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  1. Re: Sweden Allsvenskan 2011 Thats nice, but both Soderberg and Borg are suspended, and Blomqvist-Zampi is still doubtful, and these three are Oster`s best goalscorers this season with 10, 8 and 5 goals respectively. GL with your bet, I have this one as a draw. ;) :hope
  2. Re: Bulgarian A PFG 21-23/3 Spartak (Varna) - CSKA Sofia Another tricky visit for the champions after their trip to Plovdiv in midweek to face Lokomotiv. CSKA is in very good shape, since the new coach Luboslav Penev stepped in, the team has three wins in a row. Most important - CSKA scored three goals in each of them - 3:0 vs Belasica, 3:0 vs Sliven and 3:1 vs Lokomotiv Plovdiv. For today, they have only one missing - new defender Yordan Minev, but he can be replaced. Spartak is a relegation fighter, who really needs to win maximum points at home. Most surprisingly, they have not lost during the second half of the championship. They started with a draw at Mezdra vs Lokomotiv, then poor 0-0 at home vs Belasica and really unexpected win vs Sliven away. For this match they have only one player, who cannot play - Stefan Donchev. In last 5 games vs each other CSKA has 5 wins. ATM CSKA looks like the stronger team in A Group, thanks to the new coach. I think that it would be big surprise, if CSKA didnot take the whole three pts at Varna. Sportingbet gives 1.35 for the AW, which is not very tempting, so I will try and other bet - CSKA to win by more than a goal difference (-1), priced @ 1.91 GL to all :)
  3. Re: Bulgaria APFG (13 - 16 March) In other three games... CSKA game is tricky for me, home side are better and should win, but Sliven are unpredictable. Odds for HW are too low and I don`t like them. Think that CSKA should win the three pts, but it wont be easy. I wont bet on that game... Spartak (Varna) have a must-win game vs Belasica. Bela are last with 10 pts, weakest team in A Group and I think that they will be relegated at the end of the season. Varna have not won a game in last 5 months, they gained a pts last round in Mezdra, which I did not expect, and today they should fight for the victory, which will equalize their pst active with 14th placed Botev. This is a game, that can be decisive for Spartak's future in bulgarian elite and I think that they will do their utmost do get a win. Home Win for me, priced 1.45 at Sportingbet. Slavia welcomes Loko Mezdra, and home side are clear favourites here, especially with their win last round vs Litex away. But with 1.35 for Slavia, I dont think it is worthy to put my money on them. Nobody expected Slavia to win in Lovech, now everybody expects a win vs poor Lokomotiv. I prefer to skip that game too, as Slavia many times has proved that is really unpredictable team...
  4. Re: Bulgaria APFG (13 - 16 March) Some thoughts about today`s games I`ll share... In Plovdiv, my team Botev welcomes title chasers Levski. This is a very important game for both teams. First, Levski is a point ahead of rivals CSKA, who have also tricky game this round - at home vs Sliven, who is the only team, that beated CSKA this campaign. Botev is still in the relegation zone, with 15 pts, just a point less than Vihren and safe 13th spot. For the home side Harizanov, Alegre, Mapoka, Andonov and goalie Toshev are out, for the visitors Bistron, Wagner, Dimitrov and Krystovchev wont play. I really cant put my money on any of these two clubs right now, because they are far from their best form. Levski won hard vs Vihren last round with 3-2 at home, winning goal in 89th minute. Botev lost 1-2 to Chernomorets, showed some decent play, but still it is not good enough. I prefer to bet on goals here, and over 2.5 with odds 1.80 at Sportingbet looks good. Levski should won this tie, individualy their players are twice better than Botevs` and should create many chances for a goal, and with poor defence that home side has think that they can score two or even more. Despite bad form, Botev can be dangerous at home, where the club needs to win points to secure place in A Group. I believe that our players are capable of scoring a goal, which should be enough for the bet to be completed... The weather here is fine, no signs of rain, so the two teams can go on the pitch and entertain the audience at the stadium...
  5. Friday 13 March 2009Home Draw Away BPPPirin Blagoevgrad v Lokomotiv Sofia (13:30GMT) 2.803.202.70104.00 % Details »Hide « Pirin Blagoevgrad v Lokomotiv Sofia Saturday 14 March 2009Home Draw Away BPPBotev Plovdiv v Levski Sofia (11:00GMT) % Details »Hide « Botev Plovdiv v Levski Sofia CSKA Sofia v Sliven (13:30GMT) 1.364.508.50107.32 % Details »Hide « CSKA Sofia v Sliven Slavia Sofia v Mezdra (13:30GMT) 1.364.208.00109.64 % Details »Hide « Slavia Sofia v Mezdra Spartak Vn v Belasitsa Petrich (13:30GMT) 1.464.507.50104.05 % Details »Hide « Spartak Vn v Belasitsa Petrich Sunday 15 March 2009Home Draw Away BPPVihren Sandanski v Cherno More Varna (11:00GMT) % Details »Hide « Vihren Sandanski v Cherno More Varna Chernomorets B v Lokomotiv Plovdiv (17:30GMT) 1.723.554.75107.12 % Details »Hide « Chernomorets B v Lokomotiv Plovdiv Monday 16 March 2009Home Draw Away BPPPernik v Litex Lovech (13:30GMT) 6.203.901.61103.67 % Details »
  6. Re: Bulgarian APFG (6 - 8 March) Just to add some words... The weather in Plovdiv right now is really nice - sunny, no signs of rain or heavy snow, its perfect for football. I completely agree with your pick, I simply cannot see Lokomotiv get the three pts today, as Sliven are really decent team, which did not sell any of their leading players during the winter break and instead of it they captured two or three really classy players. For today they only have one problem - Ivelin Yanev is out, and one of the new players - defender Velichko Velichkov is not in the group. For Lokomotiv, midfielders Ivan Karamanov and brazilian Tom are not available, as Ivan is injured, and Tom is suspended for his red card vs Botev in last round three months ago. I think Sliven`s midfield is better than Lokomotiv`s, as they have national player Costa Yanev, and new experienced Iliev and Karamatev. Loko has a hole in midfield as key Rumen Goranov left the club, as well as talented defender Yordan Miliev, which replacement - Benin international def Felicien Singbo here is called "Morgan Freeman`s older brother", so there is still a mystery about his qualities... I bet ot X2 here, and wish you best of luck... ;)
  7. Friday 6 March 2009Home Draw Away BPPLokomotiv Plovdiv v Sliven (13:30GMT) % Details »Hide « Lokomotiv Plovdiv v Sliven Saturday 7 March 2009Home Draw Away BPPMezdra v Spartak Vn (11:00GMT) 1.803.404.20108.78 % Details »Hide « Mezdra v Spartak Vn Belasitsa Petrich v CSKA Sofia (13:30GMT) 10.005.501.31104.52 % Details »Hide « Belasitsa Petrich v CSKA Sofia Chernomorets B v Botev Plovdiv (17:00GMT) 1.454.008.00106.47 % Details »Hide « Chernomorets B v Botev Plovdiv Sunday 8 March 2009Home Draw Away BPPLokomotiv Sofia v Pernik (11:00GMT) 1.503.807.00107.27 % Details »Hide « Lokomotiv Sofia v Pernik Cherno More Varna v Pirin Blagoevgrad (13:30GMT) 1.504.006.80106.37 % Details »Hide « Cherno More Varna v Pirin Blagoevgrad Levski Sofia v Vihren Sandanski (17:30GMT) 1.255.5011.00107.27 % Details »Hide « Levski Sofia v Vihren Sandanski Monday 9 March 2009Home Draw Away BPPLitex Lovech v Slavia Sofia (17:00GMT) 1.404.007.50109.76 % Details »
  8. Re: Bulgarian APFG 21 - 24/11 A clear game in Varna today imo. Spartak in very poor shape, today the new coach Georgi Mirchev will make his debut. Two big missing players for the home side - captain Velimir Ivanovic and key midfielder Daniel Morales. The visitors are one of the best sides this season, I rate them a litthe higher than so called "grands" here - Levski adn CSKA, Loko just have no luck. Svetoslav Dyakov and Ivaylo Ivanov are the only two missing players for the visitors, but they have adequate covers in likes of Viktor Spisic and Hristo Zlatinski. I believe that Lokomotiv will be too strong for Spartak, home side just lost the derby game vs city rival Cherno more with 0:5 and you can imagine that the moral there is low. Sportingbet gives 2.00 for a away win, I`m willing to take it, with normal stake - 6/10. GL ;) Spartak: Nikolov, Petrov, Donchev, Marinov, Dimov, Bayrektarov, Georgiev, Boev, Donchev, Ivanov, Sakaliev<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> Coach: G. Marchev Lokomotiv Sofia: Bondjulic, Dobrev, Markov, Dzaferovic, Bandalovski, Atanasov, Zlatinski, Mitev, Spisic, Baldovaliev, Bogdanovic Coach: D. Okuka
  9. Re: Bulgaria I. 12th round 7.-10.Nov.2008 A strange game today, Pirin vs Vihren, where anything can happen... Pirin good at home, took 11 of their 12 points so far here and should be motivated enough to win the whole three against Vihren... Both teams with their full squads, but despite some decent results, they don`t impress with their display. It is a kind of a regional derby and I can say that the two teams are quite the same level. Vihren lost last game vs Minyoro (Pernik) at home /0:1/ and need to get a reasult here, or coach Filipov will be sacked, as well as some of the foreign players in the club. A nice odds from Betsafe for X2 double chance offers 1.84 for that... GL ;) Pirin: Chavdarov, Popev, Dafkov, Koemdziev, Martines, Palankov, Kotsev, Peev, Kostadinov, Hazurov, Pietrobon <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> Vihren: Lucini, Georgiev, Paes, Dzorov, Feher, Georgiev, Karadimitrius, Sukardinha, Eriverton, Tihamer, <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Santos
  10. Saturday 22 March 2008Home Draw Away BPPLitex Lovech v Spartak Vn (16:00GMT) 1.206.0013.00108% Details »Hide « Litex Lovech v Spartak Vn Levski Sofia v Belasitsa Petrich (16:30GMT) 1.207.2018.50103% Details »Hide « Levski Sofia v Belasitsa Petrich Sunday 23 March 2008Home Draw Away BPPBotev Plovdiv v Slavia Sofia (13:30GMT) Details »Hide « Botev Plovdiv v Slavia Sofia Cherno more Varna v Lokomotiv Plovdiv (13:30GMT) 1.603.505.25110% Details »Hide « Cherno more Varna v Lokomotiv Plovdiv Marek Dupnitsa v Beroe (13:30GMT) 1.573.756.50106% Details »Hide « Marek Dupnitsa v Beroe Chernomorets B v Lokomotiv Sofia (15:00GMT) 3.603.402.12104% Details »Hide « Chernomorets B v Lokomotiv Sofia CSKA Sofia v Pirin Blagoevgrad (15:00GMT) 1.235.2512.00109% Details »
  11. Re: Bulgarian APFG (19-20 March) Yep, bet lost, but I am very happy for my team. I did not expect Botev to play like this, a very decent game for all of the players, especially Georgi Kakalov, for scoring both two goals for Botev. They actually were leading 1-2 until 87th minute, when Loko Sofia scored for the FT - 2:2, with a very very strange goal... PS: Bad weather is one of the reasons for the low scoring round, I believe that in next round we will see more goals, so... See you then... Tosh
  12. Re: Bulgarian APFG (19-20 March) Yes, Lilcho Arsov is out for Botev, he is suspended for this game... And no, Botev has no chances to get a point today. I see a clear home win, with more than a goal margin, which at Sportingbet is priced well - @ 1.71 . One thing more - a bad snowy weather here in Sofia, it is always hard to play in such kind of conditions ...
  13. Wednesday 19 March 2008Home Draw Away BPPLokomotiv Sofia v Botev Plovdiv (13:00GMT) 1.286.0013.00102% Details »Hide « Lokomotiv Sofia v Botev Plovdiv Belasitsa Petrich v Litex Lovech (13:30GMT) 4.504.001.75104% Details »Hide « Belasitsa Petrich v Litex Lovech Beroe v Cherno more Varna (13:30GMT) 2.103.403.80103% Details »Hide « Beroe v Cherno more Varna Lokomotiv Plovdiv v Levski Sofia (13:30GMT) 5.403.601.61108% Details »Hide « Lokomotiv Plovdiv v Levski Sofia Pirin Blagoevgrad v Chernomorets B (13:30GMT) 1.803.505.00104% Details »Hide « Pirin Blagoevgrad v Chernomorets B Spartak Vn v Vihren Sandanski (13:30GMT) 1.853.604.33105% Details »Hide « Spartak Vn v Vihren Sandanski Vidima-Rakovski v CSKA Sofia (13:30GMT) Details »Hide « Vidima-Rakovski v CSKA Sofia Thursday 20 March 2008Home Draw Away BPPSlavia Sofia v Marek Dupnitsa (13:30GMT) 1.306.0013.00101% Details »
  14. Friday 14 March 2008Home Draw Away BPPCSKA Sofia v Spartak Vn (15:30GMT) 1.1213.0025.00101% Details »Hide « CSKA Sofia v Spartak Vn Saturday 15 March 2008Home Draw Away BPPLevski Sofia v Litex Lovech (12:30GMT) 1.903.204.00109% Details »Hide « Levski Sofia v Litex Lovech Cherno more Varna v Slavia Sofia (13:30GMT) 2.352.902.90112% Details »Hide « Cherno more Varna v Slavia Sofia Lokomotiv Plovdiv v Beroe (13:30GMT) 1.503.756.00110% Details »Hide « Lokomotiv Plovdiv v Beroe Marek Dupnitsa v Lokomotiv Sofia (13:30GMT) 6.503.401.61107% Details »Hide « Marek Dupnitsa v Lokomotiv Sofia Vihren Sandanski v Belasitsa Petrich (13:30GMT) 1.603.305.50111% Details »Hide « Vihren Sandanski v Belasitsa Petrich Chernomorets B v Vidima-Rakovski (15:30GMT) 1.175.5012.00112% Details »Hide « Chernomorets B v Vidima-Rakovski Sunday 16 March 2008Home Draw Away BPPBotev Plovdiv v Pirin Blagoevgrad (13:30GMT) 1.903.253.40113% Details »
  15. Re: Bulgarian APFG (8-9 March) Well, decent weekend in APFG, I can say... Let`s see what happened today... : Beroe Stara Zagora - Levski Sofia Under 2.5 goals @ 1.75 Beroe - Levski 0:1 FT --------> bet won :) Belasica Petrich - Cska Sofia 1X @ 2.75 Belasica - Cska 1:3 FT ----------> bet lost :( Vidima Rakovski - Botev Plovdiv Vidima - Botev 0:1 FT 1. 2 DNB @ 1.45 -----------> bet won :) 2. Straight away win @ 2.00 -----------> bet won :) Pirin Blagoevgrad - Marek Dupnitsa 1 @ 1.65 Pirin - Marek 4:0 FT -----------> bet won :) Spartak Varna - Chernomorets Burgas Spartak - Chernomorets 1:1 FT 1. 1 DNB @ 1.61 ----------> bet void 2. Straight home win @ 2.25 ----------> bet lost :( That`s all for this round, I made some decent profit, hope somebody too, and wish more luck for the next round... ;) Tosh
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