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  1. Re: Flopped Straight. Flush On Board. I definitely check the flop.. Turn is really nasty.. Matt probably called you with a PP or broadway cards(two of them already on the board) so I think his chances of having a flush are less than UTG who already checked. I would check at first and hope to see the last spade since you are not afraid of much cards.. If Matt bets I'm re-raising all-in and hoping for a two pair.. this hand depends on the buy-in too IMO...
  2. Re: ** Poker Friday 1st February ** hehe that's alright thanks matey..
  3. Re: ** Poker Friday 1st February ** I was out at 174th place losing a race against AJ with pocket nines..won 8 euros.. Is this also doubled up?
  4. Re: Paradise Poker Double Prize Money - 1st February (And €10,000 Freeroll for 10 RH) yep suddenly I'm in without doing anything.. guess it took time to save my raked hands.. thanks
  5. Re: Paradise Poker Double Prize Money - 1st February (And €10,000 Freeroll for 10 RH) I keep playing and playing still it says I've only played 4 RH.. what's the problem?
  6. Re: ** Poker Friday 1st February ** I'm not sure but.. 1) You have to play 10 cash game hands 2) You have to sit at a table and watch 10 cash game hands pass by. you don't even have to get involved in a hand 3) 10 RH is not exactly 10. It's a point to be reached.. It has a complex mathematical way which I can't figure out since I went out last night and had too much of our traditional drink.. One of the above I guess..
  7. Re: Paradise Poker Double Prize Money - 1st February (And €10,000 Freeroll for 10 RH) ok I'll play micro cash tonight(Feb 1) but where can I see my RH? Or is there a way I can calculate them?
  8. Re: Paradise Poker Double Prize Money - 1st February (And €10,000 Freeroll for 10 RH) I have around 300 frequent player points. Does that mean I have 300 RH? Also I might have misunderstood but does it say that I have to play 10 RH exactly at Feb 1?
  9. Re: SnG Challenge I don't think so.. You weren't behind amerrickan that's for sure or else he wouldn't have pushed it.. Not sure about the other call though but he's connecting lots of hands from SB so at this level that call could mean A8,K8,T9,98,87,56,FD,77,88 and maybe 99..I think you made a right call..
  10. Re: Hornet's Strategy Questions. Part 5 totally read dependent if you don't have any reads fold.. I don't think he has a 7. It doesn't make sense to call the turn with 7 even for the fish.. He might have a higher limped Jack than you which you are beating but if he's not passive he would have raised on that scary flop.. He could have pocket 6s which totally makes sense.. Again if he's a fish he could have 83 of diamonds.. Just can't put him on a hand so I think you should make a big fold here..
  11. Re: Withdrawing from paradise poker unbelievable... I'll try without depositing first on Monday then.. (@ slick mick) There is also a rule in FAQ that you can't withdraw any money you deposit before playing some hands.. Hope I won't lose (@AvonGirl)
  12. Re: Withdrawing from paradise poker I won only about 8 dollars from freeroll and then I played real money.. So they can only count that 8 dollars as a bonus and not the rest right? That means once I deposit any amount of money I'm able to withdraw them all.. I just feel like there will be a problem like "you didn't play enough hands to withdraw" etc. Is there such a requirement you know of?
  13. Re: Withdrawing from paradise poker Neteller doesn't allow memberships from Turkey. Even if they do they don't allow interactions between Turkish members and gambling sites.. I'm done with paradise and I'll deposit to Full Tilt with epassporte so I just wanna take the money(no need for neteller,etc.). Bank account is the only option in my country I guess but they won't tell me the requirements to withdraw that money. I'm scared that they will even have more of my money and won't give that back either so I don't wanna do something wrong.. With Paradise, you have to think carefully before you act..
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    Sats in Paradise

    Re: Sats in Paradise Does that mean weekly finals are sats too? :loon I don't think I'm that good but I'll have a look if I can't withdraw the money (which is very probable). Any specific ones you remember like EPT choice, south african etc?.. Are they just names or do some of them have better value? thanks
  15. I've never deposited money into paradise poker (sportingbet) and I started with freerolls to build my bankroll up to something.. Now since I'm withdrawing I couldn't get much help from live helpers, e-mails, etc.. So I would like to ask it here in case anybody knows and I really need to learn this.. Can I withdraw money without depositing any? If I can't, what are the details or other requirements for withdrawing? I know I shouldn't have asked it here but they won't help a guy who is withdrawing..:eyes