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  1. Re: Turkey > Super Lig > 2012-13 ordu-galatasaray Orduspor: Fornezzi, Miguel Garcia, İbrahim, Agustin Garcia, Atila, Umbides, Ali, Nizamettin, Barral, Hasan, Stancu Galatasaray: Muslera, Eboue, Semih, Dany, Hakan, Hamit, Selçuk, Melo, Amrabat, Elmander, Burak galatasaray plays very impressive games in turkey and champions league.. today gala play with full squad except ulfaluji.. but gala can replace him with danny easyly..i watced all of the games and gala wins match ver comfartable.. ordu is good team at home and has very important manager like hector cuper.. but gala is the
  2. Re: Turkey > Super Lig > 2012-13 kasımpaşa straight wins ; 2.30 betsson preview later..
  3. Re: Turkey Super Lig 2011/2012 manisa- ordu manisa played very impressive game to trabzon last match.. but manisa got lots of goal positions but didnt score.. and they conceded very unlucky goal.. there is no important missing for manisa. ordu played good football to fenerbahçe last match.. but today Fatih Tekke, Numan Çürüksu, Sedat Bayrak are injured, Jean Jacques Gosso and Banahene Osei left team for african cup.. and most important player for ordu julio (play maker of the team) is suspended. manisa straight wins; 1.95 bets10
  4. Re: Turkey Super Lig 2011/2012 galatasaray- ibb gala is the best team of turkish super league.. and this is revenge time cause first match ibb beat us 2-0.. only melo and emre çolak wont play but we can replace them with albert riera and ayhan.. ibb play awfull recently.. no chence.. gala -1 handicap
  5. Re: Turkey Super Lig 2011/2012 sivas- karabük sivas plays very impressive at home.. eneramo, grosicki and erman very offencive players and there is no problem to score goal.. only faty and hayrettin wont play today.. sivas can replace them easyly.. karabük plays awfull away..and today nikoliç(defence) , shelton(offence) wont play.. these are most important players for karabük.. karabük transferde very good players but new transfers wont play today the rules of turkish football federation. sivas straight wins; 1.85 bets10
  6. Re: Turkey Super Lig 2011/2012 mersin- ankaragücü there is no need to explain about this match.. ankaragücü will play full A2 team today.. and mersin will pla full squad.. ankaragücü; bora, mehmet, aydın,ümit, ishak bilal,muhammet, abdullah, gökhan,aybars,engin... no chance for ankaragücü.. 4-0 0r 5-0 for mersin..
  7. Re: Turkey Super Lig 2011/2012 -1 handicap 2.35 at the moment at bets10. But odds will drop cause lots of players left club due to financial problems.
  8. Re: Turkey Super Lig 2011/2012 mersin idman yurdu -1 handicap prewiev later..
  9. Re: Turkey Super Lig 2011/2012 Tuesday 3 January 2012 Home Draw Away BPP Kayserispor v Bursaspor Kulübü (16:00 GMT) 2.5 3.16 2.94 105.66 % Sivasspor v KDC Karabükspor (16:00 GMT) 1.97 3.4 4.3 103.43 % Trabzonspor v Manisaspor (16:00 GMT) 1.66 3.65 5.76 104.76 % Galatasaray SK v Istanbul Büyüksehir Belediyespor (18:30 GMT) 1.45 4.2 8 105.28 % Mersin Idman Yurdu v MKE Ankaragücü (18:30 GMT) 1.6 3.75 6.5 104.55 % Wednesday 4 January 2012 Home Draw Away BPP Gençlerbirligi SK v Samsunspor (16:00 GMT) 1.75 3.41 5 106.47 % Orduspor v Fenerbahçe SK (16:00 GMT) 5
  10. Re: Turkey Super Lig 2011/2012 gençlerbirliği- ibb gençler plays very impressive games lately.. especially at home they play very offencive and good football.. last week gençler beat trabzon away.. and showed that they can beat every team at home.. there is no important missing or suspended player for today.. after arif erdem became manager ibb doesnt play good football lately.. today hasagiç(goal keeper) ali güzeldal, efe inanç and zayetta wont play.. ibb can replace these players but these are important missings as my opinion.. gençler wins; 2.35 bets10
  11. Re: Turkey Super Lig September 24th-27th 2010 yes sorry, i mention about manucho.. and mendy..
  12. Re: Turkey Super Lig September 24th-27th 2010 bursa-buca bursa will play full squad today.. they have great motivation for turkish super league.. sercan, insua, batalla volkan şen, turgay are great attack players.. Orhan Ak, Erman, Veli and Dahmane.. buca has very important defence players out.. and buca has very important attack player manuco for offence.. we will see lots of goals.. over 2,5 ; 2.00 betsson
  13. Re: turkish Turkcell SuperLig 13-15/08 hi guys, we will be together for tne new season..now, it is so early but beşiktaş straight wins for first week of turkcell super league. beşiktaş transfered very important players like ricardo quaresma(inter) and guti hernandez(real madrid).. beşiktaş opened this season very early because of europen cup matches and beşiktaş is the most ready team for new season.. it is very big chance for us, cause buca is the new comer and their squad is rubbish for the super league..
  14. Sunday 15 August 2010HomeDrawAwayBPPBucaspor v Besiktas JK (11:30 BST) 5.08 3.59 1.63 108.63 %Bursaspor Kulübü v Konyaspor (11:30 BST) 1.31 4.56 9.12 108.69 %Eskisehirspor v Gençlerbirligi SK (11:30 BST) 1.88 3.4 3.81 108.71 %Fenerbahçe SK v Antalyaspor (11:30 BST) 1.37 4.25 8.1 108.70 %Gaziantepspor v Kasimpasa SK (11:30 BST) 2.03 3.35 3.35 108.96 %Istanbul Büyüksehir Belediyespor v Kayserispor (11:30 BST) 2.04 3.32 3.36 108.90 %KDC Karabükspor v Manisaspor (11:30 BST) 2.23 3.3 2.95 109.04 %MKE Ankaragücü v Trabzonspor (11:30 BST) 3.91 3.5 1.83 108.69 %Sivasspor v Galatasaray SK (11:
  15. Re: Turkish Superlig 29-31/1 ANTALYASPOR Ömer Erhan Güven Yalçın Orhan Ak Şenol Can Batak Ertuğrul Jedinak Tita Necati Ateş Serge T.D: Mehmet Özdilek BEŞİKTAŞ Rüştü Ekrem İ.Toraman Sivok İ.Ãœzülmez Ernst Fink Holosko Tello Nihat Bobo T.D: Mustafa Denizli beşiktaş has very important missings for defence.. the most important player ferrari is injured, ibrahim kaş is suspended.. and beşiktaş will play very offencive team today.. holosko, nihat, bobo and tello are great offence players.. antalya plays very offencive at home.. last match antalya scored 4 times to fenerbahçe.. nec
  16. Re: Turkish Leagues 18-20/december gaziantep-denizli denizli has very awfull offence.. denizli scored only 2 goals in 8 games this season.. last week denizli couldnt get any goal position to trabzon at home.. antep plays good football but they can not score easyly too.. antep has very good midfield but they can not have good strikers.. under 2.5 ; 1.75 bet365
  17. Re: Turkish Leagues 18-20/december eskişehir-diyarbakır Eskişehir plays very nice football at home.. this week ümit karan and mehmet yılmaz wont play due to injury problem but adem and youla can replace these players easyly. especially adem played great for fenerbahçe and scored 2 nice goals.. there is no another injured or suspended player for eskişehir.. diyarbakır has very awfull condition at the moment... club has been suffering financial problems.. and this week diyarbakır has very important players out.. espinoza (goalkeeper) , tolga ( defence) , basem abbas( defence) and ayman( m
  18. Re: Turkish Leagues 18-20/december kayseri-antalya kayseri plays very impressive this season especially at home.. kayseri has very important attack players like makukula ( top scorer super league) cangele and mehmet eren.. these are vet dangerous offence players.. kayseri plays very fast and open football at home this season.. after antalya transfered necati ateş , strated to score.. last match, antalya scored 2 goals and got lots of goal positions.. jedinak, zitouni and serge djeoua will hepl necati to score.. i wait lots of goals.. over 2.5 ; 2.07 (value) bet365
  19. Re: Turkish Leagues 18-20/december galasaray-gençlerbirliği gençler has very important players out.. especially on defence.. 2 important defence players ilhan and radeljic wont play due to suspended.. and most important offence player mustafa pekdemek is injured.. galatasaray has great offnce players like arda, kewell, elano and keita.. these are ready for this game.. frank didnt take these to sturm graz for this game.. gala is great offence team.. galatasaray -1 handicap; 2.05 sportingbet
  20. Re: Turkish Leagues 18-20/december Beşiktaş Rüştü İ.Toraman Sivok Ferrari İ.Ãœzülmez Fink Ernst Ekrem Tello İsmail Bobo T.D: Mustafa Denizli Bursaspor İvankov A.Tandoğan Ömer Zapotocny M.Keçeli Ozan İpek Ergiç Kirita Volkan Şen Sercan Turgay T.D: Ertuğrul Sağlam it is rainy in istanbul today.. and the weather is too cold.. beşiktaş plays very defencive games this season.. they can not conced goal but they dont score too.. beşiktaş will play with only 1 striker today it is bobo.. and bobo is not ready %100 cause he was injured bacause of training.. bursa comes to beşiktaş for
  21. Friday 18 December 2009HomeDrawAwayBPPBesiktas JK v Bursaspor Kulübü (18:00 GMT) 1.69 3.95 6.5 99.87 % Saturday 19 December 2009HomeDrawAwayBPPEskisehirspor v Diyarbakirspor (11:30 GMT) 1.76 3.8 5.6 100.99 %Gaziantepspor v Denizlispor Kulübü (11:30 GMT) 1.65 3.95 6.2 102.05 %Kasimpasa SK v Manisaspor (11:30 GMT) 2.3 3.45 3.55 100.63 %Kayserispor v Antalyaspor (11:30 GMT) 1.66 4 7.2 98.89 %MKE Ankaragücü v Sivasspor (14:00 GMT) 2.28 3.5 3.6 100.21 %Galatasaray SK v Gençlerbirligi SK (18:00 GMT) 1.43 4.9 9.4 100.98 % Sunday 20 December 2009HomeDrawAwayBPPTrabzonspor v Fenerbahçe SK (18:0
  22. Re: Turkey 27-29 November Bursaspor İvankov Tuna Ömer Zapotocny Mustafa Keçeli Ozan İpek İvan Ergiç Hüseyin Çimşir Volkan Şen Batalla Turgay Galatasaray Leo Franco Sabri (n) Gökhan Servet Hakan Mehmet Topal Mustafa Sarp Barış (arda) Keita Kewell Nonda bursa played very lucky game last weekend.. gaziantep got lots of goal positions but they coulndt score and bursa scored from corner.. i dont like bursa is game so much.. they lost gençlerbirliği at home 2 weeks ago.. there is huge class difference between gala and bursa.. bursa will play without sercan yıldırım who is the bets p
  23. Re: Turkish Super Leagues 6-8/11 BURSASPOR Ivankov Ali Tandoğan Ömer Zapotocny Mustafa Keçeli Volkan Ergiç Hüseyin Ozan Batalla Turgay T.D: Ertuğrul Sağlam GENÇLERBİRLİĞİ Serdar Orhan Radeljic İlhan Aykut Burhan Harbuzi Kerem Hurşit Kahe Sandro T.D: Thomas Doll bursa plays very impressive games at home.. this season bursa plays 4-0-1 at home.. this is very normal cause bursa has very strong squad, gerat manager and very amazing audiences.. it is very difficult to play football in bursa.. only sercan yıldırım wont play for bursa.. but bursa can replace him easyly.. gençlerbirl
  24. Re: UEFA Europa League » Nov 05 Dinamo Bükreş: Dolha, Diabate, Goian, Tamas, Scarlatache, N'Doye, Adrian Cristea, Rus, Alexe, Torje, Andrei Cristea Galatasaray: Franco, Sabri, Gökhan, Servet, Hakan, Mehmet, Mustafa, Ayhan, Kewell, Arda, Nonda galatasaray will play full squad, only milan baros is injured.. and game will be played without audience.. this is very big advantage for gala, cause gala has very important players and dinamo is so poor.. arda, kewell,nonda, keita and elano.. this is fantastic mix.. galatasaray straight wins; 2.2 betsson
  25. Re: Turkish Super Leagues 6-8/11 Bursa straight wins.. preview later.
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