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  1. Re: Where are you playing Monday 16th September Busted in 243rd or something..... Too bad, i had a good feeling about it. K7 vs BB's K8 in an attempted blind steal from the button, K-high flop and i was gone
  2. Re: Where are you playing Monday 16th September
  3. Re: Where are you playing Monday 16th September
  4. Re: Where are you playing Monday 16th September What is your nick in the $5k Joe? Mine is "MakrillFile" :)
  5. Re: Where are you playing Monday 16th September Will go for these as well :hope
  6. Re: Rio Jackpot Bankroll Builder Thanks for the tip Senshi. Apparently 5 searches free per day there as well. Anyways, i have checked 20 players now that i have spotted on these tables. Of these 20, 16 were loosing (some heavily), 2 were about breakeven and 2 were winning players. So 4 out of 5 loosing so far. And i got the names of the players to avoid :) Played another one earlier which i won! :nana
  7. Re: Rio Jackpot Bankroll Builder Checked Sharkscope on 7 players so far who i have seen play Rio. 1 was about breakeven, the other 6 steady loosers, some of them have lost ALOT. Used up todays free searches, thinking about getting that "200 searches for $10". Knowing your opponents is crucial.
  8. Re: Rio Jackpot Bankroll Builder Some good input there Bart. I noticed, for the 3 games i did play yesterday, that it was almost the same players in all of them. The rules say that a 6-win streak is not eligable for the jackpot if the same players are in all 6, so that is something to keep in mind. Also, i am aware that there probably are better sng's for building purposes, but i am (at least for now) a little bit intruiged by that jackpot. Guess i will just play some and then we'll see. Maybe i switch to other types of sng's later, but for now, i will stick to these for a while. About Sharkscope, this player was in all three sng's: Steady loosing. This one also in all three. Looks like loosing player with a few really big MTT wins:
  9. Re: Rio Jackpot Bankroll Builder Three tonight, two busts (coinflips) and one 3rd place for $24
  10. Hi everyone...! After a very very long break from these forums, i'm back! :loon (I somewhat "blame" Diablo III for consuming my time for at least a year!) I will start a little challenge for myself, namely play Rio Jackpot SNG at IPoker network (Bet365 client). These are 6-handed 1-table SNG's, whereas you win 6 in a row, you win a progressive jackpot of at least $30.000 :loon There is also a consolation prize of $300 if you manage to place top-two in 6 in a row. The buyin is $20 + $3.50, which is $1.50 more than the usual 10% fee. My estimate is that the consolation prize should roughly make up for the increased fee. A streak of 6 top-two places in the span of 200 6-seat SNG's seems doable. But! The challenge is really about building my bankroll a bit (and to see if i can still do this poker-thingie). Will probably start later tonight and i will update this thread quite often. Nice to be back!
  11. Re: Lay 0-0 Halftime - £10 to £100 Ha ha shortest GH ever :(
  12. Risky GH but just for a little fun. Start bank £10, all bets with Betfair and result after 5% commission. Bet 1: QPR - Chelsea, lay 0-0 HT @ 3.20
  13. Re: Glory Hunters Consecutive Bets League
  14. Re: #2: £229.19 to £500 by tommorow (weds) morning! (Currently...£378.16!) Well done again with Sarandi, close now if you want to make your target. But on the other hand, don't rush it, take your time. Setting time limits can only force you to make less quality selections :ok
  15. Re: #2: £229.19 to £500 by tommorow (weds) morning! Well done so far. Really close with the Mirandes match!