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  1. I would just like to second point 1 from Froment, expand the top menu with shortcut links. I really miss being able to click Other and then S&S so i can get to the forum i want without scrolling and looking down the list. ( and yes i know i can create a shortcut directly to the forum URL but that's not the point )
  2. Re: Can there really be a system? Let's simply assume this statement to be accurate :-) Your knowledge has to be superior by more than 6.8% in this case to even start to make a profit. That in itself is hard to achieve and once there it is extremely fragile. Then you have used the word "consistent", if you rely on your knowledge of the sport then you are primarily using your own brain to make betting decisions. Unfortunately the brain isn't exactly "consistent" over time, decisions made today may differ from those you make in a year even given exactly the same circumstances. This means that even if you consistently make a profit over a given period of time that may change at any moment. The problem is you won't know it has changed until you've lost a bundle. So yes it is possible but don't count on it. My advice would be to create some sort of structure in your life that supports you, i.e. a job. Then make arrangements for 'consistency' in your daily life as much as possible. On top of that try your hand at betting but know it takes a long time, several seasons at least before you get any confirmation that indeed you can beat the 6.8% and even then things may 'turn' on you at any moment without you noticing so modesty is the key. One of the problems you'll get is time-management. In order to be profitable you need multiple accounts and take the best prices you can get. Can you be on-line at the right time to do that. You'll see a few systems posted here showing profit. Try your hand at following one on paper. Take the prices you can get at the time you are on-line to place your bet. Often you will need to take a lower price that the system poster has done. That will eat away any profit. Just see what difference it makes.
  3. Re: New tool for stats minded punters Not that many people are interested, out of those not all know what to do with the info, out of those that do many won't pay money for it, ( especially since with a little effort you can find the info on sites for free ) Out of the ones interested and that know what to do with the info many have the skills and know-how to collect the data for themselves. Maybe you should have done your market research before you started your business, then you wouldn't be so surprised at the low interest rate. ( note i said low interest rate, which is different from 'lack of interest' ) I applaud your initiative and wish you good luck with the enterprise, but you are operating in a very small niche market and low interest is normal.
  4. Re: Systematic Selections : 35 Selections : +0.47pts : 1.34% Yield Matthew, you need to be a lot more consistent in how you post your bets. It is totally unclear to me what you bet on and what the result is. For example you cannot post "TAKE BET" and then go back to "check prices", so which is it. Once you say "take bet" then that's it, it's a bet. First posts, 10 bets, 7 "take bet" and yet only 6 results, in post 6 you have 6 bets and the list of bets to come starts at 'Woking', in post 12 you add 1 result but the list of bets to come jumps to 'Barnet', a jump of 9 bets of which 6 where marked as "take bet" in post 14 one bet was added to the result but the list of bets to come jumps to 'Sheffield Weds', a jump of 11 bets with 7 marked as "take bet" in post 15 you add 9 results and move the list 20 bets.... confused ? nah. You need to post unambiguously what you bet on and what the result is and match the stats results to that. So i suggest you split your list in 'bets' and 'potentials'.
  5. Re: real betfair price tax considered Doesn't the betfair website display prices after commission ? I'm sure there's a setting to make it do that, that allows you to check. EDIT: Display options, Profit & Loss, Display net of commission.
  6. Re: real betfair price tax considered Make sure you check each market, last time i looked there was a message, " because of your location (Netherlands) your base commission is now 8% " and more on some markets, so don't assume a blank 5% , it differs, check per market to be sure.
  7. Re: Big Favourites System Thread moved because in-play bets can only be done in this forum. Please take the time to read the rules on top of the forum. Good luck.
  8. Re: Simple (Stupid?) Question You've answered your own question. Anyone who bets inside the bookmakers margin loses little by little. In order to make a profit you must first overcome the margin, used to be standard about 10% but these days using multiple select bookmakers you can reduce it to about 5%, and then find enough winners/good odds to make a profit. The most difficult part of it all is to find a way to be consistent over time. Considering we're all biological bags of randomness we shouldn't be surprised at that.
  9. Re: "Sports-Betting as a Business" (108 picks +38% yield) Zbrochu, as the rules say you cannot use the forum to advertise a paid service. However you as a person are most welcome to participate in conversations on the Forum, so don't be a stranger.
  10. Re: PunterAssist Betting Log I made a simple request for clarification for he reason already outlined. Nothing more should be read into it. PunterAssist, good luck with your betting.
  11. Re: PunterAssist Betting Log Actually no, i don't understand, if this is a 'log' then it would be normal to post a bet at the time the bet is made, with the price at that time. How is anyone supposed to know you use yesterdays odds, which is weird to say the least. And actually i consider it a form of after-eventing, you pick a bet, if the odds drop you post it as dropping odds would indicate the price you got was good, if they rise you don't post it as rising odds indicate you got a bad price, that way you manage to post a betting 'log' where you only got good prices and never bad prices, misleading to say the least. I'm not accusing you of doing this deliberately but that is what it looks like. So from now on post the bets as soon as they are placed at the price at that time. An hour delay i can understand, a day is way too much.
  12. Re: PunterAssist Betting Log At what time did you get 1.43 at bet365 because at the time of posting they where only 1.36 ?
  13. Re: Calculating Yield ? Yield for an actually voided bet is 0, VOID means the bet is cancelled as if it never existed, so it simply doesn't matter. AH +0 with a draw is not a VOID bet, it is a correctly settled bet and should be included in both yield and strike rate,
  14. Re: PunterAssist Betting Log What's the result so far, total number of bets, total amount staked, profit from all that (i know it's 170) what is the yield from that ?
  15. Re: Under/Over system Can we have a results total for the thread please, total bets, total staked, profit/loss from that ?
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