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  1. Re: JTW1's Specialisation - Trends Nice one jtw :)
  2. Re: WELSH GRAND NATIONAL Saturday 8th January 2011 Long time no visit for me having taken a break but I'm always back for these and this is no exception. I've gone and drawn a line through anything carrying more than 10-10, in double figures age wise and with more than two runs this season. This leaves me with an A list (win) of Dance Island and Maktu (both placed LTO) and Giles Cross and Bench Warrent as my B list which I'll take each-way although they were pulled up and fell LTO respectively. Only playing to small stakes for a bit of interest so watch Bench Warrent streak home by 20 lengths at 33/1 or more!
  3. Re: Archive Racecards Dire yesterday. Will see how it pans out for a week or so!
  4. Re: Archive Racecards Found a link via Googling individual dates. Not all that promising, but I'll persevere and see what comes off it! Can go to bed now!
  5. Re: Archive Racecards Bloody hell. In races of 7f or less, based on 10th June only... P 11/1, W 50/1, W 4/1, W 2/1, P 33/1, W 4/1 Definitely keeping a very close eye on that aspect, and it does reduce it from 27 qualifiers tomorrow although it missed a 14/1 winner in a 3m2f slog.
  6. Re: Archive Racecards Interesting thoughts there. I've found a link (irishracing.com) which is doing the trick for yesterday, may have to play with the URL's to go further back, if I can. There appears to be no preference in the amount of claim (3, 5 or 7) but anything with a racecard number from 5 or above did nothing, of course based on a sample of 25 qualifiers. Will add distance in as another angle though, thanks for the suggestion :ok
  7. Re: Archive Racecards Nowhere online then? Bugger. Ah well, patience it might well have to be then! Loosely, look out for claiming jockeys, where there allowance is within the same number of pounds as the top weight, unless the top weight also has a claim, which automatically qualifies it as a selection, unless a claimed below carries less weight, with the claim. Something like that anyway! So: 1 Punters Mate 9-7 Fred Bloggs 2 Lazy Lounge 9-5 Tom Jones (5) Lazy Lounge would be a selection. And yes, I know it's actually reverse logic! Lot of testing to do yet though!
  8. Re: Archive Racecards Bugger. Links don't work. As you were!
  9. Re: Archive Racecards Sussed it. http://horses.sportinglife.com/Meetings/0,12496,01-06-2010.html Need to change the date, obviously! Duh!
  10. Yo yo yo! Been a while! Looking at something at the moment including claimers for a system which, based on one days results looks promising and I want to look further back, at least to the beginning of the month, but, having taken a break, I can't find any links to archive racecards. Any suggestions (bearing in mind Sporting Life don't seem to carry them, and the Racing Post site is down). 50/1 and 14/1 winners yesterday although the rules are still a little sketchy! As in very! Thanks to anyone who is still awake and can help me out :) :ok Normal service will be restored soon I hope.
  11. Re: Grand National 2010 37 735U87 Hello Bud23 12 10-6as at 2257hrs 05/04/10
  12. Re: Grand National 2010 Here goes then... Trends as above in addition to checking some of those on Post 1, with the exception that I've drawn the line at 11-5 and ignored (for now at least) the 33/1 rule. If anyone wants to pick hole in the logic, fire away :spank Ellerslie George, Ballyfitz, Ollie Magern, Arbor Supreme, Hello Bud If getting in: Oodachee, Chief Dan George
  13. Re: Grand National 2010 Massive help, thanks :) I'll amend my records and get this race down to six runners! :)
  14. Re: Grand National 2010 It's that time of year folks (hi all, after a long absence). I do check by regularly! Just a question on Official Ratings. Sporting Life and Racing Post websites have two totally conflicting numbers for OR. Which is correct? Good luck with whatever you're going for and I'll sure I'll pop by in the week :)
  15. Re: Irish Grand National - 13/4/09 Good call... I took five on, and all finished nowhere, in fact they're probably still running!
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