. stuff like this anyway .. just here too help if anyone needs it. :D
  14. Re: $1000 Freeroll Bet365 @ 4pm Ive just joined it for fun .. my screenname will be mocky .. say hello if you see me out of the 10000 players lol
  15. Re: P.Lounge Poker Tournament III - tonight at 8 Hi guys, Sorry billy if i gatecrashed:cry but i have posted games im on today and just want too be part of what you all are doing here. Yes i play poker for a living but let me tell you .. its so diffuclt to win vs amateurs or fun players!:) and it aint about the winning for me here .. its the particapation and the fun aspect. I know im a pro an all but i noticed someone cheering coz i busted out .. well thats poker and i wont cry about it .. just seems a little nasty to be cheering someone going out .. oh well .. hope i can fit in sometime
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