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*** Ascot Festival Competition: Well done to 1st. RUG, 2nd. Soi Bongkot & 3rd. Jediknight ***
** June Poker League Result : 1st kevsul, 2nd Like2Fish, 3rd McG **
** June Naps Competition Result: 1st Kingdom for, 2nd Offramp, 3rd glavintobuy, 4th bymatrix. KO Cup Winner: Kingsom for, Most Winners: Johnrobertson **


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  1. Re: Tues: 3.20 Stan James Champion Hurdle What's this based on?
  2. Re: No edit button? Might actually be to do with permissions in that particular forum? Seems I have the edit post button in all other forums.
  3. Re: No edit button? Yeah that looks to be the case Froment, as I can edit the post I made here :/
  4. I can't find an edit button on any of my posts., (I need it for one of the EWC comps), am I missing something? Is it there and I just can't see it? [ATTACH=CONFIG]2116[/ATTACH] Much appreciated
  5. Re: England > Weekend > BlueSQ Bet Prem Mar 3 I must be reading this wrong somewhere, because I'm reading that as the -1 handicap (by 2 goals as specified) which is 4/6 with Corals. Even the -2 handicap is 7/4. What is the 11/5 for?
  6. Re: NFL Fantasy Congrats Taza .... well deserved and thanks to all for the comp.
  7. Re: NFL Fantasy hahaha.... only just seen this. Freak performance, one thinks.
  8. Re: NFL Fantasy Best thing is, I only picked them up at around 5:15pm
  9. Re: PL 10 to follow - Jumps 2011-2012 Crack Away Jack Cue Card Hurricane Fly Long Run Master Minded Mon Parrain Sir Des Champs So Young Time For Rupert Zarkander GL All. Disappointed 'Laganbank' isn't on the list :(
  10. Re: Cycling 2011 Hi Mate As has already been stated by another mod (I will quote below), reasoning is strictly required in the betting sections of the forum and as good as your graph might be, to those who might want to follow (dependant upon strength of tip) the graph and subsequent bets, might well mean nothing. So, can we please have some reasoning for future bets or the posts may well be moved to the glory hunters section of the forum. Kevshat's earlier request.
  11. Re: NFL Fantasy In terms of the margin yeah.... but Brady only really needed an average performance (when coupled with Gronk) to get me the 10.7pts needed. Good to see my bench fire in 108 points too.
  12. Re: Rugby World Cup 2011 Hi mate, congrats on your work so far in the world cup, however the last 2 bets you have posted up to put the bet, and said you were short of time and would be back with reasoning. This hasn't happened on either occasion. Please try and post full reasoning prior to the event kicking off mate. We are fairly strict with this so it prevents loads of members just posting up 1 line tips. Well done again though.
  13. Re: NFL Fantasy Ill fill the 8th spot.
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