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  1. Re: Serie A > Nov 10-11 Italy Serie A 11th November 2012 - 15:00 CET - Chievo - Udinese Chievo Level @ 1.75 SBO - IBC Stake 5/10 Chievo have taken seven points from an available nine at the Bentegodi under the new coach. Coach's Udinese, Guidolin, recovers Badu, but Pasquale, Benatia, Willians, Gabriel Silva, Muriel and Pinzi are unavailable, Domizzi is suspended. While main striker and tospscorer, Antonio Di Natale, after 4 games in row in line up, will rest. Chievo 4-3-3 Sorrentino; Sardo, Andreolli, Dainelli, Jokic; Guana, Rigoni, Hetemaj; Luciano, Thereau, Pellissier Udines
  2. Re: Brazil Serie A 2012 Thread Brazil Campeonato Brasileiro - 07th June 2012 - 02:50 CET - Santos - Fluminense Santos don't have Gk Rafael, centre back David Braz, full backs Crystia, Fucile and Rafael Galhardo, midfielders Arouca, Bernardo and Ganso, and strikers Borges, Dimba and Neymar. Fluminense don't haveright back Wallace, midfielders Deco, Wellington Nem, Valencia, Thiago Neves and Diguinho, and strikers Fred, Rafael Moura and Rafael Sobis. Both teams are still unbeaten in the league.
  3. Re: Brazil Serie A 2012 Thread "Tricolor Paulista" no have key player Lucas and Casemiro cause both with Brazil National Team. "Peixe" no have Borges, Fucile and Ganso who are all injured. Plus regular keeper Rafael and Neymar who are with Brazil National team in USA.
  4. Re: Serie A - 11-13 February Italy Serie A - 11/02/2012 - 18:00 CET - Udinese - Milan There is also Floro Flores in the list of the 24 players called from Udinese squad. The striker then passed the tryout, in a workout in which Guidolin have found also Giampiero Pinzi, returned in squad after a month. For this reason it is difficult to use as starter. Pazienza is therefore the favorite in the midfield, still without Asamoah and Badu, expected Sunday to return in Udine. Udinese at home 10-1-0 and 22-5 goals. Important defender Danilo come back after one round ban. Ac Milan will be w
  5. Re: Italy - Coppa Italia - 24-26 January Italy Cup - 26/01/2012 - 20:45 CET - Milan - Lazio Milan without Boateng, Flamini, Cassano, Yepes, Aquilani, Gattuso, Pato who are all injured. El Shaarawy & Robinho in up front with Ibrahimovic who will start from bench. T. Silva no in list for Italy Cup game. Lazio without Cristian Brocchi and striker Libor Kozak. Lorik Cana is out for six weeks with a back injury while Stefano Mauri is still nursing a troublesome thigh problem. Lazio have beaten Milan in four out of their last five Coppa Italia encounters.
  6. Re: Brazil Serie A 2011 THREAD Brazil Campeonato Brasileiro - 03th September 2011 - 23:00 CET - Figueirense - Sao Paulo Figueirense will have all their players for this match. Sao Paulo will be without best midfielder Lucas who is with Brazil National Team, Jean, Juan and Wellington who are all suspended, full back Ivan Piris who is with Paraguay National Team, Denilson, Canete, Luis Fabiano, Fernandinho and Bruno Uvini who are injured. Last news, also striker Dagoberto is out.
  7. Re: Italy - Serie B - 30-31 August Nocerina squad come back in Italy Serie B League after 33 years. For this first home game around 10.000 hottest fans will be in "S. Francesco Stadium". Brescia team is younger than last year, big players as Caracciolo, Eder and other leave team and tonight for them will be hard.
  8. Re: Copa Sudamericana 2011/2012 http://*******.***.com.br/futebol/campeonatos/copa-sul-americana/ultimas-noticias/2011/08/10/em-ritmo-lento-sul-americana-comeca-como-nova-chance-para-brasileiros.htm
  9. Re: CHILE Campeonato Nacional Thread 2011 Chile Primera Division - 07/08/2011 - 00:01 CET - Audax Italiano - U. Catolica U.Catolica with 8 misses, Rodrigo Valenzuela, Alfonso Parot and Francisco Pizarro are suspended, Cristian Alvarez, David Henriquez, Hans Martinez, Jose Luis Rodrigo and Toloza Villanueva are injured. http://www.prensafutbol.cl/u-catolica/22454-mier-feliz-por-debutar-como-titular-ante-audax-.html Audax Italiano 3-5-2 Alejandro Sánchez Christián Jelves, Sebastián Silva, Lucas Domínguez Bryan Carrasco, Fabián Benítez, Enzo Cabrera, Matías Campos, Facundo Pereyr
  10. Re: Copa Sudamericana 2011/2012 Universidad Catolica without regular defenders (Cristian Álvarez, David Enríquez, Rodrigo Valenzuela and Hans Martínez) all injured. Bella Vista 4-4-2 Nicolás Gentilio, Ricardo Asqueta, Carlos Gutiérrez, Damian Santín, Marcelo Martuciello; Ignacio Nicoloni, Agustin Viana, Gastón Otreras, Jonathan Pérez; José Varela, Andrés Rodríguez CD Universidad Catolica 4-4-2 Christopher Toselli Magnasco, Andía, Biskupovic, Roberto Cereceda; Francisco Silva, Fernando Meneses, Jorge Ormeño, Felipe Gutiérrez Pablo Calandria, César Carignano
  11. Re: Copa Sudamericana 2011/2012 http://www.************.com.uy/110802/futbol-583803/sudamericana/lesiones-jugaran-sin-tres-de-los-cuatro-defensas-titulares/ Universidad Católica, que clasificó a la Copa Sudamericana por haber terminado primero en la fase regular del torneo Apertura de Chile, llega con varias bajas al partido frente a Bella Vista. El sábado pasado debutó en el torneo Clausura chileno con 10 bajas entre suspendidos y lesionados. LESIONADOS. Independientemente del tema de las suspensiones, que mucho les preocupa, los chilenos llegaron a Montevideo con 4 bajas
  12. Re: Brazil Serie A 2011 THREAD http://sportv.globo.com/videos/brasileirao-serie-a/v/sportv/1578481/
  13. Re: Brazil Serie A 2011 THREAD Also me on Internacional +1 @ 1.80 SBOBET Timao won’t have Danilo, made three assists in the last two matches, who is suspended. For Internacional come back Oscar (topscorer with 5 goals) and Juan (both was out in 2-0 loss against Vasco), also Bolatti recover after 1 round ban. Corinthians 4-3-3 Julio Cesar; Welder, Chicão, Leandro Castán, Fábio Santos Ralf, Paulinho, Alex Jorge Henrique, Willian, Liedson Internacional 4-4-2 Muriel Nei, Bolívar, Juan, Kleber Guiñazu, Bolatti, Oscar, D’Alessandro Zé Roberto, Leandro Damião
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