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  1. Re: PL Exclusive - William Hill Poker Club League Starts Mon 11th May Not sure of username yet but will update wondering if there is a bonus code through affiliate link on site....
  2. Re: Rakeback Deals I know that PL is affiliated w Pokerkings and I would love to support that but do any of these keep money in other currencies: Interpoker Pokerheaven Fortunepoker O poker Celebpoker and same as original ques will i be eligible... thanks in advance...
  3. Re: Rakeback Deals I am really keen to get in on Rakeback now that I am starting again online after a short break .... Is it possible to sign up with pokerkings with rakeback despite having a paradise account already... I am just not keen on buying US$ atm and it seems boss media can be kept in any currency (Including Aus$ :cow)
  4. Re: CL - Tuesday 10th of March Pretty happy to back Bayern if people get carried away about Lisbon... I would have to see a signficant shift in the odds though... I don't think it could shift enough though :tongue2
  5. Re: Microstakes: Is limping Pocket Pairs UTG more profitable than raising them? I am playing 10/20c or 25c/50c atm online and do not raise UTG ever... I fell it works well though I can see how micro games could turn into limpathons and there may be a need to raise... pp are so marginal for cash games oop raising UTG with anything JJ+ (For me even thats a stretch) is nothing but Tourney play... the times you do flop a set you can't get max value because of bad pos and every other flop is marginal... but its clear here that sample sizes are bad... look forward to when they reach a good level...
  6. Re: CL - Wednesday 25 February Your right if Higuan/ Torres are switched on it could be a very interesting match... the thing that over rides for me is that realistically RM do not experience cagey affairs like this on a regular enough basis there are simply too many free flowing spanish teams... I am not even sure vs Barca or the Madrid derby qualifies in the type of matches that Liverpool experience 6x each season.... sure Madrid may score 4+ goals regularly but really what does that mean in a match were they will come against one of the best defensive teams in the world... Liverpools m
  7. Re: UEFA Cup ( 18-19 02 2009 ) Thing is here is that PSG has not been at this level of late and players such as Hoarau are very much looking to prove himself (He is well able to fit into PSG first team however has competition with Guily playing forward) I think that F. Campbell may be an option as he may be considered in a similar situation w/o looking at the odds I would need 2/1 at least maybe even 5/2 to take him as he is young and only on loan where as Hoarou has less time in front of him and may find his career halt if nothing happens for him... just some thoughts (some should note
  8. Re: Roulette. Watching Requiem for a Dream is clearly more + equity than this.... enough said
  9. Re: What Do All you Tourney Players Think... I am in partial agreement... I think 100% calling on the river is the go... 700 is not great but at the start of the tourney it is still about 15m so calling is the go... I am otherwise happy about this hand to be honest despite other criticism about bet sizes/ not betting flop... I think both are options depending on personal preference... mine is to check.... if anyone is curious he had 10 8o (A nice call on the SB with 2 to act... including an utg limper... although I guess 1st hand utg limp means nothing)
  10. Re: online Cash game KK cutoff Basically there is no better indication possible for you of AA with only this amount invested in the pot... It is tough (and very possibly wrong) to fold here... I am of the opinion though in NLHE Cash that if you feel you have an edge over players (I know you do... unless you tilt ;)) then you are quite able to make a fold here... If you are playing above yourself then call immediately it does not get much better than this... finally consider this... because he has only seen you reraise once and with AA if he is intelligent he will assume not that you only rera
  11. Re: FAO "ToBoldlyGO" :unsure
  12. Re: Daily MTT Winnings for December 2008 Frustrating tourney for me... thankfully Boss MTT's are quite top heavy in who they pay so it wasn't a complete waste of time... 111 Euro (US$143)...
  13. Re: Poker Tracker 3 - to support Boss Media any day now So you are saying the HUD works for cash??? If so WOOOT... :nana :nana :nana :nana :nana :nana :nana :nana :nana
  14. Re: Classy Plays - Great Bluffs I just love that I was able to play this out 100% how I wanted.... this play knows me as LAG in late position and I know he can be rather tight in early pos... I am almost 100% he is using that.... in HU situation with no one else to act I have only seen him raise or fold (once he called with AKo but I feel this may have been mixing it up more than anything)... there is added value in the pot from somebody folding in a forced post so I am almost obligated to raise.... he asks the questions... and I give him the answer that fits... ***** Hand 1354541519 *****
  15. This is the first hand of this weeks Million qualifier.... ***** Hand 1353004499 ***** 10.00/20.00 Texas Hold'em (No Limit) - Monday, 8 December 2008 5:30:17 AM €1 MILLION Weekly (Real/Tournament) Seat 1: Dano551 (2000.00) Seat 2: DocAman (2000.00) Seat 6: RayPenber (2000.00) Seat 3: Rene911 (2000.00) Seat 4: piterek013 (2000.00) Seat 5: Leon512 (2000.00) Seat 7: Unknown (0.00) Seat 8: Unknown (0.00) Seat 9: Unknown (0.00) Seat 10: Unknown (0.00) DocAman post SB 10.00 Rene911 post BB 20.00 ** Deal ** Dano551 [N/A, N/A] DocAman [N/A, N/A] RayPenber [Qd, Qh] Rene911 [N/A, N/A
  16. The exact words that went through my head as I saw this flop.... ***** Hand 1348958903 ***** 100.00/200.00 Texas Hold'em (PL) - Friday, 5 December 2008 7:25:23 AM Texas Holdem (Real/Tournament) Seat 1: swmstocki (3320.00) Seat 2: gopher5 (4565.00) Seat 3: Unknown (0.00) Seat 4: Unknown (0.00) Seat 5: lumaneo (11058.00) Seat 7: RayPenber (5647.00) Seat 6: Unknown (0.00) Seat 8: TINTO23CO (5285.00) Seat 9: Unknown (0.00) Seat 10: Unknown (0.00) lumaneo post SB 100.00 RayPenber post BB 200.00 ** Deal ** swmstocki [N/A, N/A] gopher5 [N/A, N/A] lumaneo [N/A, N/A] RayPenber [Ks,
  17. Re: Folding KK Any stacks here I think full info on the game is needed... it was a good result however to know if it was correct stack sizes... off the bat though i am going to say this fold loses a lot in the long run... depending on his range of course... which you have said is quite tight for this play... even that said QQ, AJ.... given his call in late pos and the impression i get of him from you AA is out.... QQ and AJ is a much larger range than 55, 33 and JJ (which I suspect a lot of the time he reraises with preflop in pos also).... I await the further info...:ok
  18. Re: Daily MTT Winnings for December 2008 2nd Entry for the 120 Euro (US$152).... seemed weak as piss last time around and I am quietly confident that I can at least make a good run at it.... [url=http://g.imageshack.us/thpix.php]
  19. Re: [Cash, FR]What Do People Think Of This Line... Sorry 4got about the thread all together... here it is... I would agree with many and say I really probably shouldn't have been playing this hand (or many at all really) in such a position but i flt I saw enough in the hand to continue... I was of the opinion that the strength of myself staying in the hand would slow him down... it didn't therefore there were three possible conclusions... he had an uber strong hand... a big/medium draw... or air... of the three the latter two seemed most likely given the circumstances of the hand (the tex
  20. 20 person is Bubble... out in 25th ***** Hand 1344738928 ***** 1000.00/2000.00 Texas Hold'em (No Limit) - Tuesday, 2 December 2008 9:49:58 AM DEEPSTACK €3,500 GTD (Real/Tournament) Seat 1: Interkala1 (79819.00) Seat 2: RayPenber (33043.00) Seat 3: Aiurea (14471.00) Seat 4: amarella (100613.00) Seat 5: recoba5200 (26546.00) Seat 6: foot@mouth (27506.00) Seat 7: Unknown (0.00) Seat 8: tommybrush (53237.00) Seat 9: Unknown (0.00) Seat 10: fricirics1 (59234.00) tommybrush post BB 2000.00 ** Deal ** Interkala1 [N/A, N/A] RayPenber [Ks, Kh] Aiurea [N/A, N/A] amarella [N/A, N/A]
  21. Re: Daily MTT Winnings for December 2008 Gotta hate 2 outers.... 18th for US$18.60
  22. Re: Had a bad beat ? Come and have a moan here Do you think this guy satellited in? 120 Euro tourney... gr8 call... ***** Hand 1343007479 ***** 75.00/150.00 Texas Hold'em (No Limit) - Monday, 1 December 2008 6:50:24 AM €1 MILLION Weekly (Real/Tournament) Seat 1: contaja88 (2155.00) Seat 2: RayPenber (4035.00) Seat 3: ZOSIMO (3890.00) Seat 4: GoHomeFish (2405.00) Seat 5: El Papa (5459.00) Seat 6: Enzian21 (2996.00) Seat 7: Effi70 (1201.00) Seat 8: SindyJizz1 (4346.00) Seat 9: CaptHero (1770.00) Seat 10: charwell (4393.00) RayPenber post SB 75.00 ZOSIMO post BB 150.00 ** Deal ** contaja88 [
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