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** October Poker League Result : 1st avongirl, 2nd McG, 3rd Rhino_Power **
** October Naps Competition Result: 1st internetmails, 2nd Donnyflyer, 3rd vangovin, 4th Peter York. KO Cup Winner mickyftm32. Most Winners waggy: **

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  1. Re: Blonde/Punters Lounge Poker Trillion Forum Challenge Big Congrats to all the PLer's. It was good to see it go to the last leg. It has been a pleasure sponsoring this board and getting to know so many of you in 2008, and I would like to wish everyone here all the best for 2009. All there is left to do is arrange a time and date for the $5000 Freeroll! Maybe the Mods could organise a poll with date options for the last week of Janaury? I need 10 days to get it up. It will be up to the Mods to give the password to those who took part in your success. Happy New Year! Col
  2. Re: Trillion GTY's now with more added value Yesterdays had 155 runners so a $2250 overlay! Thats about average although numbers have varied between 175 and 115. Grab the value whilst it is there! Col
  3. Re: Trillion GTY's now with more added value This game is a Freezeout and always has been. So lots of added value! Col
  4. Re: All Welcome in $500 Affiliate Freeroll Hi All! This months $500 Affiliate Freeroll password is MEXICO Good Luck! Col
  5. Re: Blonde/Punters Lounge Poker Trillion Forum Challenge Hi Guys, Well done to the PL team. It's only yours to lose now next month. As polled by PL with 23 votes and also 9 more from Blonde, the final game will be on the 23rd at 730PM. Good Luck. Col
  6. Re: Blonde/Punters Lounge Poker Trillion Forum Challenge Just a quick reminder that registration is now open for the penultimate game. If you have not yet played, you can get a 50% Instant bonus on your 1st deposit ($100 max). Use code NOW100. If you need to reload, use code NOV1000 for a 200% regular bonus on your next deposit. Can I also ask that the poll be closed next Wednesday for the date of the final game in December as I need to upload this game before the end of the month. The Blonde's have a very small lead and a tight finish is assured. Your team needs you! Good Luck Col
  7. This month's $500 Affiliate Freeroll is on the 15th at 9pm. The password is 'NICE' There is no previous play required for this game, but if you do want to make a deposit, use code 'NOW100' for an instant 50% credit. If you need to reload use code 'NOV1000' for a 200% reload bonus. Cheers Col
  8. Re: Poker Trillion PL v Blonde challenge - December Leg Im looking. Also Blonde have just whacked up their Poll. I have been away (holiday!) and jsut got back. Big Congrats to the PLers. Is going to make for a great last game! Col
  9. Registration open for this months $1500 Added challenge game Registration is now open for this month's game. The tournament can be found under the private tag. It gets underway at 730pm on the 25th. If you have not yet played in this series, you need to know the winning team after December's game win a $5000 Freeroll just for their team. Those who have not deposited, can get a $100 Instant Bonus* and entry to a $500 New Depositors Freeroll on the 30th. Those who are regulars can get a 200% deposit bonus is they reload with code 'OCT1000' Although the Blonde team have a decent lead, with 3 events still to run, it is still very catchable for the PL team. Good luck to you all. Col * The $100 Instant Deposit bonus is for 1st time depositors only using code NOW100. The bonus shall be 50% of the 1st deposit to a maximum of $100. Withdrawal restrictions apply until 20 Player Points are generated for each $1 of bonus that is received.
  10. Hi All, Registration is now open for this month's $500 Affiliate Freeroll. The game is limited to 1000 players and begins at 9pm UK time of Wednesday 15th. The password for this game is BRIGHTON New Poker Trillion players or those who have not yet made a deposit can now get a $100 INSTANT account credit (50% of deposit value) when they make their 1st deposit. Making the deposit will also mean you can play in another restricted $500 Freeroll. This is our new monthly $500 New depositors Freeroll which is held on the last Thursday of every month. Col
  11. Re: $100 Instant Cash Bonus and Improved Software We have made this very clear at the point where the bonus is chosen on the deposits page. This basically means you need to rake twice the value of the bonus before a withdrawal can be made. Without this, a player could easily deposit $200 and withdrawal $300 without playing. Hope you undertsand why we need to add this. Colin
  12. Re: $100 Instant Cash Bonus and Improved Software If you have never deposited to our new platform, you will be eligible for the bonus. If you cannot remember, then if you try to make a deposit with NOW100 and you have deposited in the past, it will say it's not valid. Hope this helps. Col
  13. With immediate effect, we have introduced a new kind of deposit bonus at Poker Trillion. Our INSTANT $100 deposit bonus is open to all on their 1st deposit, so if you have not yet opened an account, or have done so, but never made a deposit, you can get $100 in your account right away! Just log in, go to the cashier and enter code NOW100 and 50% of your 1st deposit will immediately be available in your bankroll, upto a maximum of $100 ($200 Deposit Req). The minimum bonus is $10 ($20 Deposit Required) There will be withdrawal restrictions imposed until twice the value of the bonus is contributed in rake, however the bonus is in addition to other rewards. Resizeable Tables are here! They have been a long while coming, but they really are worth the wait. Our tables are fully resizeable by simply dragging from any corner. I hope those of you who have not yet given us a try can now do so. The Blonde/PL challenge game is superb value ($1500 added on 25th) and we also add over $2000 every day to our GTD tournament schedule. Our tournaments also feed our $100,000 Poker League. Upcoming Improvements Later this month we intend to enhance our current rewards program. We will also be introducing a Flash Client in the next few days for those who use a MAC or cannot download. We will still be working on ways to improve speed of play. Let me know here, if there are any questions. Col
  14. Just in case you had forgotton, tonight at 730pm UK time if the 45h Challenge game. I am sure the PL players are not going to take the last month's whitewash lying down. Another great match is surely in store. For those who have not played before, this game as $1500 ADDED by Poker Trillion and at the end of the year the winning team will win a $5000 Freeroll, just for their team. For those who like a bit of value, why not consider playing one of the following games at the same time:- 630PM - Our $2 rebuy Super Satellite to the $5k GTY. This game guarantees 10 tickets to the $5k and usually has over $100 in ADDED value. 6pm - $5 Rebuy GTY $500. This game usually has over $50 ADDED value 7pm - $1 Rebuy GTY $250. This game sometimes has ADDED value 8pm - $25 Rebuy GTY $5000. This game usually has over $1200 ADDED value 830pm - $5 Omaha $400 GTY. This game usually has over $100 ADDED value 9pm - $10 Deepstacks Freezeout - This game averages $25 ADDED value. So, by playing these games also tonight, you can double the amount of ADDED value you will likely receive than if you just played the challenge game. Total cost of all games (without rebuys) = $63.80 Good luck to you all tonight. Col
  15. Re: what`s gonna happen to Boss Media now? Malta August 19, 2008: In response to the statement(s) made by Boss Media AB dated 19th August 2008 relating to Trillion Limited –v- Boss Media Malta Limited & Boss Media AB, Trillion Limited would like it to be known that they have informed the Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority of certain aspects detailed in the Boss Media AB statement(s).
  16. Our next Poker Trillion $500 affiliate Freeroll is at 8pm UK time on Friday 15th. All PL members are welcome - You just need the password which is ROME Registration opens tonight and is limited to 1000 players. Best Col
  17. Re: Latest Poker Trillion News 4 in a row would do it, but if you come 2nd in any, you get the replay, and at some levels as low as position 5 gives entry to a lower level. When take you seat it will display the prizes. So you could come 1,2,2,1,2,1,1 - that would work. Col
  18. The quietest online poker month of the year is upon us. For those seeking value, we expect even bigger overlays in our MTT's this month. We have now enabled the poker client to display your own local time, just go to the options tab. And from today all NL MTT's will have improved structures with running antes at the later levels. More improvements to the speed of play and improved choice of SnG's will come this month, and next month we hope to introduce a time bank, realizable tables and late tournament registration. Our newest addition is our Steps tag. Here you can win an APT package or try the new 'Grab a Grand' Enter at step 2 for $4 and Win just 4 six person SnG's and you will collect $1000! Coming second is no disaster as you get to replay, whilst lower postions may award a seat in a lower level. Players can also enter for just 50c at step 1 and to celebrate the launch of Steps, we have given away a step 1 voucher to all our existing players! just log in, go to STEPS, then GRAB a GRAND to redeem your voucher and play. Remember, take advantage of the quietest month, we will still GTY $500,000 in our MTT's and I suspect a smaller points tally will take down the August Poker League. Let me know if you have any questions. Col
  19. Blonde took a clean sweep in the July event by taking the top 5 places and all the points. overall... Blonde 31-14 PL 5 events to play. Next game at 730 PM UK time on 25th August. Col
  20. Just to remind you that the games starts at the earlier time of 7:30pm UK time and registration shuts off 5 minutes before. So don't leave it too late. Since last month's game we have had a couple of new features added which might tempt those who wish to multi table:- We still have the daily $5k GTD. This is a $25 rebuy and typically has between $1000 and $1500 added value. This begins at 8pm. There are also other smaller GTD games on the hour - all of which usually have added money At 9pm we have one of our thrice daily APT Freerolls. The Top 50 get Free Steps satellite vouchers. The higher you finish the higher step your voucher will be for. Finally we have just introduced Grab a Grand Steps. Enter for $4 at step 2 and win 4 six handed SnG's and you will pocket $1000. The runner up gets to replay at each level, and some steps compensate lower places too. You can also enter a 10 person SnG for just 50c. See our new 'Steps' tab in the lobby. Good luck to you all tonight. Col
  21. Re: Poker Trillion Padraig Parkinson $5524 Freeroll - 20th July Congrat Hornet and thanks to all who played in our Freeroll.
  22. Re: Blonde/Punters Lounge Poker Trillion Forum Challenge Registration is now open for this month's game. Remember it is an hour earlier month. Good luck to you all. Col
  23. Re: Blonde/Punters Lounge Poker Trillion Forum Challenge The clock is now sorted......
  24. Re: Blonde/Punters Lounge Poker Trillion Forum Challenge The game kicks off at 1830 GMT - 730 PM UK. We have just added the function that allows you to customise the time to your local time zone, however this has been set up incorrectly. I will get onto those in the know today to get this sorted. If you want the time to display correctly, in the meantime set your time zone as GMT - 4. I know !!!!! Col
  25. Re: Play APT for FREE with PokerTrillion well there are now over 100 step 3 tickets out there and the freerolls have been going less than a week. Some Step 3's are happening via the SnG's. Just click the Satellite tab from the main lobby.
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