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  1. Re: Turkey > Spor Toto Süper Lig > 2014/15 The match was nearly as I expected.One thing I didnt expect was a 4-0 scoreline.. Dont worry about it.We all have our days..
  2. Re: Turkey > Spor Toto Süper Lig > 2014/15 SIVASSPOR BURSASPOR Both of the teams are in need of points to their expectations.Sivas will be going for the 3 points to stay clar out of relegation zone and Bursa will be going to get the maximum points to clinch the 4th spot to go into the european competition next year. I expect the home side to go at it from the start.Only issue is that the visitors are good team of counter and they have the power to score against any team in the league right now.With likes of Fernandinho,Volkan,Ozan and Tufan the visitors have the advantage up front
  3. Re: UEFA Europa League > Thursday March 19th I was at the stadium when Be?ikta? eliminated Liverpool on penalties and I have to say that the atmosphere was nothing I had seen before in any of Be?ikta? matches before including the decibel record breaking Liverpool match several years back when we had won 2-1.This match will be even worse than both of those matches because it will be 70.000+ fans cheering,booing and chanting every second of the match.This will definately boost the home side and give them extra motivation on the pitch. As for the latest news Be?ikta? will be on field with n
  4. Re: Turkey > Spor Toto Süper Lig > 2014/15 As always again a nice post my friend.But there are some things I dont agree with so I would like to share them with the forum. Be?ikta? have a good and a deep squad made up of young and talented individuals.Slaven Bilic turned these individuals into a team but recently the team has gone indvidual again.The key factors behind this is that team has played +40 matches since the start of season which lyes back to July.The fit and nonfit players are trying to make up a team but they arent doing a pretty good job at it including Eski?ehirspor
  5. Re: Turkey > Spor Toto Süper Lig > 2014/15 I guess i deserve a little thank you from whoever read this post.I just couldnt think that the pitch would be so shit that Demba couldnt connect with the ball. Oguzhan's performance was below his current form!! Also the referee didnt put me down as he showed a very contreversial red card! :nana
  6. Re: Turkey > Spor Toto Süper Lig > 2014/15 BE??KTA? - GALATASARAY Its again another derby between the two rivals and hopefully it will be a derby to remember with the football played rather than the referee decision made! First of all I believe Be?ikta? will be very much motivated for the match but I am afraid that the players will be over motivated as they were in the derby against Fenerbahçe when they froze and couldnt really perform to their standards conceding an early goal and losing the match as a result. Keynote for Be?ikta? will be missing Atiba Hutchinson in midfield du
  7. Re: Southampton v Chelsea > Sunday December 28th [h=1]Southampton v Chelsea[/h] I have been a big fan of Mourinho through the years and I must say that he hasn't been this brilliant since his Internazionale days! He has put up a team that believes in each other as individuals and has given them the mentality that if performed as a team nothing can be an excuse in the way to major achievements! The club and the fans are feeling this so everything is going in the direction that Mou has planned.However I think there is still room for improvement in midfield as well as in the up front men if
  8. Re: Ligue 2 > Friday August 1st All the best for the new season meatman!
  9. Re: Turkey > Spor Toto Süper Lig & First Division > 2013/14 Be?ikta? were the better side as Bilic's game plan proved to be better than Mancini's but at the end the match was decided by a amateur foul made by an on loan signee Dany from GS.He comitted a foul which proved his away move from his club because it was such an amateur and careless foul causing a penalty.It was the 38th minute where Be?ikta? were the better side and the hosts didnt have any chances until that minute.The game was going just like I had thought but I couldnt calculate Dany's carelessness..My 1st half d
  10. Re: Turkey > Spor Toto Süper Lig & First Division > 2013/14 Galatasaray 11: Muslera - Veysel - Semih - Hakan - Telles - Melo - Selçuk Ceyhun - Burak - Drogba - Sneijder. Besiktas 11: Tolga - Necip - Franco - Dany - Motta - Veli - Atiba - Oguzhan - Olcay - Gökhan - Almeida. Hakan's performance will be important as he originally is a fullback. He has played as a CB before but I think his lack of speed will be important tonight.
  11. Re: Turkey > Spor Toto Süper Lig & First Division > 2013/14 GALATASARAY - BE??KTA? Most people look at the derby as a decider for the top 2 positions but I think we are a long way from that.There are still matches to be played and neither of the teams is playing balanced football on a home and away basis.The home side havent lost a match on their home ground this season and the visitors lead the league in the most points collected on away matches.Where as if you flip the coin,the home side have been quite shit on the road and the visitors are paying the dues of building a new st
  12. Re: Ligue 2 > February 21st - 24th Meatman great post once again.It can be shown as an example in most of the betting forum sites.Well done buddy...
  13. Re: Turkey > Spor Toto Süper Lig & First Division > 2013/14 Bursaspor v Rizespor First of all I have to mention that this match will be played with out supporters due to Bursaspor's one match fine.Home side will be missing their strong centreback Serdar Aziz meanwhile the visitors will be without experienced forward/winger LuaLua,left back Hur?ut,experienced winter signing sort of like a number 10 Engin Baytar.Also Viera is suspended for the match. Christoph Daum has been critisized over the past couple of weeks and this match might go both ways as it can be some sort of relief
  14. Re: Turkey > Spor Toto Süper Lig & First Division > 2013/14 Konyaspor v Elazigspor Expecting an easy win for the home side in tonights fixture.Like I have stated in my earlier comments Konyaspor will be he rising star of the second half of the league as the team has gelled in more and they have acquired the services of a experienced mid table teams manager Mesut Bakkal.I personally trust his football knowledge and can pretty much sure say that Konyaspor will finish the league between 15th - 11th.If they finish higher it would be an extreme accomplishment for them.Meanwhile Elaz?
  15. Re: Turkey > Spor Toto Süper Lig & First Division > 2013/14 KASIMPA?A - KONYASPOR Kas?mpa?a have lost its rhythm that it had in the beginning of the season and IMO they will be even loosing it more in the second half of the season.They have somewhat of a quality squad to finish in the middle of the table at the end of season.Couple of players recently joined the team but I believe they wont be the solution to the teams lack of goal scoring either.The midfield they have is pretty good but the lack of strikers will be an issue come the second part of season. On the other hand Kon
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