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  1. Re: Tennis 7-20 March To say that Mannarino is similar to Jones.... and that all he has is a big serve :rollin you need to watch some more tennis before forming opinions.
  2. Re: Tennis - 14-20 February Small point of reference, but Mello who got to the semis is singles isnt the same Melo who made doubles final. Two different men, one about 5"9 and the other about 6"5. I made the same mistake till not so long ago too.
  3. Re: Tennis - February 7-13 Hajek is. 1. Bad on hardcourts. 2. In bad form/condition. 3. A fixer. He regularly sells matches/sets/handicaps and sold vs Petzchner in his last match, every chance he sells again. People will be speculatively punting the under line now in case he decides to fix.
  4. Re: Tennis - The Australian Open (17-30 January) Maybe Roddick does deserve to be fav, it's tough to call........ but this statement made me laugh. Wawrinka has all the weapons off the ground in this matchup, and Roddick these days is the most negative player in the top 50, standing miles back and doing nothing more than push and hack in rallies. Match will be on Stan's racquet, it's a case of him holding his nerve.
  5. Re: Tennis - 9-16 January I made the point last week, but people tipping a lay of a player at the lowest bookmaker odds is just pointless. And if it's what sportspunter sets out to do then the system is massively flawed.
  6. Re: Tennis - 9-16 January The reason for this line is that Haase could well be badly fatigued and jetlagged. The fatigue factor has to be huge for both Malisse and Haase, would be surprised if either won. Flight was 3.30am Chennai time. 15.5 hour flight. 7.5 hour time difference. So touch down 2.30am local, by the time get to bed probably about 5am. Maybe wake up at 1pm and hit for a bit. Then out for matches at 7.30pm and 9.00pm. Add to this that Mallisse is not the fittest and had several tough matches last week, culminating in him looking knackered last set of fin
  7. Re: Tennis - 1-9 January Something that's confused me for a while. You are laying a bookmakers price? Sometimes these prices are layable on betfair, sometimes they are not... why don't you just give your bets as backs only? Or at least not quote a bookies price for a lay :\
  8. Re: Tennis - 8-14 November Giraldo certainly isn't all serve, in fact his serve is one of the worst in the top 100, his game is based around having very solid compact groundies, returning well and keeping UEs to a minimum. That said, if Melzer is at a good level he'll beat Giraldo comfortably as he should put him under pressure in pretty much every return game.
  9. Re: ATP Johannesburg/Vina del Mar/Zagreb 2nd-8th Feb www.tennisinsight.com was good, but now charges subscription :(
  10. Re: Samba's 2009 Tennis Punts "Eduardo Schwank £12.50 @ 1.40 Bet365 Surprised at the odds on this one. Schwank is improving, having just really arrived on the ATP scene last year, he has a 7-5 record on clay. Meanwhile Capdeville is 8-11 lifetime on clay, and over the last 2 years has 4 wins on the surface agianst such notables as Fraile, Armando, Hartfield and Zverev. I'd be surprised if Capdeville takes a set here." Fair bet, but Capdeville is def not 8-11 lifetime on clay lol.
  11. Re: ATP Estoril/Valencia/Houston & WTA Charleston/Estoril 14th-20th March Minar for the French ;) .......... seriously that 1st set was astounding, will be suprised if he can keep his level that high though - hitting huge and not really making errors.
  12. Re: ATP Estoril/Valencia/Houston & WTA Charleston/Estoril 14th-20th March 2.36 is a terrible price mate, he's 3.25 on betfair
  13. Re: ATP Estoril/Valencia/Houston & WTA Charleston/Estoril 14th-20th March Been informed of a possible 'ill-motivated' player involved in todays matches. I've layed Ascione at 1.57 and I expect him to lose........ check tennisinsight.com for a bit more detail.
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